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Gorraiz Navarra Renews

New facilities for well-being in a project of the highest quality Castillo de Gorraiz Golf Club is located in the Valle de Egues, in the middle region of Pamplona, only 4 Km away from the Centre of Pamplona. The landscape is idyllic and really relaxing, providing a stay of relaxation and sporting activity in a great social atmosphere. To achieve the maximum dimensions of quality and offer their customers a refreshing break, the Club has renewed its facilities of wellness with Finnish saunas Saunas Duran brand. Quality and warranties, as well as the good results obtained with the previous, also provided with facilities by Saunas Duran, have endorsed this same provider to renew the current, including all kinds of improvements and new trends in this type of SPA areas. These saunas, as well as the latest trend in technology and quality, also are manufactured with an exquisite design and consistent with other facilities of the golf Club, adapting style and performance with the environment to which they are directed. This public golf course construction aims to offer as an added service of health and well-being for all users, with the conviction that the use of these facilities will benefit and help all your customers to find at Club with a whole series of benefits that increase their degree of satisfaction. The Club has thought of all those advantages that this type of facility brings to its customers: the sauna has effects on the body to release toxins through sweating, and activating blood circulation.

Always accompanied with contrasts of temperature, the session of heat followed by a cooling, extending the effects of sweating. You can take hygienic and therapeutic purposes. As we discussed from Saunas Duran, the products most demanded for general well-being both at public and private level steam baths, Turkish baths and steam saunas and for this reason Saunas Duran as manufacturers of saunas, include different models with benefits depending on the needs of customers. Saunas Duran products provide numerous options enabling as manufacturers since 1960, as well as ensure a perfect operation, customize the sauna and convert them into a single product. For more information: SAUNAS DURN Navas de Tolosa, 283-287, Local 14 (corner C / Murcia) 08026 Barcelona (Spain) Tel: 933006157 Fax: 934850392 E-mail: Web: author: Pilar Esteban, pilar @ to be or not to be. About Saunas Duran: Saunas Duran was born as a company in the year 1960 being pioneers in Spain in the manufacture of Finnish saunas.The company was created as a result of the growing demand within the sector of products related to health and well-being and construction increased recreational and sports. We are specialized in the design and manufacture of Finnish saunas, wellness areas planning and development both in the private and the public drawing.

Gigabit AC WiFi

GTI tells us Belkin has announced the official launch of a new line of WiFi routers that include the leading-edge technology 802 Networks in IFA 2012. 11ac. Latest generation Gigabit AC WiFi + dual-band routers offer reliability and coverage improved, in addition to a speed of up to 2.8 times faster than the current standard of 802. 11n. The fifth generation of WiFi technology, called AC, enables and develops a home network capable of meeting the needs of households more demanding in terms of wireless services. Allows you to connect multiple devices so that you can watch HD movies and play online at the same time, without video suffer at any time cuts or endless loads of buffer. With the incorporation of the chip 802.

11ac (WiFi 5 G) of Broadcom, the AC1000 DB and DB AC1200 of Belkin reach higher transfer rates, which makes possible the transmission of more content to multiple devices and virtually anywhere in the home. AC technology is ideal for smartphones and tablets, allowing faster file transfers with devices compatible with AC clients, reducing battery consumption and making the core components of any domestic configuration technology that boasts of these new additions to the range of Belkin. In addition to high transfer rates, AC Belkin routers present a whole set of new advanced features, among which are its compatibility with IPv6 standards and a very intuitive parental control three settings, which helps shield your home network against any unwanted or potentially harmful content. Integrated technology IntelliStream prioritizes bandwidth management automatically band, optimizing it for those applications requiring more resources, guaranteeing a maximum priority to data, voice or video traffic and ensuring an uninterrupted transmission and without charges. AC routers also have a media integrated DLNA server that enables a transmission in streaming content to multiple devices in the home network. The routers WiFi Gigabit AC + AC1000 DB AC1200 DB and modem routers will be available in September from 179,99 EUR.

Farming Technology

And also the branch of some bank normally the one of the respective province and/or the one of a cooperative. In addition the mutuales to the clubs conduct operations of credit. Also there is a Center or Chamber of Commerce. The life of the inserted people in its respective familiar groups, is fitted in these institutions. Not to leave, as far as possible, nothing implicit, although seems obvious at least the 1440 localities and many of those of smaller population densidad have electricity, potable water, telephone services and the Internet has entered all those places.

But there is something by the obvious thing no it perceives the inhabitant of those establishments yes and the originating observer of the rarefied metropolitan habitat. The inhabitants of those establishments enjoy implicitly than she lost herself in the great large cities: THE QUALITY OF LIFE. Besides quality of life, it exists in these establishments, installed capacity idle, to receive the establishment of new families in gradual form, not to aggravate that quality of life. That idle capacity, increases its potential in the measurement that is applied or intensified existing programs of qualification, attendance or promotion of the Domestic Economy, del that is a good example the program from " Kitchen gardens comunitarias" that the National Institute of Farming Technology comes developing from 1990, that is not but that an up-to-date version of similar programs that already had been applied in Argentina, promoted by the then Ministry of Agriculture through their Farming Almanac and soon doing, use of wireless means in the middle of the Forties. As it is collected without much effort, to disperse demographically, it tolerates modifications in the production landlords and consumption of the families. And this is transported by means of the joint operation of the schools, the mass media, the Municipalities and the good organizations I publish (social and sport, cooperating, cooperative, mutuales clubs, organizations of the cult, center of rejoiced and pensioned, groupings of boys scouts, Chambers of Commerce, unions of workers). That joint operation, is not something to realise, but a phenomenon that comprises of the routine character of these populations on which we are talking about.


Automotive is one of the most important elements of the car. Thanks to him, on the highway you stay in bezoasnosti and silence. So you need to choose your own Automotive. Since the choice is big enough, we must first pay attention to the quality of the glass, and the quality can zagarantirovat only the most well-known brands. Two of them are briefly described .SAINT-GOBAIN – an international group with headquarters in Paris – combines more than 1000 companies in 46 countries. Concern manufactures construction and finishing materials, glass and various high-tech materials, while taking a leading position in Europe and the world on all types of manufactured products. Our group is the development and manufacture of auto, known worldwide under the brand SAINT-GOBAIN sekurit.

It is worth noting that every other European car coming off the assembly line with glasses SAINT-GOBAIN sekurit. In range of products are present: frontal, side and rear windows as transparent, and tinted with a variety of different options, such as sun strip, heating, antenna, rain sensor, bracket for mirrors and so on. Known worldwide automotive glass brand SAINT-GOBAIN sekurit developed in 5 research centers and produced by 38 factories concern SAINT-GOBAIN. Glass SAINT-GOBAIN sekurit comes to conveyors of the largest automobile giants such as audi, bmw, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Volvo and others. In this case, SAINT-GOBAIN of auto supplies and spare parts market. The Chinese company XYG: Xinyi Group (Glass) Co. Leading the activities in 1988, is a leading manufacturer of construction and road Glass in Asia.

Engaged in the production of automotive glass from ppg and polyvinyl butiralnoy film Du Pont Butacite. There are currently about 60% of production windshields are exported to over 70 countries, with annual output of 2 million glasses. The company is one of the largest companies in the world. The company has the most advanced automated production lines and equipment from the U.S., Switzerland, Italy, Finland and Austria. The company's products made on float technology, car made of hard surface and are resistant to abrasion, which increases the service life of car glass. xyg company is a supplier of automotive glass for such brands like: Ford, Volkswagen, Honda, gm, as well as for the Chinese cars: cherry and byd. xyg company is the owner of the German quality certification. Choosing autoglass, you should pay special attention to its manufacturer, as this is the most the best guarantee of quality. Apparently, the company SAINT-GOBAIN xyg and are the leading firms for the production of auto, and its quality at the highest level!