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The question, of course, sounds a bit strange, I agree. Brad Pitt may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Essentially a blog is a type of site. But lately I've noticed that more and more frequently on the Internet are in favor of blogs. And indeed why more and more the number of Internet users prefer the blog site? For me personally, there is a blog and a website. And thinking about this interesting subject, I did some analysis and get the result that I want to share with you.

If you give free rein your imagination, you can compare your blog with a kitchen in the apartment, and the site (in a common sense!) from the living room. In the kitchen, we spend most of the time. There we prepare daily meals, drink tea and coffee, meet with friends and family people. We share with them the news, discuss issues, celebrate the pleasant events. Is the kitchen is not like you blog? The blog also we share our thoughts with like-minded revelations.

From the readers of the blog who understand you, who share or not share your opinion on one issue or another. In any case, the readers of your blog are not indifferent to your person and willing to communicate with you on your "kitchen" on the Internet, as close people. Just as in a real kitchen should have one master (MISTRESS of course!), And in the Blog from one owner – the creator. And communication is between the blog owner and blog readers. Of course, readers of the blog and can communicate between is in the comments, but this is quite rare! And this is another difference from the blog site forum, where communication takes place between all parties. But the site forum is more like a public dining room, club or whatever you want. Assigning a blog yet personal communication, peace, if you want! Even the structure of the blog is for leaving notes every day, even several times a day.

The Greeks

In these societies without writing it has specialties of the memory, man-memory ‘ ‘ genealogistas’ ‘ , guardies of real codices, historians of the cuts, ‘ ‘ tradicionalistas’ ‘. (p.428) ‘ ‘ It is necessary to underline that, contrarily what in general it believes, the memory transmitted for the learning in the societies without writing is not a memory ‘ ‘ word for palavra’ ‘. ‘ ‘ (P. 428) ‘ ‘ In the societies without writing the collective memory seems to command itself around three great ones interests: the collective age of the group that if it establishes in certain myths, more necessarily in myths of origin, the prestige of the dominant families who if state for the genealogies, and knowing technician who if transmits for strong on practical formulas the magic religiosa’ ‘. (p.431) ‘ ‘ Another form of on memory to the writing is the document written in a support especially destined the writing (after attempts on the bone, upholsters, skin, as in old Russia; palm leves, as in India; carapaa of turtle, as in China; finally papyrus and paper) ‘ ‘. (p.432) ‘ ‘ The ticket of the verbal memory the written memory is certainly difficult to understand. But an institution and a text can perhaps help to reconstitute it us what if it must have last in Greece arcaica’ ‘.

(p.437) ‘ ‘ The Greeks of the time had made of the Memory a goddess, Mnemoise. She is the mother of the nine muses that it procreated in descurso of nine nights passed with Zeus’ ‘. (P.

Second Language

The course English as a Second Language uses a very natural approach to learning – a practical, applied. After all, when you learn to ride bicycle or learning to drive a car – you mostly to practice. At first, go get bad, then skill grows, you will master the new techniques and become a master of driving. You do not lint on the textbook and learn a lot of theory. Likewise, a person who wants to learn to draw, to go to class and picks up a brush and paint, not a textbook with theory. The theory goes later and will initially appear only in patches of practical classes.

That's right, but not vice versa. Because as soon as we break the natural course of things, things we mess up. You know, probably, experts, shouting at the stadium "muff!" And giving instructions to players how to play, where run and how to train. However, ask a wiseacre to enter the field and play, so that he for himself was not ashamed! It is unlikely that he will agree. Indeed, theory and practice – are too different area. So it is with language.

If you start learn a language with a grammar with the rules of reading – you may have and you will know them well. But to guarantee that you will be able to communicate No, it needs just practice. How do I get a lot of practice to give a minimum theory and maximum use and enjoyment of learning English? This you can find out by visiting a free introductory lesson, the English course English as a Second Language. And not only learn in theory, but also to feel almost at first hand how does this natural method of language learning. The practical part of a free introductory lesson will allow you to learn how to naturally memorize words, you start to talk, even if you are to this day do not know English – a single word. Come, get acquainted with the course, find a pleasant and effective way to learn English. Enough to learn English, start talking!


Brickwork is often used in construction. Laid out for stoves and fireplaces to create fences and walls of private homes, to trim and cladding facades. Clinton family is often quoted on this topic. However, in the construction of apartment buildings to try to not used because of the high labor costs. Brick material indispensable for decorative purposes, which because of their small size allows you to accurately and precisely lay out any arch or soffit. The most common types of bricks and ceramic is a silicate brick. Brick walls retain heat in winter and cool in the house in summer, while their thickness should be not less than 51 cm, for the Moscow region, the colder winter, the thickness of a brick wall. Walls made of hollow bricks is warmer due to air present inside. But the building of brick requires repair after 25 years after construction.

Of specific terms in masonry bricks, which are worth noting names used flat faces of bricks: 'poke' and 'stretcher' and determine the series 'bonder' and 'Stretcher bond', depending on what used to bond the face of the series. Usually in the masonry walls striping and perpender Stretcher bond series, which can reach one hundred percent filled with a solution of cross seams. In the computation of stoves and fireplaces are used full-bodied, heat-resistant bricks. With frequent temperature changes from high to low standard bricks can crack and warp. The main difference is technology masonry stoves on the technology of masonry walls, use of water. Traditional brick laying in a soaked, yet one does not leave the air and sprayed fire-water. After which there is a fitting wet bricks without mortar in the masonry. Masonry mortar may be used by hand or using a trowel, hand way to help monitor the consistency of the composition and its uniformity.

Applied to the base solution, the top is laid a brick. Urged on him, so firmly in its place, moving back and forth. After that, the excess solution, projecting beyond the limits of bricks are removed with a trowel. If the brick is not dense or sat askew, his clean, rinsed from the solution, place it under the same clean. Then a new portion of solution is taken and the process of laying is repeated. Simplifies the use of masonry stoves mobile wooden formwork. She is on the basement level of the furnace and rises every time, reaching the edge of the masonry. This light fixture aligns the surface and lay out allows you to control the excess solution. When decorating the house using glass bricks, brick – enamel, brick – ceramics and other forms of facade bricks.

Use Subliminal Music

A subliminal message is a signal or message recorded on video or audio below the original edition. Subliminal messages have no influence over our conscious mind but directly affect in our subconscious. Then the subconscious influence on our conscious mind which will make us act according to whatever these subliminal messages. Some people say that the effects of subliminal messages are insignificant, others say that they don’t work and they are very harmful, especially if they are abused. However, the first subliminal messages were found in subliminal music. For even more opinions, read materials from financial technology.

In our days the subliminal messages are very popular in the music industry. Subliminal messages in music are known as Reversivos or better known as reciprocals messages messages. It is very easy to record messages inverses to thus create Subliminal music, this can be done with the aid of a computer. In the years 60 s the Beatles on one of their disks put a subliminal message into their music, an assertion who said that Paul McCartney had died. This case became well known since some religious groups said that Satan had possessed singers and made them to put subliminal messages in its subliminal music. Subliminal music is very common between rock and electronica bands.

There are hundreds and even thousands of disks containing subliminal messages. Some make them hidden way while others do it in an open manner. Pitcher Shifter, has been known to incorporate technology into their music, has openly used subliminal messages within your music for years. On its Infotainment album which was recorded in 1996 the included 2 songs and put a warning message on your first song on the album noting that the album included subliminal messages. The examples mentioned above is certainly a misuse of the Subliminal music. Subliminal music is not necessarily bad because it can be properly used to help people. Have you checked by scientific studies that if someone listens Subliminal music containing subliminal messages to lose weight, that person who will listen that audio will be able lose weight dramatically. Use the Subliminal music subliminal messages has not been sufficiently studied to determine its effectiveness, but has proven that it is really effective. It can help you to save yourself years of interior, this work form you can use subliminal messages to many areas in which you want to change: lose weight, eliminate fears, have health, attract money, be smarter, etc can improve your life, if you program your subconscious and the easiest way to program is through subliminal technology.

Factory Automation Prosperity Pledge

Modern office space no longer will try to present themselves without personal computers. Yet information technology are utilized frequently not very effective. Thus, by the way computers are opportunity to engage not just for a set of articles, but also for decoration of any business records, at the same time, and financial. Process Automation business provides a chance to implement it more consistent, reduce the time required to prepare various types of summary reports, detailed data and analytical data reports to senior managers. While the need to take into account that the automation of business is conducted solely in a personal format, in direct proportion to the scale of the firm, to guide the operation and various other indicators. Exclusively in this version of automation can lead to real increase in profitability of the firm.

These days there are special soft-development, which allow you to do full database of information that relate to work and industrial, to the same extent and agricultural companies. Including low cost companies today really need the automation of various kinds of events. Thus, they can be a large segment of its activity – sector of the final report – Translate into a fully automatic mode. The best set of financial, commercial invoice and a full accounting can greatly simplify the principle of conservation, and creation of all necessary preparatory securities in the transportation of valuables or goods. By the way, a software package 1C: Registry of property 8 can be used in organizations of all forms of private property, because that integrate with this software ensure all deliveries are subject to private ownership – and mobile, and real estate.

All personal property, as well as any potential transaction with the personal property are fixed once a full database of information and how to any time really to get all the information on this subject – and the actions that have relation with the economy, and its owners. Automation of the company at times may require not just a reasonable choice computer software, and more and updates a set of computers. And it is essential that professional organization that conducts activities on a full automation of the organization, have found the probability the update in this area. Productivity of such procedures in whatever company will be able to appreciate even in the nearest time after downloading a fresh equipment and programs.

Affect Childrens Computer Games

Long gone are the days when the most powerful computer was considered a Pentium 1 Pentium 2 and on the go just a rumor, as something supernatural and super power. Certainly, much has changed since that time. With the development of computer technology developed computer programs and computer games in particular. Today, in an effort to outdo the competition, developers of computer games try to create something special, was not there before anybody. In This results must often be obtained very shocking and outrageous designs. Surprisingly, among these projects are increasingly began to appear, and children's games. Currently, British parents are concerned about the appearance of new online games for girls whose main goal is to win a beauty contest Miss Bimbo.

At the beginning of the small user of registered in the game and get my character – still boneless doll, which is needed for constant care and supervision. Next, begin to compete, similar to the one that happens on the real beauty contests with these betrayals and subterfuge. To achieve the desired goal should be to earn virtual dolls money will be spent mostly on clothes and visit frank noisy parties. To keep the doll in the form, it must constantly give pills to lose weight and to resort to plastic surgery to number of SMS message, and then to your account will be credited with a half pound. Parents believe that such entertainment can adversely affect their children, because little girls are not able to understand the irony of the game and may to perceive the beauties of computer lifestyle as a role model. In addition, adults are concerned the likelihood of major unforeseen expenses for this game. English version of the game for the girls 'Miss Bimbo' has about 300 000 players, while in France, where her parents and also condemn the dietician, the figure reached 1.2 million!

Integrating Science

The main objectives of the state science and technology policy are to promote the rational distribution and efficient use of scientific and technological capacity, enhancing the contribution of science and technology in economic development State implementation of major social problems, provision of progressive structural changes in the material production, improve its efficiency and competitiveness, improving environmental conditions and protection of information resources of the state, strengthening national defense and security of individuals, society and the state, strengthening the relationship between science and education. The most important principles of the state of science policy are: The reliance on domestic scientific potential (stimulating the development of basic scientific research, conservation and development of major national research schools; promotion of modern science, their relevance to the future of Russia, the protection of the rights and interests of Russian scientists abroad); Freedom of scientific creativity (consistent democratization of the scientific sphere, the openness and transparency in the formulation and implementation of science policy, creating conditions for healthy competition and entrepreneurship in science and technology, stimulate and support innovation, providing unhindered access to public information and the right of free exchange, the formation of economic conditions for greater use of science, the promotion of key importance for the Russian economy scientific and technological innovations); creation of conditions for organization of research and development in order to provide the necessary defense and national security; Integrating Science and education (development of an integrated system of training highly qualified scientific personnel of all levels); protection of intellectual property rights of researchers, organizations and the state; development research and development of various forms of ownership, support for small innovative businesses; increasing the prestige of scientific work, decent living conditions and the work of scholars and specialists. The most important task of the state scientific-technical and innovation policy in the long term is to set priorities for scientific, technical and innovative fields, have an impact on increasing production efficiency and product competitiveness.

The Information

It distinguished genetic inheritance from social inheritance, attributing to that if it knows to make from a natural programming and to this the consequences of the socialization process. Searching some simple resources in the Semiotics, Mostern also offers classificatrios criteria for the signals of wide use, attempt to identify for the instinctive acts and cultural the same a classificatria possibility. Under this optics, descriptive, practical or valorativas information could in such a way be found in the natural life how much in the social one. After arguing in evolucionistas terms, worried about what popularly lost link between the man and the monkey is called, it develops a study concerning homdeos, of the origins and the evolution of the language, a perfect cloth of deep for its first thesis: the theory of memes its relation with the genes. Mostern starts remembering that the memtica theory was introduced in the quarrels on culture in 1976, for 5 DAWKINS, that it called the attention for the similarity between cultural genes and traces, for which created the concept of memes, thanks to what the memtica theory of the culture if would become analogous the mendelian concept of hereditary character. Of this form, searching to demonstrate that the lesser cultural unit, basic the cultural trace, now called memes, would be the base of the social communication, approaches it of the genetic communication excessively. Thus, memes would be units of cultural information in the technical meaning of bits (binary combination), differentiated in the measure where they are not added, for not being quantitative units different additives but. In this way, exhibition of a conception of culture consisting exclusively of the information would be given to it and not of material objects and products, so the taste of 6 KEESING 7 and DURHAM, or, more previously, POPPER, GEERTZ and others. Which is about a social vision of world according to the material culture would be only one effect fentipo of the incorporeal culture, that is, the culture would rest in as to manufacture a device, becoming this only one manifestation of that one, evidencing meme as unit of resident information in the brain, with its fentipos effect receiving the photographic form of words, music, images, style of clothes, gestures etc.

Commission Writing

And in addition, creating your own products is not a great amount of time and complicated task, place the example of your own E-book, we know that although it is electronic it continues to be a book and it may seem like a lot of dedication, in addition to having a very good writing, but all this is no more than a idea that was created in the minds of manyToday there are a number of e-books or E-books that were created by people who are not good at the time of writing and that were made in just a few days, and despite this are more than books, they are very profitable source of money and its reception in the market is simply incredible. The key is the method that we use and the tools that we use, for example, to learn to talk in your own book, a book that is very sold, you can resort to sites that will help you analyze the interest of people, so you find that niche of which trying, therefore I recommend the following link, a tool from Google that helps you browse niches most requested in the search engine more famous Internet. And to get the content already bearing the theme, of which perhaps you know little or nothing, you can resort to articles sites, there you agglomerate the information necessary to make your writing, the contents of a block of chapters. By the same author: Movie Star. Products with resale rights: is another way to equally proven effectiveness, is to acquire software with their resale rights, i.e. products with the authorization on the part of the creator so that you can sell them, but neglects, it is not a sale than have Commission as in the first method mentioned here feel like 100% of the money earned, so thinking as well, if you buy a product with resale rights, these buying not only a product but also a business which you can get a lot out. These are one of the few ways to consolidate your own online business and earn a lot of money online, they have been verified in many, but not all, why?, because those many have had the stamina and the required mindset, so remember the first lines of this article, have the positive attitude..