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Lubeck McArthurGlen

On the way to the holiday it is worth a detour in the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Neumunster. 74 Yet persistent summer sale designer stores here. A stroll through traditional lanes, a cool summer drink at the Cafe and the new summer outfit in the Pocket. So you can enjoy holiday mood already on the way to the resort: conveniently located on the A7, a detour with almost empty suitcases in the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Neumunster is ideal for all those who are on the way to the Baltic and North seas or to Scandinavia. The Center is the perfect shopping destination for a spontaneous day trip.

Just 40 minutes from Hamburg, Kiel and Lubeck, everyone will find here the summer tunic by Escada’s new favourite ban (Watch & see) or the hot denim shorts from closed, a cool pair of sunglasses by Ray. The architecture of the designer outlets on the region offers a relaxed holiday atmosphere with favorite designers shop to shop. The 74 own brand stores internationally of popular designer and lifestyle brands such as Strenesse, Marc O’Polo, Desigual and Lacoste offer their goods at prices throughout the year, the 30-70 percent under the non-binding price recommendation. But that isn’t enough: The summer sale attracts with extra discounts of up to 70 percent on the already reduced Outletpreis. Numerous cafes and restaurants can easily find distance from everyday shopping breaks and get the Urlaubs(VOR)Freude. And the little ones can romp right on the two playgrounds in the Center. Alone, with friends or the whole family in the McArthurGlen Designer, the holiday begins outlet Neumunster.

Dinamic Packaging

Since I broke the new era of Internet, the tourism sector has been revolutionized by a new sales channel characterized by immediacy in the purchase (compulsory purchase) and the fact to measure in time real campaigns of marketing through such powerful tools as Google analytics. In the sector of travel agencies, on-line are witnessing the transition from traditional travel agencies agencies where raw the last minute bid. Increasingly customer is more demanding and has his hand xml technological tools that allow you to compare the price offered by different tourist platforms. Another trend highlights is Dinamic Packaging, where user and potential customer is elaborated her package tailored by adding various value-added services. For example, these days we can see deals from hotels for Valentine’s day, where the hotel offers only, and the client can go adding how value-added services bottles of champagne and chocolates in your room, hydrothermal circuit, is cultural visits say that using this technology is the product who conforms to the client and not the customer to the product. This new wide trend and multiplies the tourist offer and power marketing one-to-one, and from our perspective of tourism industry professionals believe it is the future of the sector.


An accident. But from whom?, I was wondering as to my mind and my body recovered its usual constants of the vigil. By curious as it may seem, not even I had worried find out the identity of the caller. Theirs was a left voice, who spoke slowly, almost in whispers. A male voice, dare I say. But it wasn’t safe. Why, then, had do you case that promptly? In part, I said, while the headlights of my car parting the darkness of the adjacent streets, badly lit and splashed by rain constant and monotonous, because I was a familiar voice.

It was someone close to me, obviously, even if not I would have been able to clarify exactly who was. The streets of the city, apart from having very little light at a time they needed it and be increasingly more wet would have provoked the accident an electrical failure?, they were strangely deserted. I drew me even more that fact attention because I was hoping that I found with ambulances, police patrol cars, fire brigade vehicles, I don’t know, something that escenificase the existence of a tragedy somewhere. Neither had occurred to me putting the car radio to have more data. I guess that, although he would not give me account, yet I was particularly thick and obnubilado in the middle of the morning.

He had not even taken a coffee to clear me. Listen to the radio news an accident always is news, even if it occurs at an untimely time for news services, most preferred to think in my anonymous caller. Who was? Why had I phoned precisely me? What me the accident affected? I looked by the rear view mirror and saw no light at the back of my car. There was also no life overflooded streets that swept the beams of headlights.