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How To Work In The Heat ?

Heat, cold as – prevents work. And still do not know what's worse – when your fingers freeze to the keyboard or the brain in his head "boils" in the sun. How to deal with the heat and maintain productivity during the summer? Sharing their experiences and will be glad to comments from readers. It is much easier to transfer the heat, if a lot of drinking. But not everything but only a select few drinks – hot tea with lemon or milk, a cool brew or soda flavored tonic. Iced tea is not quenches your thirst as well as cold.

A popular drinks, on the contrary, evoke a sense of thirst (excluding tonic – bitter taste of it somehow acts refreshingly). You can squeeze fresh juice – they are more useful than recovery, and do not contain various chemical additives. Simply make the juice from citrus fruits – is not necessary, as in the case of apples, bother to clean the skin and remove pith. Just eat an apple or an orange to me is not enough – thirst remains is the same as before the fruit. It is better to drink juice sour than sweet. Ice cream – not the best "air freshener" in the heat. Somehow, after ice cream, on the contrary, I want to drink and reduced productivity, until you drink one or two a cup of tea. By the way, in hot weather is not recommended to drink alcohol – first, they expand the blood vessels, causing a strain on the heart.