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Clean Tech Media Awards

The Munich-based company committed to its ecological and economic commitment to the German environmental and media award in Berlin amiando (, Europe’s leading tool for online event registration and ticketing a Munich 04 September 2012, is the official sponsor of this year’s environmental and media award. The clean tech media is this year on September 7, 2012 in Berlin award. The German environmental award represents the development of clean and sustainable technologies in the Center and pays tribute to pioneers of the environmental industry in six categories: aerospace, energy, communication, mobility, lifestyle and young. With amiandos Green Ticketing “-solution, the innovative ability of a climate-neutral event participation, each event becomes a green event”. Environmental awareness and sustainability are among the most important issues of our time. We are therefore proud with our sponsorship of this year’s clean to help Tech Media Awards, to give a forum topic and innovations in the field of the environment to promote.

With amiandos Green Ticketing solution, we show our commitment in the development of sustainable technologies and products. With the Green Ticketing both event organizers and participants can contribute an event to a green event”to make”, so Norbert Stockmann, CEO of amiando. amiando climate-neutral event participation the online event management software from amiando simplifies professional event organisation and enables a completely paperless registration process for events. “In cooperation with ClimatePartner, amiando offers its subscribers an additional, innovative service: Green Ticketing”. When booking an event participation, calculated the CO2 emissions individually for each participant and expelled.

These emissions can compensate each participant through the support of internationally recognized climate protection project, a forest conservation project in Mozambique, and this event participating in climate-neutral. Clean tech media award before 1,000 guests from economy, science, politics, culture and media he will award clean tech media this year already for the fifth time. Environmental and media Prize honoring pioneers of the environmental industry, which conserve natural resources and promote sustainable lifestyles.

Communication Questioning Techniques

Who’s asking leading, motivated and manipulated! With a flashlight, you light the way to its destination. With questions is designed to its communication goal. Instruction feels any paternalism. But everyone is proud, if he believes to have found the solution myself. According to the meaning and purpose of life, the answer is in questions sure in each and every one. Learn more about this with Naveen Selvadurai. On scientific issues, the target-oriented questions rather convey the knowledge and answers should be carried out after the lock-key principle. However, there is a difference whether the Knower (leads) or the not knowing (is done) asks! Leads d who asks, he quality of the answer or the triggered reflection process substantially depends on the wording of the question. A.

the historically best known questioner in Europe Socrates I was white, I know nothing.”- with its midwives-art, the Maeutik. Maeutik. There is an on the Greek philosopher Socrates held back didactic teaching method approach, the Socrates has compared according to tradition, with the activities of a midwife. Is meant, helping a person to a realization, by you makes them through appropriate questions about finding out the relevant facts of the case itself and to give birth to the insight what is knowledge”. u0085 Concept of mediation of insights. Lessons where the teacher scholastic dozierend tells the fabric the students makes the contrast. … He bear himself not wisdom, but help others to produce their findings.

He never lecture his students, but he allows those who endeavoured seriously rapid progress. Using the birth he empower you to discover a wonderful in itself and to hold. The obstetrics, which makes Socrates, is his technique of target-oriented questioning. With her he makes his conversation partner to penetrate existing mistaken notions and give up. This often causes that they are in a perplexity (aporia). In the course of the conversation but come on new ideas.


ebm-papst is further expanding its development department in China. Currently, 40 engineers and technicians develop fans for the Chinese market. In the course of the enlargement has been invested in modern laboratories and measuring instruments. A new building for development purposes is currently built at Waigaoqiao. Last year, a record sum of around 85 million in fixed assets invested high investments in Germany the ebm-papst group. This is in comparison to the previous year (75 million), an increase of 13%.

Was unchanged at 66.3 million (previous year 63.2 million) the investment of domestic sites. Liquidity in the focus in the financial world remain large uncertainties affecting all regions and all markets prevail. ebm-papst watch for this reason increased its liquidity. We are in an extremely volatile and nervous environment, and today it is crucial for companies to ensure short-term liquidity”, says Hans Peter Fuchs, ebm-papst Group Managing Director Finance and controlling. The innovation leader therefore continuously developed strategies to reduce of financial risk. The principles of the respectable merchant ‘ should be brought back to the fore.

Also a sensible balancing of risk and yield includes”, so the Chief Financial Officer. Never move into the area of speculation, we secure only the hedged items from, for example, in terms of currencies and commodity purchases with appropriate resources”, so Fox. Increased number of training – apprentices develop GreenDay ebm-papst campaign educates currently 247 trainees in Germany. This represents a training rate of around 5%. The technology company increased the number of training places at 17 to 100 (+ 20%) when compared to the previous year and reacting to the increased demand by twice as many school-leavers this year by G-8 and G-9 on the labour market are pushing ebm-papst promotes and demands a variety of project work such as candidate training, energy Scouts within his training. Social management etc. More anchor GreenTech within the worldwide group of companies, the trainees have Every day now is a GreenDay “action series a drop.

Measurement Technologies

2. PI Academy on September 20, 2012 physics instruments invites in Karlsruhe – stupferich to 2 PI a Academy. This year, PI shows of nano metrology technologies and their use in real-world applications. On the topic of Confocal technology Dr. Georg Wiora reported by NanoFocus AG. Clinton Family has much to offer in this field. About high resolution Interferometry for calibration, positioning and stability tests, Dr.

Jens fledged speaks of the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). Benjamin Erler lectures in a lecture on PI linear slider in use at POLYTEC white light interferometern from POLYTEC GmbH. Subsequent live product presentations by PI engineers give an insight into the practice. The final word has Frank Moller of PI ceramic. He introduced the use of piezo-Ultraschallapplikationen in measurement technology. The PI Academy is a unique platform to interact in a highly qualified environment with development and application engineers, and to get an insight into the production. The participation at the PI Academy is free of charge.

The physical well-being is taken care of. As a result of limited number of participants interested should register early under: events/PI_Akademie_2012.htm which is known for the high quality of its products company physics instruments (PI) and takes a for many years a leading position on the world market for precise positioning technique. For 40 years, develops and manufactures PI standard and OEM products with piezo – or motor drives. The PI group international is represented with four offices in Germany and ten foreign sales and service offices.

New Hypnosis Training

Teaching concept revolutionized market of hypnosis training Pirmasens to the holistic treatment of body and mind, 10.06.13 – when orthodox treatments fail, is no longer to deal with stress or personal issues affecting the life, is the last hope for many people of going to the therapist. Forgotten can of then commonly used hypnosis therapy again in memory call to edit past events that today cause blockages, – disease symptoms cure hypnosis cannot. Body and soul holistically with integrated FunktionsHypnose handle a completely new approach of Primasenser Sportphysio – and Hypnotherapist Christian toe foot track. The built-in FunktionsHypnose developed by it combines first property therapeutic and hypnotic techniques to a combination treatment and gives additional possibilities of holistic treatment therapists. Physical therapists lack of access to mental techniques often, a behavior change at the Patients can bring. Naturopaths, psychologists and hypnotists work on the causes of mental health problems, physical impacts can’t affect them but”so Christian toe foot.

The built-in FunktionsHypnose creates the link between physical and mental treatment techniques, so that body and soul can be treated equally. Application areas are, for example, extreme headaches (migraines), nervous concentration (ADHD) and nocturnal teeth grinding, but also various other ailments, caused have both a physical and a mental cause, can be successfully treated with this method”toe foot explains. Three treatment methods in education combines the developer of integrated FunktionsHypnose, Christian toe foot, treats not only themselves after his method, he also teaches them. In addition to a user course weekends, there are the level 2 training for students who want to work with iFH. These 4-wochtige intensive training includes both the treatment way hypnosis and physical techniques, like the built-in FunktionsHypnose.

In a theoretical and practical part of trainees on each of these methods is introduced and learns their practical application in training sessions. The education or training in integrated FunktionsHypnose is suitable for professionals as well as to the training course for physiotherapists, naturopaths and hypnotists. After their training the students are able, each of the three treatment methods independently or as a practice combination treatment – this with and without medical permission. Also the own career is possible with a level 1 Trainer course and the opening of iFH license school. The scholarship is unique: to promote talents and training to enable Christian toe foot offers the chance to complete the training free of charge a prospective customers annually. Interested parties can apply on the website of the iFH school to a Stipendiatsplatz. More Information about the integrated FunktionsHypnose and training under and the constantly updated blog company details: Christian toe foot is therapeutically active for more than 20 years, has successfully attended many training sessions and implemented what you learned. Since 2010 he is working with private hypnosis practice and iFH school in Pirmasens. The built-in FunktionsHypnose developed by him based on the inseparable connection between the physical and the mental. After an internal study brought positive results to demonstrate the efficacy of its treatment, toe foot developed his teaching concept. Today he trains in his practice and teaching Institute for integrated FunktionsHypnose the dentist today and teachers of tomorrow in this interdisciplinary method.


A job which overwhelmed to be exposed time pressure or even very demanding superiors can be a major back problem from an initially harmless muscle tension. Especially at risk are people who considered to be extremely tough. Who bites on the teeth to keep everything just hurts his back often permanently. Who ever to suffer in the past had back pain, gets problems with mindestend twice as likely again. Factor age the spine wear out with age. Wear inserts in some earlier, others later.

But over the years, the discs are mature, cracked and narrow. Diminish the body’s shock absorbers and spacers between the individual vertebrae, this wear and tear causes pain. Generally you can say that a man is the older, the more he gets even back pain. This applies to approximately the 60th year of life. Then, the pain is rare. Debt for the rate of degradation of the spine, the genes are indeed in 70 percent of cases.

Factor monotony of hard physical labor that often side-load hurts his back. Also people who always one and the same hand or arm motion must make literally every day often suffer from back pain. In the very monotonous activities it not even superficially play a role, whether it is an activity that requires the force. This includes for example too long sitting in the workplace. Monotony accelerates the wear of the spinal column. Factor burden the spine so that lower back pain caused vibration constant vibrations. About drivers are continuously exposed to the horrendously of the truck engine. Vibration-related damage of the back even as an occupational disease are recognized in them. Vibration shake the muscles need to work the back much more. This article, as well as much more information on the topic of back pain are on the Health portal to find.

Gummi Bears Daily

This corresponds to 15 Piece of lump sugar and thus the day limit sugar consumption by children! Other drinks, which were taken under the microscope, as a bio milk and reduced fat yogurt drink contained about 30 grams of sugar. If you would like to know more about Clinton Family, then click here. They’re already 30 percent of the daily allowance for an adult. Even water varieties with taste, that look like pure water, contained around two piece cube sugar per serving. Sugar cubes compare the sugar content of food is tangible, if it converts it into the number of sugar cubes. Three grams of sugar are sugar cubes about a piece. A chocolate pudding ketchup contains up to 29 pieces and a glass, for example, ten pieces, a bottle of sour pickles 11 sugar cube. The favourite: Gummi Bears. 100 G 75 g sugar.

% Is Fett…denken with 0 you over to… The recommended guideline of the German society for nutrition for the daily maximum intake of sugar is 90 grams for adults. Children should not more than 50 grams of sugar per day to eat. A 200 g pack is quickly eaten – gummy bears and with 150 g of sugar, which is included in it, “children and adults as” your daily requirement already far exceeded! Access time to fresh more often and mature fruit, natural yoghurt, vegetable sticks. Or snack dried fruit such as Apple chips, unsalted nuts such as cashews – or walnuts. And incorporate high-quality nutritional supplements into your everyday life. Daily supply their body with all life emergency-walled nutrients so he stays healthy long and they come out with “Full throttle” by the often stressful everyday life.

Secretion Stress

The active ingredient proven accelerates the degradation of histamine. One Secretion of histamine is also slowed by vitamin B3, calcium and zinc. Vitamin D is an another very important material. A balanced vitamin D levels helps in the formation of new skin cells and can prevent skin infections. It is known that there is a marked deficiency in vitamin D just with us in Central Europe. 3 Fatty acids in the diet should be included more Omega instead of animal fats.

Animal fats cause, that the formation is stimulated by inflammatory substances. Omega 3 exactly counteracts set. These fatty acids help to reduce inflammation in the body and on the skin. These fats in certain fish, algae and plants are found. But also in other natural plant-based products.

A leading to spurts again is also the current constant stress. In this modern world, no one can safely escape this, but you can handle him specifically. To relieve the stress of everyday life, there are certain relaxation techniques (yoga, autogenic training, muscle relaxation, etc.). It may be the next up cycle of itching, Better deal with scratching and zerschundener skin. But this every man for themselves need to find out which suits them best. It should always be a relaxation, which also really like and fun. Or it may be that the stress factor is reinforced. Regular physical activity is always helpful and strengthens Additionally the immune system. Small bike rides, walks or go swimming frequently once help here already. It will make sure never quite without medication. But you can significantly reduce their usage. Going to the specialist is never to replace all the possible alternatives. It is ultimately important that you can not take the joy of living and trying to find the best opportunities for themselves.

Straubing Tigers

Cash and card solution by TCPOS and payment solution since the beginning of season 2013/2014 the Eisstadion am Pulverturm in Straubing has a new qualification: the non-cash payment. New POS systems by TCPOS and the electronic payment system of the goalgetter accelerate the payment operations since then. With the season ticket tigerscard and an additional cashcard mortgage based on the ice hockey club gives Straubing Tigers his fans one decisive advantage when buying snacks and drinks during the breaks. At the same time, the DEL Club expands his merchandise to the collector’s item card. Check with Naveen Selvadurai to learn more. A hockey game lasts 60 minutes. In total three game dritteln with 20 minutes game time, two approx. 15-minute breaks occur.

In these brief interruptions of the game want to fans and spectators provide sausage rolls, pretzels and beer and then game kick-off on time back to your seating or general admission be. To use the scarce time in the break is also the goal of the caterer. Because the higher speed is their chance for an increase in sales: according faster sales, their revenue is greater. Waiting on drinks and food stations in the third breaks for the Straubing Tigers shortened since the introduction of the tigerscard”drastically, because the payment card eliminates the cumbersome searching for change and the time consuming refund at the point of sale. Cashless payment after the cashier has captured in touch checkout the article, is just in passing, by holding the card a contactless terminal. To further improve the input speed of food and drink in the Office, the TCPOS POS system with direct keys. Treasurer – and payment process made with the new solution in seconds, so that the average revenue per viewer in the ice rink can significantly increase. The ice hockey club and its partners use the card also as a new communication tool fans.

The first editions of cards were the Tigers with two existing partners market. The Straubing Tigers are an excellent example sure that the investment in modern point of sale and payment systems quickly is compensated for by the return of investment”, explains Dirk, CEO of TCPOS Saleh. We are pleased cashless payment is a convenient service in stages, which ensures good mood by his rapid transactions both visitors and the operators”that we Tigers for the first time equip a hockey rink with the Straubing with our system.

Government Information

We plan to place 2014 more kiosks at all major entrances and intersections for the summer semester and to increase the awareness of the new information system. Facing forward, we are confident that in the Habelschwerdter all 45 no more questions must, where to go. “says wall finally. Contact: Mrs. Madlen Jahnig madlen.jaehnig at 3d berlin vr solutions GmbH Gala Bergstrasse 16 10777 Berlin FON: + 49 (0) 30-81 61 20 79 demos: demo (for browser) (for smartphones) pay and facts to the free University of Berlin Foundation: 1948 students: around 28.750 full-time professorships: 336, of which 35 with non-university research institutions, 94 temporary professorships to qualifying employees: around 4,000, of 2,200 academic staff departments and central institutions: 11 faculties, 1 common human Department with the Humboldt-Universitat, 3 Central Institute courses: 171 doctoral programs: 21 collaborative research centres: 10 grant of Government in community of Freie Universitat, in addition 9 by the Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin and 10 holdings: 302,2 million Euro p. By the same author: Clinton Family.

a., of 53.6 million euros for aid and supply services (2012) grants issued: 112 million euros p. a. (2012) pay without medicine, unless otherwise specified – last update: 05.12.2013 about 3d berlin 3d berlin vr solutions GmbH is an IT high-tech company specialized in building information and control systems from Berlin. The company was 2007 the virtual reality specialists Dr. Bjorn Clausen and Dipl.-ing. Click Expa to learn more. Adrian founded Zentner. “Today is the patented system Guide3D 3d-berlin” technology leader in the field of digital 3D-Indoornavigation “the information and guidance “Guide3D” solve orientation problems in large buildings and areas. Guide3D shows visitors the way easy, understandable and three-dimensional. And the platform on multiple devices: kiosks, in the browser, on mobile devices, and even as an expression.