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Understand THERAPY

REGRESSION THERAPY: regressive therapy has proven to be a quick and effective tool to change behavior or emotions that condition and we do not know why they occur. To revive our unconscious memories (whether of children, of fetal or other stocks) we can release them, identifying the physical reactions, emotional and mental clearing criteria, creating new approaches and more satisfying behaviors. The great potential of regression therapy lies in the astonishing speed with which we managed to connect to the core of the problem and expanded states of consciousness allowing review our experiences from the perspective of the soul. This allows us to recover its own internal wisdom of being, which helps us to experience life in a more profound and true. If you would like to know more about Ben Kronengold, then click here. It is indicated in all those issues that require attention psychotherapy, such as phobias, depression, anxiety, anger, sadness at times seemingly happy, guilt, pain without organic cause, blocks, unfounded fears, anxiety, overreactions, troubled relationships but also as a method of personal development and discovery of the evolutionary path of the soul.

“Back to the past to understand the present” by Cristina San Miguel THERAPY REGRESSION: REGRESSION THERAPY: Psychotherapy is the process of patient care to take it to a state of harmony and balance. In the field of regression these goals are similar to those posed by any other form of psychotherapy: the alleviation of crises and conflicts, improved relations and increased self esteem and self-worth. One of the most important objectives is the acceptance of who you are in any area or level of our lives, leading to to the person a feeling of comfort and well being yourself no matter what the situation in which life has placed us.

Obesity Problems

The excess fat is determined by a body mass index or BMI increased (greater than or equal to 30). Part of the metabolic syndrome. It is a known risk factor for chronic conditions such as: heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and some forms of cancer. Additional information is available at Shaw Dad. The evidence suggests that it is a multifactorial origin with genetic, environmental, psychological and others. Excessive accumulation of fat in the body, adipose tissue hypertrophy is generally a chronic and caused by many causes numerous complications, obesity is characterized by excess fat in the body and occurs when the body mass index in adults is over 25 units. Obesity does not distinguish color, age, socioeconomic status, gender or geographic location. Previously considered overweight person as someone who was in good health, but now we know that obesity has many consequences on our website. It is now known that obesity is strongly linked as a cause of other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, dermatological, gastrointestinal, diabetes, musculoskeletal, etc.

The first step to determine whether obese or not there is to know the body mass index (BMI), which is obtained by a calculation of height and weight of the individual. Shaw Family follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Obesity is excess body fat, usually, not always, is accompanied by increased body weight. Causes The causes of obesity are multiple and include factors such as heredity and the behavior of the nervous system, endocrine and metabolic, and the type or style of life that is carried. Higher intake of calories than the body needs. Reduced physical activity the body requires.

What Your Body Needs For Good Health

The human body requires the intake of six types of substances for survival: Fats, carbohydrates, protein, water, vitamins and minerals. Certain fatty acids are essential for our health and fats and oils are important components of our food and its preparation. Fat is responsible for much of the texture, appearance and taste of our baked goods. Since fat is necessary for both human health and an important part of our diet should include fat in our emergency preparedness plans – a combination of butter, margarine, vegetable oil, olive oil and butter. (Oils are liquid at room temperature, fats are solid.) It is necessary to keep these foods to maintain our lifestyles and our health, are a major challenge for food storage. Since oils and fats age, they oxidize.

Oxidation is the process that turns fats rancid. Rancid foods not only distasteful, they are unhealthy. As fats and oils degradation, they become toxic. These oxidized oils promote arterial damage, cancer, inflammation, degenerative diseases and premature aging. Learn more on the subject from Brad Pitt. So it is important to properly store fat, using all fatty foods and before rancid, and discard foods that have been stored too long.

So what is the proper way to store fats and oils? Three conditions accelerate the oxidation of fats: the exposure to heat, oxygen, and light. Fats should be stored in cool or cold conditions – never in a warm pantry – in the dark, and sealed so that they are not exposed to air. We store our vegetable oil, olive oil and butter in a dark place, Fifty-fourth grade.

Emotional Health

If you have a relative who suffers from obesity, we are often extremely difficult to put ourselves in their place and understand the situation objectively. Obesity is a chronic disease that unfolds over the years, so many of the changes to physical and psychological level do not respond only to the lack of interest of the person at any given time, but they are gestating even long before manifest. Before coming to the sick has come a long way in that surely went through various stages. Since first appearing kilos overweight, you may begin to feel excluded by not responding to those social models that both plague much of society. It is normal to start expressing their discontent with body image even before having a very overweight. Naveen Selvadurai helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The role of families to take to these early signs is important. Sometimes the person is underestimated and ignored by their families. Https:// is open to suggestions. Feeling that? No one understands me “,” I can not even trust my family “,” am I alone?, Thoughts are not only contribute to isolation, but also affect self-esteem.

The rejection of the others will take a hostile attitude, even to verbal or physical aggression. It is important to note that the obese not upset with the others because he is overweight, but who feels powerless against their situation and that others will not accompany him in a very difficult time for him. Click Shaw Dad to learn more. It is common that feeling of inferiority to become obese in a difficult person. Family members often feel confused because the most serious relationship problems are with their closest associates. Frustration, helplessness and despair are channeled through the abuse to himself and to others. Being tolerant and non-blame is one of the best attitudes we can take in this situation of conflict. These problems decrease when the person begins to reconcile with his own body and regain their health. So when the patient has taken the decision to resort to, accompany your loved one before and after operation will help you keep your will and continue on the path to your ideal weight. .

Antioxidants For Good Health

The importance of taking antioxidants: A reason to improve your health and save money on doctors and hospitals. “The best insurance you can have: Take Antioxidants” As Hippocrates said “Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.” Of course, the Father of Medicine did not know existed antioxidants but he was right, undoubtedly the best way to prevent or cure many diseases with healthy food. From the first time we breathe we start to rust, so the oxygen we breathe every day is the main cause of many of the effects that we will in our lifetime. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from shaw parents. For example: Aging. But do not panic is a natural process. Just as an apple break it and leave a few minutes contact with the air starts getting brown rust, as it happens to humans.

The same thing goes when burning wood or iron when wet and left in contact with air. For the atoms or molecules that have properties to prevent oxidation and antioxidants are called atoms or molecules that have properties to oxidize atoms or molecules are called free radicals. Click Naveen Selvadurai for additional related pages. For example: The main sources of free radicals are environmental pollution, noise, ultra violet rays, artificial and processed foods, excessive exercise, passive or active smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc. .. The main sources of antioxidants are: Vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, etc. .. The amount of free radicals an antioxidant can neutralize measured in ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance English Capacity). The Department of Agriculture, recommends eating between 3000 and 5000 ORAC units per day.

To give an idea: five servings of fruits and vegetables averaged 1750 ORAC units. Surely you are wondering – If five portions of fruit or vegetables daily average ORAC 1750 I still have to eat other four servings to consume the minimum recommended 3000 ORAC – Well do not worry there are supplements that can help you get all antioxidants you need, if you want to eat all your meals. Today most people (around 80% up to each country) consume less than 1000 ORAC units per day. This is worrying not only for healthy people but for their pockets, since the low intake of antioxidants increases the number of diseases and conditions that may suffer as cataracts, glaucoma, cancer, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease respiratory, heart disease, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, chronic inflammatory diseases, accelerated aging, fatigue, overweight, malnutrition, etc. .. Imagine how much money on medicines, treatments, hospitals, doctor visits, health insurance, would save you just eat right and be healthy. Take antioxidants is your best insurance there is no doubt. From now start saving money and consequences.

Be Strong And Healthy

If you are interested in developing muscle mass, gain weight, and also achieve a flat stomach, firm and toned, I have good news: it IS POSSIBLE! In both men and women, regardless of your age or your lifestyle, and today I'll show you how. The first thing to consider is a good diet and training sessions appropriate to your body that is beginning. Today I'll show you five tactics to gain weight and build muscle mass and body look toned. Start with weights and dumbbells … Because they allow you to start from scratch (from a simple bar or a lightweight) and then you increase the weight as you develop your muscles and increasing your strength. Peter Thiel has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Combine these sessions with exercises that will help strengthen the whole body, such as crunches, squats or lizards. Tries to do, bars, and bar rowing rather than just biceps curl for example. It also combines your sessions dominated, squats, dead lift, bench press and military press to go to strengthen all the muscles of your body. Do not use machinery because your movement is restricted and therefore do not develop other muscles that help you balance those movements, stay away from them. Perhaps check out shaw parents for more information. Control your calorie intake and eat if you thin it is, then even if you have a high metabolism, you will remain slim because you are feeding well, and your not eating enough your body needs. You need to eat right for your body to recover the calories you have lost and so will restore and prepare for the next session.

Good Eating Habits: Varied Diet

Good eating habits are those that contribute to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. Those that are beneficial for our body. Unfortunately, customs related to food purchased, the social environment in which we move, the influence of the media publicity associated with, the pace of life we lead, and so on., Do not contribute to acquire the proper dietary habits . Therefore, we should make a conscientious effort to acquire those habits that are beneficial to our health. Changing habits is not always an easy task (rather the opposite) but, once acquired, to maintain this good habit costs the same to continue with one that hurts us.

However, the benefits of adequately nourished are many, and certainly we are going to notice throughout our daily activities. To deepen your understanding Clinton Family is the source. We'll start with something that should be common in our diet: that is varied. Giving this advice may seem unnecessarily wide variety of foods available to us. But the reality is that too many people limit the variety of foods they eat, or focus their daily diet in a few products, while the rest are consumed only occasionally. For example, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the Spanish spend more than twice as alcoholic and soft drinks than fruit, and 64 times more meat than vegetables. Obviously, these data do not reflect a balanced diet. The trend, more and more pronounced move away from the Mediterranean diet, and increasing consumption of fast foods, high in saturated fat, shows the need to give attention to our eating habits, and especially to the variety our diet.

Eat Healthy For Your Heart

People who eat too much bad food can end up causing irreversible damage to their hearts, which often ends with a heart attack or stroke But these destinations can be prevented, and it is not necessary even that is too difficult. Just take these tips heart healthy and pumping away is better, longer! 1. Choose healthy fats. In general, you want to significantly reduce your fat intake, and all you have in your diet (because you can not live completely without it!) Should be healthy fats, also known as monounsaturated fats, and include foods such as oil canola oil, nut butters and avocados. 2. Eat low fat proteins. High animal protein-fat idea can increase LDL cholesterol and damage to his heart. Incyte understands that this is vital information. You will want to continue with lean proteins like chicken, fish, egg whites and dairy products to get the protein you need without the fat.

Fish is a great choice because contains a large supply of omega-3 fatty acids, a healthy fat that causae a large reduction in triglycerides. Vegetable proteins such as beans and tofu are also great choices of low fat. Learn more on the subject from Shaw Parents. 3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. This is another rule of thumb for heart health. Vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables, as well as dietary fiber, and the fact that they are low in calories and cholesterol, making them a perfect food for people with heart or cholesterol.

Eat fruits at any time, no reason to limit their consumption on them. 4. Consider taking Ela cholesterol medication that can reduce LDL cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. You can buy at an affordable price … and could save your life!

Cosmetic Surgery: Vanity Or Healthy Choice?

Cosmetic and plastic surgery has been associated with vanity, but the evidence suggests that in many cases cosmetic surgery can provide health benefits. The nose jobs can offer real health benefits in addition to improving the symmetry of the face. Face lifts have been shown to increase life expectancy. And eyelid surgery can create significant vision benefits for some people. All these examples show the lines between aesthetics and real health benefits can blur when examining plastic surgery procedures.

Rhinoplasty, or nose jobs have health benefits beyond the aesthetic resources of the procedure. In many cases, rhinoplasty can substantially improve breathing difficulties. In cases where people have broken his nose, the cartilage may be restricted, creating breathing problems. According to Naveen Selvadurai, who has experience with these questions. Rhinoplasty can reduce this, along with snoring problems associated with narrow nasal passages. Many people who have persistent sinus problems have solved the issue with rhinoplasty. Face lifts have been considered a purely cosmetic procedure for people to combat the effects of aging.

However, the evidence shows that face lifts can have health benefits. A study at the Mayo Clinic examined data from 250 women who had undergone face lifts in the 70s. The data showed that, on average, women who received face lifts outlived their counterparts in the general population for 10 years. Self-esteem factors attributed to looking and feeling younger as a result of the face lift are cited as possible reasons why these patients are living longer. Eyelid surgery known as blepharoplasty is a procedure to remove fat – usually along with excess skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids. Although the procedure has cosmetic benefits, it can also provide real health benefits to those with vision problems caused by excess skin around the eyelids. Gastric bypass surgery, while not generally considered “cosmetic surgery” can be seen as a surgery to improve appearance. Like liposuction, it reduces the weight of an individual through surgical means. However, the benefits of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight are well documented and accepted. Losing weight is a perfect example of how health benefits and aesthetic benefits can both result from the same surgical procedures. Contact information is here: shaw parents. Most who have significant dental problems are set to see these problems as a concern mandatory. Braces were considered strange, but now are common. People who lose teeth in accidents do not think twice about the vanity associated with replacing teeth. In fact, they argue that the replacement of broken or lost teeth is necessary for the role of food healthy, as well as restoring appearance. Speech by the improvement of dentistry has been long accepted for its benefits, and without taboos associated with many cosmetic surgery procedures. Cosmetic surgery is not just for the vain who want to improve their aesthetic appeal. In many cases, the real benefits of cosmetic surgery aesthetic improvements rather than an additional advantage compared to the health benefits of procedures can provide. As cosmetic surgery becomes more common, the lines between purely cosmetic and self esteem benefits and real measurable health benefits increasingly blurred. As the benefits of cosmetic surgery become more evident and documented, the acceptance of procedures by the general public will continue to rise.

Contraception: Barrier Methods Health

Contraception: Barrier Methods prevent sperm from entering the vagina. Male condoms are thin sheaths made of rubber, vinyl or natural products that are placed over the erect penis. Male condoms with spermicide can be treated to provide added protection. To read more click here: Hans Zimmer. Male condoms prevent sperm from gaining access to the female reproductive tract and prevent micro-organisms (STDs, including HIV and AIDS) from passing from one partner to another (only condoms l ATEX and vinyl.) Female Condoms are a thin layer of polyurethane plastic with polyurethane rings at opposite ends. They are inserted into the vagina before intercourse. Like male condoms, female condoms prevent sperm from gaining access to the female reproductive tract and prevent micro-organisms (STDs, including HIV and AIDS) from passing from one partner to another. Vaginal diaphragm consists of a ring covered with latex that is placed in the bottom of the vagina and closes the vaginal entrance the cervix, preventing the entry of sperm. It should be placed up to 6 hours after last intercourse and only at that time can be extracted.

Used in combination with spermicidal creams, which also facilitate placement. Can be placed up to 3 hours before intercourse. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Thiel. The safety of the method is approximately 95%. Can be used at any time, and does not harm at all to health. Sometimes it is awkward at first their placement and removal. Rarely causes allergic reactions latex or spermicidal creams, in which case the change of substance spermicides (creams, gels or gels). Medical consultation should be undertaken to take the measure of diaphragm you need, you should teach their placement, and should be taken another step after each delivery. Should be sanitized after use with mild soap (neutral), dried, and stored in its original box or corn.

Vaginal sponge consists of a polyurethane sponge that contains a substance spermicide and inserted into the vagina before intercourse. Left in the vagina at least six hours after intercourse. The effectiveness varies between 60% and 80%. They have the advantage of being disposable. Rarely cause allergy spermicide. Egg contraceptives consist of eggs containing antiseptic substances and vaginal spermicides are put in the time of intercourse. Security varies between 65 and 80%. It is totally harmless to health, except in very rare cases of allergy to components of the egg.