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Geographical Analysis Of Company Data With SharePoint

Recognise relationships at first glance to be able to make quick decisions. Wurzburg, the November 10, 2009. The company CBS consulting business solutions GmbH released a solution for displaying geographical information with corporate data based on Microsoft Office SharePoint based in Wurzburg under the product name of CBS maps. Thus, it is possible to display geographical evaluations such as product sales and distribution structure with data from SharePoint lists or business applications such as ERP or CRM systems. For the user filter criteria are available, the results in real time according to restrict questioning or to expand.

Customer consultants Thorsten Stein to the creation of the product: “CRM – and ERP systems have mostly concentrated in the management of mass data and business processes. Topics such as analysis and evaluation are weak in many cases, if at all. With CBS maps we offer our clients a simple but comfortable visualization of business data in connection with Geo information. At a glance regional correlations and differences for the individual business segments can be very easily identify and derive appropriate measures. This services is a useful addition to our already known analysis portfolio on the basis of QlikView, reporting, and analysis.” The WebService to the automatic geocoding of address entries is integrated into latitude and longitude in the functionality of the product. In addition the maps possibility to save locally and use without an Internet connection.

CBS maps is based on the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, free of charge delivered by Microsoft with Windows Server 2003. An operation on the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is thus ensured. The used maps can be obtained from Microsoft Bing maps, as well as Google maps. CBS consulting business solutions GmbH offers the geo-coding of your business data as an additional service for small and medium-sized enterprises. Press contact and more information: CBS consulting business Solutions GmbH Thorsten Stein telephone: 0931/3041840-0 fax: 0931/3041840-30 about CBS consulting business solutions GmbH that CBS consulting business solutions GmbH offers consulting and software development in the areas of ERP with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SharePoint and business intelligence on. The focus is the integration of different systems, using new technologies to increase the efficiency and optimization of the processes in the company. CBS owns the Gold Certified Partner status of Microsoft for the competencies in business intelligence, information worker solutions, Microsoft business solutions and SOA and business process. In addition, CBS certified reseller for the business intelligence is product QlikView by QlikTech.

ITESOFT Is Setting New Standards In Automated Document Processing

New version 2.4 of the solutions ITESOFT.FreeMind and ITESOFT.Share available Hamburg. Two new releases from the House of ITESOFT are available now, European provider of solutions for the automated collection, processing and management of documents. This is the technology platform for ITESOFT.FreeMind, as well as the document management solution with integrated workflow ITESOFT.Share, which now exist in the versions 2.4. This is characterised in particular by a greatly increased level of automation. Important new features are the availability of real-time input post and associated files, automatic learning of new types of documents and workflow for the joint processing of electronic and paper-based documents. Companies that implement document capture projects with the new versions, will benefit from shorter implementation times and a faster return on investment. \”ROI in this year! Or in other words: more and more companies searching for solutions for automated document processing, which cost and time can reduce their business processes. In addition, they should be quickly implemented and require minimal IT staff. technology investor may find this interesting as well.

The latest generation of software for the intelligent document capture addresses these requirements and provides significant enhancements in the field of automation\”, analyzes Rory Staunton, Managing Director of the business consultancy strategy partners. \”Our product strategy is aimed at the complete automation of document management processes and therefore almost inevitably meets these requirements\”, explains Magali Michel, Director of marketing for ITESOFT. Realistically, requires a such ambitious objectives but concentrating on four main factors: the degree of automation of the process, the time required and hence the cost of adopting the solution, the range of functions and that the documents. Version 2.4 of our solutions is based on this strategy and provides for sustainable increases in terms of automation\”, he continues. The new versions are for the entire product portfolio available for ITESOFT. These include both ITESOFT.Share to the electronic management and distribution of documents as well as the solutions, on ITESOFT.Install FreeMind.

Improve Kaltkquise By Removing 2 Of 3 Uncertainty Factors

By removing 2 of 3 factors of uncertainty, LEADSExplorer improves the cold calling with E-Mail campaigns and phone calls. London 9 November 2009 Engago Technologies Ltd. Others who may share this opinion include Clinton Family. changes the customer acquisition with LEADSExplorer by using the natural search of visitors as an indicator for interest. Many companies currently use email campaigns to attract visitors to their landing pages on your website or use the cold calling to the generating leads. Many people on lists by market audience send large amounts of emails to potential prospects or call. This is like a game of chance.

What is the probability of: talking to an interested employee or decision hit on? The clever moment? With the appropriate communication of the current problem? This is a multiplication by 3 probabilities and the resulting success chance is very low. The method for lead generation by application of: mass email mass cold calling interrupts many people and however has a lower success due to low chance of success. Visitors, the in a natural way by organic search to a B2B site come are already interested in to find a solution for a problem that they currently have. By identify these visitors with company name and number to contact company that will qualify as a lead considerably lower and more manageable. This method takes out the probability of: timing: already, the company is looking for a solution the right message: man know what the are looking for: pages visited this method greatly increases the chance of getting a positive reaction to the cold calling (phone or E-Mail) cold calling on warm companies (= interested) is much more successful. For more information, please visit: Engago Technologies Ltd. is a provider of Web services for businesses in BtoB, aiming to get more shops of the already existing marketing investments.

The Green Difference Kamstrup

Danish electricity saving trust recommends environmentally friendly measurement modules for efficient energy management at home Copenhagen, September 01, 2009 homeowners manage better their energy consumption in the future: under the banner of The Green Difference Kamstrup has brought to the market a new generation of household meters. The company has specializes in smart metering solutions for cooling, heating, electricity, water and gas energy-saving. Through the implementation of internationally recognized Z-Wave wireless standards, the energy-saving measurement modules can be integrated in intelligent home networks as well. Thus, homeowners have the opportunity to be able to transparently access and control their consumption data. The modular construction of the instruments enables homeowners to read data at the same time, to maintain the count and perform intelligent home control applications with the same electricity meter. The consumer can its energy consumption in a simple way via the computer or via in-house displays, control and gets so detailed information about its current or average consumption. So can the customer to track its consumption daily.

The Kamstrup counters are designed electronically and for simple and safe readout of the data. High level of transparency for the consumer’s Z-Wave is the leading 2-way wireless communication-protocol for home control applications. Currently over 300 home-control devices with you. The Z-Wave advanced energy control (AEC) framework allows to integrate smart meters in home control solutions. This technology allows utilities and smart metering manufacturers, an intelligent, advanced and environmentally friendly energy management system for the budget to rebuild. Z-Wave making transparent, domestic energy consumption in the highest degree which allows homeowners an active control over all gas-consuming appliances.

In this way, consumers recognize in what time most consumes resources be and can they demand to regulate. Using AEC, Z-Wave also ensures a secure end-to-end data transfer between meter and energy suppliers. The counter options, which allows the electricity provider to maintain two-way communication with the consumer.

Schanzenviertel Hamburg

Old industrial charm, modern architecture and future-oriented technology of Hypersoft Bullerei by Tim Malzer and Patrick Ruther. “The Schanzenviertel Hamburg offers so few surprises and is now a rich: in the former cattle sheds of the Hamburg major slaughterhouse there is now a new favorite restaurant”, as Tim Malzer calls it himself. Supplemented with a cafe/deli it offers best cuisine and trendy drinks in a cooler atmosphere around the clock. Gwyneth Paltrow is often quoted on this topic. From the guests largely unnoticed the Hypersoft Suite performs your service reliable. All employees can simply via fingerprint scanner to work to sign in and out and the time data are used for internal productivity reports and the EBIT in real time.

Then are they for DATEV prepared the payroll office fit available. The well-trained staff capture using mobile and stationary POS terminals skilfully all needs of our guests and transfer these all required evaluations in the kitchen, while the back automatically be provided. The choice of Tim fell Brewer and Patrick Ruther also on the food system software by Hypersoft, because the here integrated merchandise management in addition to the controlling can automate key tasks, such as orders and internal flow of goods. This allows a high throughput of goods with just the right the Bullerei”stock, which has consequently also positively on the freshness of all articles and their consumption! The goods-economic implementation of this popular television chef’s creativity brought Hypersoft crew even after 20 years of experience at their borders, so these integrated purposeful a few improvements and extensions, which are now made available to all Hypersoft customers in the course of the year. Should be the holder team not on the ground, the Hypersoft suite can transmit all relevant information them up to the spontaneous snapshot from the guest room on the phone. Such a photo just displays whether mood is perfectly positioned to service. There are thus all money processes optimized and offer as an optimal return on investment, allowing for Tim beside the dining here soon a commercial success turns a Maltster and Patrick Ruther.

English Game

Games such rarely produced. So this disc was essentially a pirate, but good quality, the text has been translated well, and it there very much. Huge dialogs with lots of characters do not have time to dissipate, I’m not saying that they should also read.

Benefit after the end of the briefing appears on the screen a few words, briefly and precisely explains the purpose tasks. In the video, too, have not stinted on the disk was present input video quality, the length of several minutes, povetsvuyuschy prehistory. Now let us play, for starters we suggest to choose a hero, or rather its specialization depends on it very much. Tactics play different types of very different, you choose a mage, and then an arrow will appear to you that you play even in a completely different game. And the game is present the compiler level monsters, and cards During the next (at the beginning of a new game) time will be different, and monsters, too.

The game also HellGate London is present separation of objects into classes, Some things can only be magicians, while others only Templars, all in Game 6 of classes, differ radically. Therefore, the game will want to go more than once. More tips to download the latest patch for the game, the zero version is quite hampered in some places, but after installing the patch, literally became a fly without a hitch. Patches without any problems you find in a search engine, such as Yandex, is for all language versions, English, Russian, etc. Just lekgo you will find nocd a patched version, and if you are the owner of Pirate, no problems. The passing game will take a little time, not even wasting time on side missions will take about 10-15 hours, and even more. The plot is quite interesting, but only if delve into the dialogues, so I advise all still read them. Speaking of the plot in a nutshell it is a struggle with the demons napolonivshimi the ground and threatening to destroy humanity. The game will have to fight kuchoy monsters, good game engine allows the use of large spaces, open space ‘run’ you will suffice.

United Technologies Corp. Acquires GE Security

United Technologies acquires GE Security at a price of $ 1.82 billion. United Technologies Corp. acquires GE Security at a price of $ 1.82 billion. The transaction will be earnings neutral for UTC in 2010 after restructuring and transaction costs and withdrawing from 2011 through cost synergies. United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX) today announced to take over GE Security at a price of $ 1.82 billion. Follow others, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, and add to your knowledge base.

The conclusion of the contract is subject to the approval of the supervisory authority. GE Security is part of GE technology infrastructure, and delivers a broad portfolio of security and life-saving solutions for use in the commercial, as well as in the private sector. The offer includes fire alarm systems, life recovery systems, alarm systems, video surveillance and access control systems. The headquarters is located in Bradenton, in the U.S. State of Florida. The company has eight manufacturing facilities and about 4,700 employees in 26 countries. This acquisition strengthens the status of UTC Fire & Security as one of the leading companies in the fire and security industry, which put around the world to 100 billion dollars”, UTC President and Chief Executive Officer Louis Chenevert says reinforces our presence in North America, extends our capabilities, and complements our existing fire and security business. “The acquisition complements the UTC portfolio to more first-class products, improved the revenue potential of the secondary market and will represent a stable and long-term value for our shareholders”, so Chenevert continues.

We expect that the transaction for UTC will be earnings neutral in 2010 after restructuring and transaction costs and pays out from 2011 through cost synergies. “The Hartford-based United Technologies Corporation (UTC) provides products and services for the aerospace, transportation, and building industry worldwide. UTC employs about 225.600 people, of which more than 60 percent outside the United States are active. For years, the listed achieved Company (NYSE: UTX) year continuous profitability. The turnover amounted to 58.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2008. This growth generating subsidiary companies: Pratt & Whitney, manufacturer of aircraft engines and space propulsion system, carrier, US manufacturer of heating, cooling and air conditioning systems, UTC Fire & security, provider of fire protection systems and safety technologies, Otis, manufacturer of elevators and escalators, UTC power in the area of decentralized energy supply. The flight systems Division are the daughters of Hamilton Sundstrand, as a supplier of products for the aviation and aerospace industry, as well as helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky.

Aastra Technologies Limited

Stephan: In addition to reading lists, which facilitates the installation of PABX, we have simplified the roll-out of Aastra’s SIP devices: new devices are logged, so an IP address not cumbersome must and or MAC address are determined and configured instead the device is connected to the LAN, the user gives the extension number and an installation PIN on the phone, ready. Of course also this can be used as phone devices are administered fully through the WebKonfiguration of OpenCom.” With this flexibility, the company effectively lowers the cost of his process. The investment in the communication system has pays then soon, important in times of crisis like this. Aastra Aastra DeTeWe GmbH is the German subsidiary of Aastra Technologies Limited, (TSX: “AAH”), a leading company in the field of corporate communications. Aastra in Concord, Ontario, Canada has its headquarters.

Aastra develops and markets innovative communication solutions for companies of any size. Aastra is represented worldwide with more than 50 million installed ports and a direct as well as indirect presence in more than 100 countries. The wide range of offers feature-rich CallManager for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as highly scalable CallManager for large companies. Integrated mobility solutions, call center solutions, and a wide range of devices round off the portfolio. With a strong focus on open standards and customer-specific solutions, Aastra enables enterprises a more efficient communication and collaboration. According to market analyst Canalys has is the Berlin ICT manufacturer now in second place in the German market for corporate communications positions. Contact Marion Flototto head of marketing & corporate communications Aastra DeTeWe GmbH DeTeWe Communications GmbH porcelain Court str. 1, 10997 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 30 6104 3165 fax: + 49 (0) 30 6104 2220 email: Web:

The Radio-controlled Clock Technology Under The Microscope

GlobeTrotter need special radio watches today from everyday life no longer indispensable. Finally, the radio waves provide a uniform and exact time on all stations, airports and public places. But a wristwatch radio is suitable also for private use. Every night between two and four o’clock the radio clock which turns nuclear aftermath and also the summer – and wintertime can be adjusted without own. Only in large parts of Asia, Russia, South America, Africa and Australia the best radio controlled clock is useless, as the online portal for auctions

The reason is the lack of broadcasting in these areas. This is in Mainflingen near Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Its signal has a range of up to 2,000 kilometers in the district. This EU wide only a few areas in Spain, Portugal and Northern Scandinavia can are not covered. The technology was invented in 1967 by German engineer Wolfgang Hilberg.

This was a first prototype for already three years later Telefunken company before. Some time passed up for sale first desktop clock radio based in 1986. Radio towers are now to the German design in England, Japan, the United States and China, but sending in other frequencies and languages. This makes necessary a special watch for the frequent flyers who can read each time language. Such watches are offered among other things by Junghans, Casio and citizen.

Budget Automation

Science fiction becomes reality with the TV just only television was yesterday. With the new TV of brand Metz is more possible than to watch only movies. As the free auction house reported, Metz uses networking technology Xcomfort to motion detectors to control doorbells, smoke alarms, and later also surveillance cameras on the TV. With just a few button presses it is possible via the remote control of the new Metz LCD TV, to open window to close, lowering blinds or lights to Dim. A message is displayed at the bottom of the screen, once will open a window or a smoke detector is triggered.

Sent-networked components enable new services. Especially elderly and disabled people can benefit from the new technology, which works only on the radio. So-called activators are needed to enable the different functions in the House. These are attached to the respective devices in the home and take Communication with the television on. The cost of this technology vary they average amount depending on the function to the 70 euro. During the conversion of a single-family house, activators are needed on average 20 to 40. So, some thousand euros must be planned to turn the House into a digital machine with the living room as a bridge. More information: presse.html contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59