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Events Marketing

Marketing movie – the project of the marketing and advertising agency Markeloop from Mars Hill – offer modern presentation possibilities for companies, clubs and events throughout Germany at the present time to reach its target groups, require also a presentation on modern media. The new video project of marketing and advertising agency Markeloop from Mars Hill provides companies, clubs and events from May 15, 2010 on an own bottom video clip before base entries are already now free of charge. There are numerous telephone and business directories, which offer mostly entries in text form with a few images. We would like to offer the possibility of a special presentation with this innovative and modern platform. A video clip reached also a much higher emotional appeal of audiences.”so Daniel Hofmann, marketing manager of the project and owner of the Agency Markeloop. The registration on marketing movie works on 2 ways. Once can be completely free of charge via basic entry with logo and contact details “over the desired area companies’ clubs or events” register. The second option offers an own base that includes contact, logo, a presentation by video clip, the product or services portfolio, as well as a map.

Existing video material can be submitted either or the marketing – and advertising agency Markeloop takes over the complete creation of the clip. The companies, clubs or events be found individually saved keywords per base and a search feature built into the page. The platform offers a good opportunity to find new members and customers and to present themselves. On request, we undertake also the networking via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. As a special action we offer a base for 250 inclusive video clip creation up to June 30, 2010 in addition to the free basic entry (up to max. 2 min length).”so Daniel Hofmann next. Who already want to login in form of a base entry should quickly stop by and fill out the contact form.

What Are Ground-mounted Luminaire?

What are ground-mounted luminaire and what are they suitable ground Recessed spotlights are light sources, which are inserted into the ground and where the light radiates upwards. While conventional lighting methods is attached the light most of the time in a certain height, and down is lit from above, an effect that can give a room a very special touch is created using the floor cleaner. Ground Recessed spotlights are therefore often used for artistic decorations because they already simply cause a special effect lighting. Ground Recessed spotlights use mostly LED technology, because with this bulb to an effective illumination can take place, on the other hand, the energy consumption is still low. Ground Recessed spotlights can be used for different purposes. Ground-mounted luminaire for example like to find in the design of art galleries using, or other space in which art objects are presented. But also in a private living room floor Recessed spotlights can be used. If the homeowners value to an unusual and appealing design of his living room sets, such ground-mounted luminaire may cause the desired effect.

Due to the unusual lighting, the room is something special. The establishment is modern and artistic. However, ground Recessed spotlights are suitable not only for use inside of buildings. Ground Recessed spotlights can also be used as garden lighting. Here, they provide an attractive lighting and beautiful plants or objects in the garden can be highlighted by a floor lamp.

Here, they have not only the advantage that they look attractive, but the installation is also simple. As light sources, the top down lights in the Garden only with some effort are to install ground-mounted luminaire can be a cheap alternative. Ground Recessed spotlights are intended for all House or garden owner who want to give your own style with a special form of lighting their home or garden. But for many business people are Ground recessed luminaires. Art galleries can be illuminated appealing, but can also have a bar or restaurant with floor lamps, which illuminate the building from the outside, attract attention and provide a modern and artistic image.

Gerhard Garcia Sunu

Gerhard Muller and his wife Angelika Kronenberg, will enter as Managing Director of the company on 1 January 2013. The 28-year-old has completed Bad Honnef/Bonn studying after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A..) in event management at the International University. He attends intensive graduate program at Streck transport company in Freiburg and Hellmann worldwide logistics in Leipzig. For my wife and me it is very important to set the right course for the further development of our company at an early stage”, says Dr. Gerhard Muller and adds: with the vocation of our son in conducting business, we would like also a positive signal to our employees, partners and customers send. “And that is: random remains a family business!” For the random Business Guide Heinz-Gunter Basell should play a greater role in the future again his own family. To 30 June 2013, the nearly 60-year-old will retire from active working life at his own request.

The shareholders have understanding for this step, although they express regret that decision. Thank you Mr. Basell for more than 12 years of successful work and for his commitment to the development of the company”, explains Dr. Gerhard Muller. We will call on time a successor for Mr Basell.” To December 31, 2011, said goodbye to Gerhard Garcia Sunu from the random Board of management and went on 29.Februar 2012 to retire. He was responsible for 23 years for the finance and accounting at the logistics provider. A merit of Gerhard Garcia Sunu is that the random logistics group today is an economically solid, attractive company,”Dr. Gerhard Muller explained in a very personally held farewell ceremony. The “Career choice not the fate of leave under the programmatic motto I don’t believe in destiny, I believe in COINCIDENCE” that caused random logistics group last year with a training site, various flyers, a cinema spot, as well as an own Facebook “page for sensation.