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Italian Language Teaching Online

Italian language teaching is my profession. My name is Elena. I teach language in Krasnodar. If you want to learn Italian, but there is no certainty that you have enough time to attend classroom courses in your city, then let try to pass such a course remotely. You probably think that distance learning the language would affect the quality of education. However, the course and a technology, I suggest, is different from traditional remote programming simplicity and quality secured only two programs that you will need to install on your computer. These programs are simple and require no significant settings, and even if you're not advanced specialist in computers, it is still easy to install them at home.

Here they are: skype – a program for voice and possibly the image – and your teacher. TeameViewer – a program to transfer the image display teacher on your monitor. This is in order that you should see the computer screen which will be a lesson. Thus you get the full effect of the presence in the classroom, while at home or in any other convenient location. Now for the courses themselves. Rates are calculated for beginners to learn the language, and for those who want to improve it. In my program there are three levels of language learning: Per principianti – for beginners. This basic course, includes 17 grammar topics as well as 25 of lexical classes.

The duration of this course, 34 past twelve. Livello medio – for those who want to improve your baseline. Medio-alto – to already speak the language, but want to expand vocabulary Supplies of special topics, such as professional. What other additional features in my course? You can join me to develop an individual course of learning the language, raschitany only on your current level of ownership. Next, you can draw on the lessons of their friends or relatives – native speakers, to turn out that the language practice of communication. How is it done? Very simple! To do this, your loved one need to have on your computer installed skype. And then you'll be able to communicate with him with the direct assistance of the teacher who will assist you with turns of phrase, grammar, etc. This is a wonderful practice will help you quickly master the language and learn to speak with my boyfriend where he now was not. You can ask questions related to various legal and social aspects of life, study or recreation Italy. I postaryus to answer them and if it is possible to send any such documents or forms to fill. Classes I am, I have a lot of practice in teaching Italian language. Our lesson with you will last no more than 2 hours. Schedule and the lessons we can always choose one that will be for us Makimalno convenient. Tuition fee is 350 rubles. per hour. Issues relating to the duration of the course and form of payment, we will discuss individually, Here everything will depend on the degree of proficiency and your intentions. And one more important message for you, if you into opportunities for yourself to learn a language this way, then you can get the first lesson as a gift from me. Good luck, and look forward to their lessons!

Tips For Proper Selection Of Towing Cars

Probably every car owner faced with a situation where he needed was help a tow truck. Towing services as we say, from the discharge is always required, as well as services for the sale of food aid doctor, etc. Cars will always ride (at least another 50-70 years) and always break down, and when it is necessary to seek the coveted telefonchik some which deals with the evacuation of a car, well if you have a business card of such firm, or a competent friend who always tells it right telefonchik. Most tend to call friends and ask over the Internet to find the coveted phone, or several, or yourself through your own phone go to a search site and type in the search bar something like the "tow car." And then the fun begins As a rule the broken car owner car (or his friend on the other end of the phone) once roam the spaces of the Internet and therefore the choice falls on the first two or three who gave the first search engine. Specificity of doing business in our country is that many firms engaged in services for the evacuation of car is not very profitable contain a huge fleet of tow trucks, including specialized ones (such as tow truck with a crane), so many of them are turning to private towing. Today in Minsk about 150 private tow trucks, which in one degree or another are forced to cooperate with companies monopolies in the form of specialized services. Now imagine that a client by typing in a search engine for example 'evacuation Auto' selects the first available phone and the dispatcher gets a mega-company to evacuate the car.

Having before evacuation only 2-3, which are not always free, the dispatcher merges your order to be privately owned, which cooperates with this company. What obtained? And get this: Mega-based company has at its disposal 3.2 tow, makes his advertising (online, in print advertising, etc.), and customers: customers pay for ads and mega-companies and redirect their order be privately owned. I do not urge to throw everything to the private owners, I just advise you to think about their choices tow car, and calling for his order is always interested in dates of arrival at the place to report the type of malfunction of your car (it will help to find a way to escape) and do not forget to ask about liability in case of damage to your car. Choose wisely and if you are lucky with the choice of a tow truck, to thank him host, save the business card and, if necessary, share the information with friends and family, otherwise, in this age of advanced technology and solutions are always possible to leave negative feedback on the negligent evacuator, believe it must be read and he will be rewarded according to merit:). Bon voyage and do not fall into such a situation when you need help aid evacuation.

Technology for Sewing

Curtains with swags of smad always elegant, always attract attention and create a feeling of luxurious comfort in any room. However, if you decide to sew curtains independently Pattern smad can bring a little difficulties. Since the question of cutting and sewing technology smad is the most frequently asked visitors of our site, we made a detailed guide with detailed patterns smad different species. If you ever little interest in design of curtains, you probably pay attention that smad lambreknah can be used in different styles. They may be symmetrical and asymmetrical, different in size and shape, air and turning into de-frill. Since our site is meant mainly non-professional engineers, but rather on all comers to try to sew curtains yourself, analyze, first, what are the smad. And so, smad – a decorative element pelmets, half-circle draped folds. Standard Pattern smad suggests that the folds are laid by hand.

smad is from the middle and two shoulders, on which the plait through the eaves. Savg with vertical shoulder – smad pattern suggests that the folds will be laid perpendicular to the eaves. smad with asymmetrical shoulder – smad pattern suggests that on the one hand his shoulder going into one fold, and with the other is full size. Mechanical smad – smad pattern suggests that it will drape with lace curtain. When you first decided to sew curtains yourself, then this is the most easy and convenient option. Perekid – smad with a truncated, ie, an empty middle. smad, rolling in the de-frill – smad pattern suggests that the smad and de-bibs will be from a single cut element.

Flash Drive

Nowadays it is very difficult to find someone who does not know what usb – hard drive based on flash-memory. Of course, most know these devices are called "flash drive" or "flash". Flash drives have many advantages to other carriers. Basically it is – the miniature size of the device and no mechanical parts, which allows drives to be very durable. In addition, the shelf life of information on some models reaches a hundred years! usb Flash Drive with logo is a great way to promote your brand on the market! Indeed, thanks to durability, it will be a long time to remind clients about your company, product or service. But what kind of stick to choose as business gifts? The novelty of recent years – usb flash drive card. The main difference from other types of drives – a very large box under the application, allowing not limited to a small logo.

On many flash cards can Apply a full color image! There are several types of such devices. The main differences in the methods and ease of application. Do not forget that the area under application must be absolutely flat and have no protrusions. Stick pens – a great corporate souvenir, as it combines not only the flash drive, but a ballpoint or fountain pen. Also, sometimes in the body of this stick handles mounted laser pointer or even a miniature camcorder.

Flashes of metal or plastic. It can be both classic drives and flash designer gift. Most often a logo used by the pad printing, plastic stick and a laser engraving flash of metal. Put the image (personalize) the stick in several ways: Laser engraving – laser beam removes the device from the surface layer of material. This way you can apply monochrome image. Images caused by laser engraving, very durable. This method is applicable for use on USB-drives from the metal, at least – made of leather or imitation leather. Pad printing allows to create color images, usually in two or four colors. Technology features allow you to make application to the uneven (concave or convex) surfaces of virtually any material. Stick with the logos can be used as prizes in your advertising campaign (for example, receives many breweries), you can give partners as business cards (different version – I stick to your catalog or presentation of your company, product or service) you can just stick to give to your customers, partners or employees for any occasion, for example, on the day of its foundation. Now the cost of flash cards with the logo varies from 300-400 rubles to several thousand. Price depends strongly on the run. Any person or company will be able to pick up the drive on its financial opportunities!