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In our life we often meet with small arms. And if you're not a hunter or elite commando, you probably have seen it only in movies. But do not you interested to have at least a general idea of one of the most brilliant, but at the same time the worst inventions of man? Some it may seem terrible murder weapon and the other wonderful thing that needs to be tamed for that would fall into the 'apple'. Those and other will be right. After reading this article, you can be assured that your fellow hunters will no longer laugh at your absolute no knowledge of anything that shoots, or you will be able to further enrich your knowledge. The first small firearms came back in the IX century by the invention of gunpowder and the earlier explosive force. In those days there were already extremely popular, and bows and crossbows.

And the first gun, shooting with gunpowder, it seemed all a huge, clunky and to recharge it took about five minutes. But technology is not standing still, and after some time it was used everywhere. There are a lot classes and types of long-range weapons. From simple to complex machine sling with a laser sight. This is what we'll talk with you. Small firearms, and the functions of the tasks is divided into three types: combat, hand, small. They are used for combat and tactical problems. Military weapons in service in the army and police service. For private security companies (PSC) and detective companies use service weapons.