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High Peformance

In a browser you'll be able to customize and manage your NAS-system. Program will prompt you to configure as soon as you connect to the network. This should take you no more than 5 minutes, as the installation of a conventional hard disk of a personal computer and not more difficult than Conventional NAS Synology. QNAP interface in Safari, you can control various functions of disk storage. found. In addition, it is possible through a search engine to find the TS-259 and drag and drop files to NAS-device.

This is important because the File Manager from QNAP very archaic and can not transfer files and make visible the hidden files, so your file system can be clogged and temporary. Learn more at: financial technology. DS-files. In general, the browser-based interface TS-259 is simple to use and provides quick and full access to network data storage. For example, copying files to / from the device can be configured with one touch. Setting user rights is equipped with extensive descriptions of each type of action, and crowded functional admin allows every detail to fine tune your desired algorithm for backup. Access settings for read-write can be configured for each file or folder on the server. With the TS-259 Time Machine is available as long as the disk is formatted with HFS +. Device from QNAP can be used as a place to store backup files, and you can set the maximum size for each file and customize automatic synchronization. If you would like to know more then you should visit financial technology.

In the QNAP TS-259 Pro is nasolko options for low-level disk tools – you can zarkalirovat them to unite, to scan for damaged or broken data sectors Despite the cooler in the two compartments NAS, the unit is pretty quiet and not noisy even when performing complex tasks of processing a large number of files. But the disk from time to time a loud alarm when finalizing the next task. Such signals it produces only if serious job. QNAP TS-259 Pro has many advanced features. It is easy to create a FTP-server and print server, but the web server was somewhat difficult because there is no special settings for the Mac-platform. Advanced users can configure the system monitoring, encryption, and remote replication, multiple LUN management as well as the deployment of secure IP SAN environment. Buying Tips. QNAP has many competitors in the market for small business NAS. In the TS-259 functions are implemented iSCSI for virtual and cluster environments, in addition to a powerful tool for configuring security and administration of access rights. There are several shortcomings that make it a networked storage less attractive than competing solutions – Synology DS710 +. First QFinder only detects the network and launches a browser window, while the software from the Synology gives more detailed information on memory to the parameters of network connections. In addition, in the Synology rarely asks you to re-pass authorization. Secondly, the installation of TS-259 takes more time, and Web File Manager has its drawbacks, in particular, can not be viewed temporary hidden files. But still plenty of new features QNAP TS-259 is impressive and if you have patience, it's an excellent variety of high-performance professional NAS-data repository.

The Result

Leaving no chance for salvation. What is the future, we will leave future generations: children, their grandchildren, our grandchildren? Tell whether they thank us with you, summing the outcome of their lives? Or they will reap our fruits, accusing us of all their troubles? where policy? They're not aliens from outer space, and not the carrot that grows in the garden. They are – a society in the projection. Persons who boldly run the country – a reflection of society, which is their joy. Imbibing mother's milk to our children the confidence that the money – the key to success in life, we grow "future man", with curved values and goals. Man without morals, who lives only for his own benefit and does not know that there are around someone else of whom can also be taken care of.

What is morality? Morals (Latin moralis – concerning manners) covers the moral views and feelings, life orientation and the principles, goals and motives of actions and relationships, pursue a line between good and evil, honest and dishonesty, honor and dishonor, justice and injustice, normal and abnormal, compassion and cruelty. Morality calls us to the border lines are long gone in our country. Sometimes a society where a child's parents instill in your child the concept of patriotism, where people believe in the national spirit, they know their national idea. Imagine a man who was raised to love and know their history and culture, to respect their past. A man whose principles are based on a belief in family and state in which he creates his family. This people never move beyond their own values, will change their views because they are – the foundation (base) of his life. who is being smart will go against himself? Of course, we are writing about the ideal future, which is quite unrealistic.

But in fact, agree that the future depends on us. We – the main building material of a certain house called the Philippines, and from our quality (as material) primarily depends on the result. Policy – it's just builders. But it is we – ordinary people who create and nurture their childhood, teaching construction trade. Bright and happy future, it is difficult to imagine without the past, as well as the past does not exist without this. What we are creating now – will use our children as well as we reap the fruits of our ancestors.

A Few Tips To Promote The Site

The most classic way to unwind – a link exchange. And that would not have argued in recent years on different forums and articles – this method of promotion, even when the significant decrease in popularity, is still used. Another thing that for best results it is desirable to have more links leading to the site and a smaller one from the site. To do this, there are services like 1PS.RU offering registered in white catalogs. But I want to offer you a new and growing popularity of the method of promotion – placing articles on the websites offering such service. And there are many sites that will place your articles and free and paid. There are already many services offering as the placement of articles on websites and writing these articles for your needs.

What is the advantage of just such a method to promote your site? Although it is much more laborious and way, namely by placing article on your site with hyperlinks to the desired page, you will reach a much larger effect. Why? For many reasons. The first – the search engines are a real war against the sale and purchase options, and with each upgrade More and more sites get in the ban because sylok posted on their pages. Second – your links accommodated in white directories? Do not worry, after a maximum of 3-4 months they will not be there. Virtually all white catalogs practice removal of long hanging options to make space for new links. Otherwise, they are banned as linkopomoyku. Third – you have changed something with how the site links? The effect of such exchange miserable, imple links that cross. Can many lead to various reasons that prove one simple truth – some links you your site does not unwind.

This will give only a temporary effect it. Of all the links that you place will remain about 20% (at best), which will maintain your site on which a low position. Others including Naveen Selvadurai, offer their opinions as well. Articles is quite different. Firstly, no search engine has never applied any sanctions against the sites on which accommodates the good with the original content of the article. Conversely, such sites are appreciating more search engines for a variety of content, especially if all the articles correctly distributed on relevant topics. Second in the text of the article can be a very clear handle keywords that will link to the desired page on your site. Only at the expense of the effectiveness of links from the text of the article is several times higher than the mere placement of links! Third – the more original Articles will be on the site, the higher position of the site and it will add extra weight to your articles. Ie is absolutely opposed to simply placing links movement. Many links on one site – a ban, many articles on one site – the rise of positions. So it turns out that the placement of an article from a few references in the text, at least 6-8 times more effective than placing the same link on the same site. And over time the weight of links from the text of the article increases. If wisely used several methods of site promotion, the success of your software on 100%!

Surface Painting

due to poor packaging and storage products between casting and painting. On the latter point – not products intended for painting store in bulk in boxes, they must work at least, shifting layers of soft material to prevent the emergence of scratches, and it is best to pack each item separately. This is especially true common akrilonitrilbutadienovogo plastic (ABS), one of the most popular plastic for the production of complex shaped products with a high degree vytyazhki.Metody against defects in color first step in the technology of painting plastic, for that matter, and any other materials is to prepare the surface. Under most conditions Naveen Selvadurai would agree. Poor pre- training is the most common errors. It can cause the following: – a violation of the surface structure, as often contain silicone lubricant – peeling, as paint applied to the layer of grease, which aims to prevent adhesion – the formation of cracks as possible the existing internal stresses in the plastic is not reduced. The time it seems possible to save Surface cleaning – is often lost time, because in the end very often have a claim, and thus the additional cost of rework. Not to mention the loss of image from the client.

As we all know when casting products plastic, various lubricant to facilitate their removal from the form. Lubricants may contain silicone – one of the best materials to reduce the adhesion. But he is the most important problem for subsequent painting. Personally, I think it is better from the outset not to use grease the molds with silicone, then slurp than a spoon full problemma because of him, but this was said to the patriarchs of the Russian formostroeniya, mold, working with silicone as a lubricant, you can safely throw away …

Search Words

Says an old story if I remember correctly, that the streets of a big city a barefoot boy wandered late at night, walking day and night. To find something I wanted. After several days, a jolly-looking man asked, looking yQue child? The boy said a word, sir. The boy walked down the street when he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. She jumped and turned to see an old lady with white hair and beautiful smile I had ever seen. I can help you he said, is what you're looking for.

I call it "The cavern of lost words, the secret is to look within yourself. After thanking the old woman went in search of the cavern. He kept wandering around the city until he left the city exhausted by a dirt road leading to it to enter the field in the middle of the cold, dark night, lit only by the fullness of the full moon shining on that cold night winter. Suddenly he stumbled with a trunk was in the middle of the road and jumped into the air until reaching a large rock that was thrown just as his body fell to the ground. He was amazed because he could see was unimaginable that he was behind that rock.

He rose quickly and began to remove the weeds to see all that great. Little by little she became the light inside the cave and saw that there were many thousands of shelves with glass jars of different shapes and sizes with liquids of all colors. An affable and smiling gnome out between them with a candle and you could see everything much better. It asked, yQue are looking smaller? – I am looking for a word, sir. – The gnome nodded, closed his eyes and replied, you are in the right place child. And suddenly a small still-shaped bottle with an emerald green liquid came into his hands. Here's the word you're looking for, you wrap it up son. – And the boy asked, yComo know that this is the word I'm looking for? – Then the wise old gnome came up the bottle to his nose and uncovering the cork allowed the small smell the aroma. Thus the boy closed his eyes and sniffed the aroma, then felt it was that the word, that you've been looking and happily replied, if this is me take it. And so I ran out of the cave with the bottle with green liquid in his hand, thanking the gnome as he walked away slowly along the narrow road. Full of enthusiasm ran like a flash forward to coming home as soon as possible to give to their parents the word, the word he was looking for and wanted to give them some time … Gift heartfelt words, is the essence of communication, so everyone will appreciate not only your words but how you say. Look inside you those words you could not tell time and offer them before they find you do not know in your heart.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the online activities that are more professionalized, and that more development has taken lately is the practice of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Competition is atrocious, and practically there are not many niches to ensure the exclusivity of a site, which, no matter the item is engaged, there will be many other similar sites, struggling to seize the same client population. For this reason, optimizing sites, and encourage their index is an imposition. But there are a number of unpardonable errors, that may put in jeopardy all our efforts to achieve better, more traffic, and, most importantly, better sales. SEO is more than Google Adsense or Adwords rate portal (which is actually the field of SEM, but many "sold" as positioning). It is actually a wide range of specific activities, both onsite and offsite, we will achieve the objective. If one of these areas fails, for example, the optimization programming band, so that it slows down.

They also want to access your site. Do not include the most basic tags: title, description, keywords, and tags of images. Another version of this error: Repeat the same title on all pages. Specifically, your web page that refers to "About Us" or "Us" can not have the same title which comes to their products. The title is an element of great weight for browsers. Do not duplicate, because then you lose the opportunity to have a powerful semantic element that will help in their efforts to better position. Of course, there are many mistakes, but I will not dwell on this article. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source

Interactive Voice Response

Unfortunately, the regime of 'one window' does not solve all the problems Before the advent of contact centers, with a small number of calls to avoid constant switching might well have been due to release a separate room for each direction or training specialist who could properly redirect the call. At financial technology you will find additional information. At the present time, given the extensive grocery lines companies and the amount of information provided, it is physically impossible to effectively handle client calls in a similar way. To replace the 'antiquated' ways the advent of modern technology. K Unfortunately, the solutions in Call Center / Contact Center, even the leaders of the world market can not provide you with guaranteed results. 'Branding' solution will minimize the likelihood of mistakes, but not eliminate them. The effective work of Call Center / Contact Center achieved only through the synergy of high-quality technology and business process optimization! In particular, self-service systems based on static and dynamic ivr (Interactive Voice Response – an interactive voice menu) can reduce maintenance costs of calls from 15 to 80% by allowing information to automatically download and rational operators in accordance with their specialization. In addition, the schedule Operators should be made taking into account the number of calls for past periods of time ("peak load" on the day of the week and time of day).

Otherwise, client may not know about the benefits of the regime 'of one window '. Typically, the highest efficiency demonstrated contact centers, integrated with the CRM-applications company. It is in this case, a single working interface (either 'single window'), within which may be All necessary information for the customer, will reduce the time call processing and enable us to decide whether the client for one request. In addition, a pop-up 'card of the customer' will personalize all communications in case of re-treatment, based on the history of previous client requests the company's employees, in consequence, be able to offer him additional products and services. All these conditions are quite suitable in the case of corporate contact center with a 'line' service. When you use services outsourced Call Center / Contact Center, or 'two-tier' service in Corporate Call Center / Contact Center no no forwarding do. For example, in the case of an appeal in the contact center of the insurance company about medical insurance, the customer gets to the operator of the first level, which classifies the treatment, and refers to the medical worker, competent in this matter. Typically, the number of medical professionals in the insurance company is limited, and call forwarding may take some time. Integrating contact center with CRM-system company will, together with a call to redirect and "customer card", as amended primary information for the waiting time and, thus, will enable personalized treatment, avoid duplication and significantly reduce processing time call.

Yandex Sites

Reference should be to attract attention. Perhaps the key here is preferable than a text link. And if choose among the buttons, the button animated than static. To be higher in search engines for interesting request. Perhaps you've seen, if you search some sites are issued with the inscription 'found at the link.

" These are the sites whose link is located on authoritative resources and that most satisfies your search. So, if you want to try to improve your site while searching for the keywords you need to reference as accurately as possible a keyword or phrase. In this case, just need a text link rather than a button. As already mentioned, the chances of success is greater if the site is more authoritative, and the keyword less popular. To increase the citation index. Brad Pitt is full of insight into the issues. This reason is probably the most popular of all. At first a few words about a citation index (CI).

Citation Index – the number of links leading to your site other sites. ICs are usually counted by the search engines to determine the credibility of the resource, its popularity. After all, we can assume that if a site link to many other Web sites, it means that Information on this site useful and interesting. Why do search engines know which site is popular and what is not? Then, that knowledge of this helps the search engines have sites at issue in the search. More popular site with a high ic here will have an advantage over less popular. Therefore, to increase the ic, and exchange links. This creates the appearance that the site is quite popular. But not everything here is so simple. From the Russian search engines who expect citation index, the most famous one is Yandex. But Yandex takes into account not only the number of links to resources, but also qualitative characteristics of options – their weight. A big role in calculating the weight of links is a thematic proximity of the resource and link to it sites. Thus, Yandex counts themed citation index (TCI). When measuring the tci are taken to link only those resources that Yandex has indexed and for which he seeks that is, only the 'Russian' Internet. tic can be measured for all the resources referenced in any of the crawled by Yandex resources at least once. In arriving at the tic site does not take into account links to bulletin boards, forums, network conferences, unmoderated directories and other resources, which anyone can add links without supervision by the resource owner. Also, when calculating the cy do not count links from sites located on free web hosting, if they are not described in Yandex. More information about the citation index of Yandex, please visit / info / ci.html Tips for link exchange to increase IC: Try to exchange links with sites similar subjects. Share links from authoritative sites. And finally, a useful tip. With the help of search engines can determine what sites link to yours. In all the search engines have advanced search and Using it you can get this information. But some can do this by asking a special request in the search. So on Yandex is: (# link = ''), on aport: (link =), in google: (link:), where – the address of your site. But be aware that information will be given to you only those sites that are known search engine.

Plastics Quality

All this and provides a high demand for plastic products. Financial technology is likely to agree. It goes without saying that this is only on products of high quality, not pathetic imitations, which now and then appear on the market. Manufacture of plastic products, which engages in any plant, provided by the certificates confirming the authenticity of the techniques and quality products. Thus, in the zone close attention invariably the ecological purity, which is widely known they produce plastic products. To date, each plant produces plastic products from plastic using electroplating, turning processing, cold stamping, welding, deep drawing, and many others, and also makes testing products for resistance to climatic and mechanical effects, both individually and in combination.

Virtually all plants, together with other manufacturers which produce plastic products, are in the group of producers, most actively working in the plastics market in Russia. The main feature of plants is to conduct a complete production cycle of each specific model plastic products, ranging from the design stage, design development, construction, manufacturing up to the precision mold Casting the final product, according to the number of customer orders. The main focus of the plants – turning customer ideas and designs into real products with high quality performance. They have the ability to produce plastic products of the highest quality, because the only use the most modern equipment, which embodies the most advanced ideas of experts, whose labor progresses progress in this world, and only the raw materials of acceptable quality. This gives each plant basis with full responsibility that they work for those who cherish quality. Based on materials from the site – injection molding.

The Player

S: Tell me! What problems? E: Damn thieves! The previous night they robbed my barn! Note: To keep the semantic consistency, the dialogue "I want to just look around ' removed as soon as the player chooses one of the other two possible dialogs. This raises the following questions: S: What do you know about the robbers? E: My wife just woke up and noticed how they disappeared in direction of the forest! S: And that the robbers grabbed all the same? E: These guys carried off three bags of flour. And the barrel of good beer! Note: Naturally, the Farm can be no chest full of treasures, and even more so, they are not may be in the barn, so we are trying to find something suitable that would have cost for Ewald. S: I'll give you stuff! E: Really? If you do, I'll give you 10 gold coins. E: Just be careful in the woods is dangerous! At night it's dark, than in the ass with my bull! E: Here, take these torches.

S: Can you even guess where the robbers are hiding in the woods? E: No, but try to ask around in the camp of lumberjacks. Maybe they know something Note: This dialogue starts quest: "Bring back the farmer Ewald him good!" So, at this point we leave the Ewald and our example. Naturally, Ewald must say a few words, when get back his stuff (and give the player the promised gold). And that says it wife? Still, it is she saw the robbers. Perhaps she has another quest for the player, as looters carried away her jewelry Playing in the woods also can develop in different directions: – Perhaps one of the loggers is ready to accede to the player as he begins to robbers their bills. – Loggers and robbers there.

– The lumberjacks attacked by wolves. – Or do they simply indicate the direction of the player. As you can see from the little stories can grow a lot. From this moment of the game can develop in many directions. If the robbers must become something more than just the opponents for a hero to them will do the same as that of the peasant estate. They need a daily routine in problems and goals. The same applies to the woodcutters. If this was not to follow, the small peasant homestead can pull a very long tail of the problems and work that spanned weeks. It follows from this: The longer stretch the story, so it becomes more confusing for the player. Previously declared goal – to return Ewald his goods, will all continue to take second place. The more other personal problems and tasks the player must decide between case, the sooner he will forget, for what he actually went. Whatever it was, the story moves on, hopefully we were able to give you a little insight into our work. All the best Matthias, Stefan and Bjorn.