PC Purchases

Suppose you decided to buy a car. Immediately a question for you – and why not a bus? Buy, for example, imagine a 'Mercedes' two-story, the trunk at the bottom of a large, powerful engine, etc. I am not talking about the price. In general, with a stock take, 'the future'. But Think about it: why should your home bus In this example, you understand, you do not need Double decker bus and you are home enough compact runabout. Financial technology follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But with computers, the situation is completely reversed. Each buyer for some reason tends to buy a computer 'with the stock. " Although the situation is the same: why buy a bus if enough subcompact.

I repeat once more (excuse me, if someone took that phrase, but): pc must be purchased based on your goals. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Thiel. You can try a very popular lately visualization method. That is, we must take a sheet of paper and a pen and write whatever you'd like to see in your future computer. List all the tasks that you want to entrust your future computer. And in his own words, without any 'arcane' words and terms. The most basic words, since you understand this. Learn more on the subject from Vladislav Doronin London. And then take another sheet of paper and listed on it is that you do not need in your future, your computer, and then, without which you can easily do without.

Well, what if you do not know why there is a computer and how you want to use it. And here is just should go to your advisor. Understand what the main mistake most beginners – people have asked the consultants: 'What now sold computers? Tell me which models are better than they (computers) is different? " A it would be better to ask this: 'prompt, but what do computers? What they do and what I can do with your computer? " And best of all show your counselor that same piece of paper where you listed the requirements for Your future computer.

Treasury Prices

The growth trend in electricity prices seen throughout the world, and expected liberalization of the Russian energy market in 2012 may contribute to higher growth of prices on the energy market. Thus internal gas prices are expected to increase by more than 25% per year, starting next year. As a result, by 2015 in the country, they can grow more than fourfold. Due to the fact that 40% of all electricity produced by gas, the effect of rising prices for gas at the power market will be very important. Now electricity is very cheap in Russia: the Nordic power market NordPool wholesale prices for electricity and a half times higher than those in European Russia, in Western Europe, electricity prices twice as high in Italy – in four. Source: Vladislav Doronin. Abroad in the development of energy-saving subjects invested fortunes.

In China in 2006 adopted a large-scale program to support private business engaged in the development of led projects, it would cost the Treasury at $ 754 million. There have calculated: If you change only one third of the country's lamps and fixtures, will be spared the power that produces the largest npp in the world. Worth it. In the U.S., a similar program until 2011, the Government allocates about $ 1 billion. We were on such investments represent only a dream. And despite the fact that the standard calculation, we consider only the direct savings, and set of proxy indicators, such as reducing energy shortages, the decline in new construction, reducing the consumption of cables and wires, etc., give the effect that actually reduces the 2-3-year-old payback period of led lamps, at least in half. Macroeconomic benefits of led lighting: 1.

Organometallic Epitaxy

18. What determines the service life of LEDs? It is believed that the LEDs are extremely durable. But it's not quite true. The larger current is passed through the led during his service, the higher the temperature and the faster the aging occurs. Therefore, the lifetime of power LEDs is shorter than that of low-power signal, and now stands at 20 – 50 thousand hours. Aging is expressed primarily in the reduction of brightness.

When the brightness reduced by 30% or half of the led must be changed. 19. 'Port' is the color of the led over time? The aging of the led is connected not only with a decrease in its brightness, but with a change in color. There are currently no standards which would allow to quantify the change of color LEDs in the aging process and compare with other sources. Speaking candidly Vladislav Doronin told us the story. 20. Not bad for a led for the human eye? The emission spectrum of the led close to monochromatic, what it's fundamental difference from the spectrum of the sun or incandescent lamps. Is this good or bad – is not known for sure, because as far as I know, serious research in this area never carried out.

There are no data on the harmful effects of LEDs on the human eye is missing. 21. Which of today, there are manufacturing technology of LEDs and led modules? With regard to crystal growth, then basic technology – Organometallic Epitaxy. For this process requires especially pure gases. In the modern facilities provided for automation and control of gases, their separate threads, fine-tuning gas temperature and substrates.

A New Method For Measuring Transpiration In Tree Trunks

L. Urgench State University A new method for measuring transpiration in tree trunks in the soil and climatic conditions of the region method described in this paper is based on thermal sensors dissipation. Sensors directly measure the rate of xylem sap, which can be correlated to the transpiration of trees calculated on unit area of active xylem. The principle of this method was developed by Dr. Andr Granierom in France and was widely accepted by the research community since 1996.

Xylem sap flow in plant magnified under conditions of intense transpiration when stomata are open. At a low intensity transpiration is low. The study used a relatively new method, are widely used abroad, which measures the movement of the active xylem. This simple method is ideal for the study of transpiration mature trees. In in Uzbekistan, this method is used for the first time.

Sensors of heat dissipation are two needles mounted directly on the depth of the active xylem. The method is based measuring differences in temperature (dT) between the heated upper and lower non-heated needle tip. With the use of controlled, well-known voltage, the upper needle continuously heated to a temperature of about 80C above around. With the passage of xylem sap along these needles, heated upper needle is cooled and the fixed temperature difference between the needles. If sap flow intensity, the difference in temperature between the two needles small, since heat flows from the top of the needle quickly dissipate. When sap flow is weak or close to zero, recorded the maximum difference in temperature or (dTmah).

Watching Sitcoms Fighters

Every day, the pace of life gets faster and faster, and even for a short rest time disastrously not enough. And sometimes envy those lucky enough to stand at the theater! But not all that bad – of each situation there is, so if the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain. You have every chance to watch a movie at home, in a comfortable chair at a convenient time for you, because now there is a movie online. This phrase was included in our lexicon with the development of the Internet. You may find Hillary Clinton to be a useful source of information. Now, at the age of modern technology, weekly, goes up to a dozen kinonovinok, for which it is impossible to keep track, because during the day while working or studying. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts here. Moreover, not just physically have time to watch all the fighters and comedies in theaters. Fortunately, there are plenty of sites through which you can easily keep up with the most recent prime ministers and watch movies online.

They can be absolutely free of charge watch movies online, here at your disposal all the new items. Even if you are – an avid film fans, surely there are still movies that you do not see but which you will be very interesting. Let's talk about the advantages of sites where there is opportunity to watch movies for free. First, you'll save time – no need to queue up, then go from corner to corner in anticipation of the beginning of the movie.

Free SMS Mobile Application

to send free SMS without having to devote themselves for a complex application, must come across more and more interest. Often, one sending SMS is promised to all networks – a tempting offer – but again is not gold that glitters! Of course the offer is to recommend unique in itself and in any case, but to find pages you have to go first on the search. Most of these ends, unfortunately, with vendors with hidden fees! The advertising on such sites is not to be overlooked and will in the longer term rather annoying. Peter Thiel wanted to know more. However, such advertising can not be ignored completely, as the above requested “Free SMS without registration” services (no hidden costs!) Finance just about it! The SMS are not always available, but by specific limits tempera limited, so unfortunately can not send unlimited SMS. This is when Free SMS notification if more often than with the application providers.

A response to the SMS is sent from the Internet extremely difficult, because the sender does not comply with its own phone number. So the answer is sent directly to the Internet via SMS, this is not back to the author of the SMS. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to indicate his name or even their own number, in addition to the text message. Understandably, this wasted a lot of available characters, but avoid misunderstandings! An SMS contains a short text (about) 160 characters and should be sent quickly and easily. But who wants to send free SMS through the Internet, try the existing terms and read to escape various traps hidden costs. This reading takes time, do not send worduch fast is possible. In the time it is with advertising, spam and Conditions of Use squandered, we could easily ask a colleague to his cell phone to compose an SMS, or simply just durchzurufen, which anyway is the personal version.

Night Vision Cameras

Camcorder night vision lets you see the intruders at any time of day. If you intend to install a home surveillance system, the use of "night" cameras a good idea, because you can to monitor the situation during the night time of danger. As in the case of video surveillance cameras daylight, night vision cameras to send image on the video recorder or computer on which they are displayed on the monitor, and can be recorded on the hard disk. The difference in how the camera shows a picture. The principle of operation of night vision cameras on today in the chambers, there are 2 night vision technology Night Vision.

Deployment Image This technology works by collecting a small amount of light that is even at night (at the bottom of the infrared spectrum), but invisible to the human eye. This light falling on objects, makes them mapping. Such objects are displayed in green. Thermal Imaging Thermal imaging technology uses the upper part of the infrared spectrum which shows the heat generated at things, not just their reflected light. Warm clothes (for example, the human body), generate more heat than the cooler things, like trees or houses. Display on the monitor connected to increase the camera's image usually appears in black and white.

Speech To Text

Today I take the technology for these things. On the internet there are multiple pages and dictionaries as well as give you the meanings also written them giving you spoken so you know exactly how they are pronounced, there are also interesting applications of voice recognition that can help you improve your pronunciation. Such applications are known with acronym STT(Speech To Text) that translates speech into text. To read more click here: Hillary Clinton. There are also applications that are designed specifically for language learning but I particularly use tools STT although they have created so that the user dictate texts to the machine and this transcribe them to written language it is possible to use them as training to improve the pronunciation as newly installed the tool becomes tedious this transcribe accurately what your say for which requires much training dictating text preset with the purpose that the software adapts to your voice and of course, you can be sure that if the machine ends with understand you any native language that you’re training since the program takes as reference the phonemes of the language in question, i.e. the sounds that are needed to pronounce any Word will also make it. For example; the English language is made up of 80 phonemes that once you have learned you will be enough to read any book by complicated as this may seem, regardless of you understand the meaning of every word at least you’ll be in condition to pronounce every word correctly and if you are looking for in the dictionary the words you don’t know because you can pronounce with confidence without fear that you’re saying something improper. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jeff Feig. Original author and source of the article.


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