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Separate Technology

the integrated package of machinery, equipment and information – to acquire. To inquire about this aspect, 76 percent of the surveyed companies said not to have had any experience related to the negotiation of technology. This 76 per cent consists mostly of small and medium enterprises (85 per cent of all small and 72 percent of all medium-sized). In addition, 31 percent of large enterprises He stated having no experience in relation to negotiation of technology. Of the companies that reported having experience in the negotiation of technology, activities that were most often performed as part of the negotiation process were the search for technological alternatives (over 60 percent) and the search for advice in the country (over 50 percent). Draws attention, equally, that barely a third of them said having made an unpacked negotiation, i.e., separating the different technological elements that wanted to acquire and discussing the separate conditions of their transfer, which presupposes, in the sense indicated above, internal technological capacity of some significance. With regard to this last aspect raises some differences between sectors, since 17 percent of traditional companies with experience in negotiation of technology makes negotiation unpacked, while 52 percent of the companies in the mechanical sector says this activity. The effective acquisition of technological capacity requires resources that go beyond those foreseen to carry out the negotiation process.

The existence of formal terms in a contract of technology does not guarantee anything. For example, the achievement of a good training contract must be accompanied by close supervision and control over it, and this assumes mastery of purely technical elements by the enterprise receiving and not only the inclusion of this or that clause, which is certainly important, but not sufficient. Definitely by the above is determined, that much of the Venezuelan companies all focuses on the purchase of machinery and equipment – built-in technology – and given an importance of relatively minor to technology acquisition disincorporated, aspect this that houses a great weakness.

Buenos Aires

On a planet inexorably and interrelated inequitably, all local problems, cannot ignore equivalent situations that occur in other geographies. Neither nor approaches, these situations deserve academic areas that they address these topics. Thus, although the Argentine population concentration, has its own characteristics both of geographical type as a socio-cultural, it re-signifies in light of the current of thought that in the mid-1980s identified as problem to the metropolitan areas of third world poverty. That label, encompassed not only in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, but the Argentine lower metropolises. What was not said in that assessment, nor colegia for Argentine cases is the coexistence of poverty with the concentration of wealth concentration. Situation that was viewed as the typical dualism of underdevelopment in the Decade of the sixties. Is true that there are elements of theoretical cases and outsiders to rescue when it comes to deconcentrate, seems to us that there are distinctive for the Argentina. The concentration of poverty in a metropolitan area in a country of scarce natural resource endowments and low geographical extension, that Argentine Metropolitan poverty in a context of high availability of natural resources and much surface area available for human habitat and productive activities is not the same.

To account stop us later in the conflictive coexistence of concentrator and desconcentradoras, attitudes in the specificity of the Argentinean case; We argue that unnerve demographically in Argentina should not mean that render this concentrated in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, in other large urban centres or much less greater Rosario, Gran Cordoba, Gran Mendoza or great Tucuman. Deconcentrate demographically in the 2005 Argentina means tend to do it more balanced way that enable it pre-existing human geography and the location of available natural resources. A document of very enlightening reference of these potentialities, was known as a result of the parliamentary debate carried out in 1987, aimed at the removal of the Federal District. At the request of a national Senator, public ecological zoning conducted by the National Institute of agricultural technology, and which indicates based on a set of parameters where are the areas with higher and less availability of receiving human population and generate productive activities. It is notable in these times where academically passes through the field of Transdisciplinarity, returning of the compartmentalization of knowledge that had led the exacerbation of the mathematically formalized experimental science, as it can be verified at that stage people who from their almost watertight compartments, were devoting to study at times almost identical and similar problems or issues. This is the case with so-called human geography, that one encu

New Technology For The Achievement Staff

The need for achievement and self-fulfillment exists for the majority of people, it can affirm that it is a purpose, ask ourselves major objectives and achieving them is a wonderful thing, when a person has reached the success then radiates energy positive, improve your health and enjoys a deep satisfaction that comes from inside the person, for that reason it is no wonder that we are constantly looking for options that will help us to find that path to succeed. Imagine a splendid life costs nothing, the fact is that we have many desires to fulfill, to viewing them are filled with great excitement, unfortunately that illusion is very transient for large numbers of people, it becomes like a beautiful dream that we don’t want to wake up, to do so many times we have facing a harsh reality, good; that does not mean that we have impediments to achieve this, the opposite we have solid arguments to find favorable changes. People who have succeeded have had to go a way, overcoming enormous obstacles, spent moments of suffering, then We conclude that they paid a price, if others have been able to then we can also do it, now ask ourselves what are the decisive factors for personal achievement? There are many, we can mention the following: clarity of desires, plans, motivation, effort, perseverance, faith, determination, patience, overcoming fear, etc. The interesting thing about all of these elements is that it has a single root and is our mind, the big difference between winners people and others is the way how you processed the information in their brains that way efficient actions and achieve what you propose. Most know that exercise is good for health, but many people do not, this is because internally they have no such idea recorded with sufficient strength, our brain activity has a great influence on our mood and this will directly affect our activities, persons with positive and optimistic moods printed his world with that energy and that way they can materialize experiences positive, on the other hand some people strive hard but may not crystallize the best experiences, this is because that they mentally dominate negative ideas and bad beliefs. There is a way to improve mood States and brain frequencies, for example you know that chocolate and sweet in general help to control depression and stress to some extent, however there is still much more effective technologies to influence our subconscious mind with positive ideas, LA technology ISOCHRONOUS allows altered States of consciousness through sending signals to the brain that induce certain friendly StatesThese audio using isochronous you will get a great motivation, relaxation and a high State of well-being, this technology will allow you to be filled with positive and renewing energy, then you will print your life with positive vibe, all circumstances and people respond unconsciously to his renewed energy, thus the opportunities will be the order of the day to improve your life in all aspects. It is very important to remember that self-realization is an internal State, personal achievement is linked to learn to use creative energy, with the ISOCHRONOUS audio you will simply leave is carried away by a current winning, successful people have achieved it, but probably it has taken them a period quite long, when you use all favourable tools then is optimizing your own destinyits goals and objectives will manifest themselves rapidly and that is what most people want, find effective options.

The Technological

Features above listed that seem central and more defined so clearly is that you to start the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial account with a specific capital: your creativity and it has on many occasions with little money or nothing to start, but this not considered it an impediment; the other is that you want to contribute something to the community. What is Web 2.0. First it is worth reviewing some useful background. The important issue in all of this will be to understand what is behind the Web 2.0 concept because aside from its technological implications it is an undeniable cultural fact that is impacting our lives in many ways. My intention here is not an exhaustive technical description of how an application is developed, it is not necessary to be a computer engineer to address this.

What they aspire is to explain in a simple language for common people, of any age, and without technical expertise, what are many of the technological resources that we use on a daily basis, especially those related to the network, with the sole purpose of, to understand them, being able to take advantage of them. In the middle of the computing, information technology, all programs or applications that are designed (in English software) will be eventually subject from its release to certain modifications or corrections in order to improve its functioning. The number that appears in the program therefore is the version in terms of the advancement of the changes that has suffered this. Thus, being the first appearance of a program or application would be version 1.0 in many cases, the minor version fixes are only a partial number of the original version, for example: from the first, i.e. 1.0, the following minor modifications would be 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. But to program a series of major improvements making it is passed, somehow, to speak to another stage and usually be assigned a higher value, for example: 2.0 and later 3.0, 4.0.


Interrupting some rules of we can apply it to thought for example, when we have a thought or sensation appellant that us ” it gives vueltas” in the head and ” ir” is not wanted; In what situations you can apply this Technique: Perhaps you had a discussion or argument and that happened hours ago and you follow ” giving vueltas” him; to the subject in your head appears to you images, still the anger sensation persists or impotence when returning to experience it inner, you breathe more anxious your corporal position changes listening in your head the dialogues in addition you reproach the salary or not to have said to tal o cual thing etc. Reexperimentar these states, does not leave ” to us; gratis” has an effect on the health and the good quality of life, since the body ” it takes nota” of this, it is affected and aggravating mainly if this often happens to us. You want to know how to change of state and to eliminate annoying mental states? To know a little more PNL and how to use it so that it improves your life? Visit our Web site and you will be able to obtain Two E-Books FREE, with two powerful techniques of the PNL: Technique of the Anchorage and the Technique that I described in this article, To interrupt and to eliminate annoying mental states.


You knew that you have a genius of the creativity inside living yours, but you have chained who it to a life in the dark, that you do not let to him leave? Yes, as in the history of Aladino and its magical lamp you would only have to rub the lamp there and, in front of you, it would be your genius for concederte all the desires that as much anxieties (good, almost all ) If you do not create it possible, then pinsalo twice: inside yours a creative genius exists, and, in this article, I will tell what to make to let you leave it, how to rub the magical lamp using PNL. A time ago Fernando came thinking that was sufficient, that it had to stop smoking once and for all. Although every day was more difficult (socially speaking) to smoke, he every day had more desires to do it. He knew that was poisoning its body little by little That principle of month made the decision, it joined anger, and it stopped smoking during 7 days. One week whole! He was everything a profit, something that it had never obtained before. Nevertheless, before a familiar contrariedad (a discussion with its wife by financial questions), Fernando did not know to maintain initial enthusiasm, and returned to the mortal vice. You can preguntarte what has to do this with being more creative, with releasing my internal genius? The creativity has to do yet what beams in your life, because, when you learn more to being creativa/o, to release tied genius that lives within you, you find solutions that before not even you had thought. For example, Fernando would be shortage 101 ways different to handle his frustration, instead of to return to smoke. Being creative you can maintain all the year an attitude positive, living with estusiasmo all along.

PNL Exercise

Today I propose an interesting Exercise to you PNL for ayudarte to identify and to integrate some internal parts that have his " intention positiva" and that simultaneously limits and censures to us (You can unload it at the end of the article in And-Book-pdf format) the PNL proposes to work yet what it precedes to the behavior of a person, with the raw material of the thoughts and that includes the submodalities. Applying to resources and techniques of the PNL we can make distinctions subtle and identify how they are our thoughts, that characteristic individuals have. We think in the form of images, sounds, sensations, and each image, sound or sensation have certain characteristics great, small images, sounds strident, or smooth tenuous or intense sensations, etc With PNL you can to make distinctions subtler, soon to modify the images, sounds and internal sensations and thus to be able to modify the behavior .para que. .para sentirte better, to obtain better results and of improving your quality of life! You can read more about Submodalidades Here: > > > Submodalidades-List a very interesting case that with the help of the neurolingustica programming and its techniques, you can identify and soon to change is the one of " inner voices that censuran" those " Interiores&quot judges or Censors; that they give in all the cases one " opinin" too critical and unfavorable about that spontaneously we want to do. It implies rigidity and authority that does not mean " eliminarlos" , those voices have a message to give, very useful us and is necessary to know how to identify them and to give their right inclusion them. You can experience a little yet this and the PNL can ayudarte, since one of the effects to work with the neurolingustica programming, and their different focused resources to work with your internal parts, are to obtain a greater sensorial sharpness.

PNL Objective

Proposal is an objective that the people follow to obtain one definitive purpose. In PNL if it defines as ' ' program, or sequence of representations, chemical preparation and that it takes to a result especfico' '. The proposal or mental strategy can start with a test or evaluation of if really is necessary to make something, continues with the establishment of the strategy that helps the motivation and follows with the strategy to make something. The base of the personal excellency if obtains understanding the way to reveal the strategies (objective) and to change them. In our brain, the strategies (objective) form complex neural nets very since not only ' ' we are what pensamos' ' , but that also we are led by trends to make what we think. The PNL detaches these representations that produce the behaviors and that they produce the objectives waited. This if relates to our interior world, but also she is necessary to consider that we live in a external world.

The distinct strategies that we use they contemplate the two worlds, for this reason has necessity to harmonize our thoughts with our feelings for terms as resulted the manifestation of the idealized objective. The strategies are composed for distinct levels. A superior level of which if it divides for inferior fragmentos. Knowing of this, the PNL allows in them to change some strategies to obtain the same results. She is necessary to remember that to materialize a idealized objective she is necessary to find the elements of the strategy and the correct order of them, the correct syntax. To obtain the results that we wait, we use a system of strategies. The system follows four stages, thus definite: – 1.

To establish goal (Proposal) 2. To act (Deliberation) 3. To observe what it happens (Decision) 4. To move what one becomes until getting the desired result.

PNL From Zero

You must eliminate some elements of the behavior of the model, to notice the differences. If for example you leave something outside, and there is no a substantial change in the results, it means that is not an essential element in this success prescription, and therefore can be left of side. In this point, it is like being sharpening the process, is trying more consciously, it is a more conscious learning. Fjate that the traditional learning, teaches to us to add the pieces little by little until it works; thus we cannot know to the parts essential critics or that do to the subject; the creation of models is an accelerated learning, takes all the elements and soon it is removing little by little, to see in what they influence or no, and what things are or nonnecessary the models have been designed so that they are simple; it is not necessary to know because they work; just by knowledge that works is sufficient; thus, it is not necessary to understand as an airplane works exactly to be able to rise an airplane and to fly. Also you can imitate your own powerful states or creative or effective, and, knowing how it is your physiology in that state, your beliefs with respect to that in particular, your mental strategies you can accede to them a will, when you want! In order to know how to model through the PNL it is necessary to know how to investigate, to make questions precise, to know how to observe the model in action You would like to obtain success results quickly? Now you can learn with pnl and of accelerated way abilities of excellence people that are obtaining great results! In our course PNL From Zero (at a distance) between the E-Books, and Audio three Video-presentations exist that they will teach to you step by step how you can model, what to ask, what to investigate exactly in the success model, that you choose so that you can begin you yourself /o to right now journey by the way of the excellence

Browser Chrome

As reported Securitylab, Google developers say that when a new version of the browser were incorporated numerous suggestions and recommendations of users. According to the manager on development of Chrome Brian , a second version of the closed 300 vulnerabilities. In general, the work was carried out in five main areas. Firstly, this new opportunity to work with tabs – now you can group and move them. Secondly – Support for full screen mode (activated pressing F11).

In the third, finally realized the AutoComplete feature. The fourth innovation – the protection system, which should reduce the costs of finding potential critical bugs that come to the theft of data or infection. Fifth – Supports the latest versions of web engine WebKit and JavScript-engine V8. Because of this, Chrome will be faster to load 'heavy' pages with mass media content, either with an array of Web2.0. As reported Securitylab, Google developers say that when a new version of the browser were incorporated numerous suggestions and recommendations of users.