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Affect Childrens Computer Games

Long gone are the days when the most powerful computer was considered a Pentium 1 Pentium 2 and on the go just a rumor, as something supernatural and super power. Certainly, much has changed since that time. With the development of computer technology developed computer programs and computer games in particular. Today, in an effort to outdo the competition, developers of computer games try to create something special, was not there before anybody. In This results must often be obtained very shocking and outrageous designs. Surprisingly, among these projects are increasingly began to appear, and children's games. Currently, British parents are concerned about the appearance of new online games for girls whose main goal is to win a beauty contest Miss Bimbo.

At the beginning of the small user of registered in the game and get my character – still boneless doll, which is needed for constant care and supervision. Next, begin to compete, similar to the one that happens on the real beauty contests with these betrayals and subterfuge. To achieve the desired goal should be to earn virtual dolls money will be spent mostly on clothes and visit frank noisy parties. To keep the doll in the form, it must constantly give pills to lose weight and to resort to plastic surgery to number of SMS message, and then to your account will be credited with a half pound. Parents believe that such entertainment can adversely affect their children, because little girls are not able to understand the irony of the game and may to perceive the beauties of computer lifestyle as a role model. In addition, adults are concerned the likelihood of major unforeseen expenses for this game. English version of the game for the girls 'Miss Bimbo' has about 300 000 players, while in France, where her parents and also condemn the dietician, the figure reached 1.2 million!

Variants Companies

In our life we often meet with small arms. And if you're not a hunter or elite commando, you probably have seen it only in movies. But do not you interested to have at least a general idea of one of the most brilliant, but at the same time the worst inventions of man? Some it may seem terrible murder weapon and the other wonderful thing that needs to be tamed for that would fall into the 'apple'. Those and other will be right. After reading this article, you can be assured that your fellow hunters will no longer laugh at your absolute no knowledge of anything that shoots, or you will be able to further enrich your knowledge. The first small firearms came back in the IX century by the invention of gunpowder and the earlier explosive force. In those days there were already extremely popular, and bows and crossbows.

And the first gun, shooting with gunpowder, it seemed all a huge, clunky and to recharge it took about five minutes. But technology is not standing still, and after some time it was used everywhere. There are a lot classes and types of long-range weapons. From simple to complex machine sling with a laser sight. This is what we'll talk with you. Small firearms, and the functions of the tasks is divided into three types: combat, hand, small. They are used for combat and tactical problems. Military weapons in service in the army and police service. For private security companies (PSC) and detective companies use service weapons.

Russian Billiards

The game is played sixteen balls. You can play any ball, located on the pool table. Peter Thiel may help you with your research. The winner is the one who first put eight balls. Before the game starts fifteen balls are placed in a pyramid without regard to their rooms, the whole complied with the rules of "Little Russian pyramid." The difference is that after the first strike "with hands" of the "home" can play any ball every ball, and put in the pocket "his" ball from the ball or balls. Book pocket and assign the balls do not. Care how many balls drop from a single blow, unless it is fine. Penalty is charged in the form of a ball from the shelf a partner who made an error, or "future" of balls, if at the time free kick played in his absent.

Filmed off the shelf ball exposed on a billiard table tightly to the short side, which put a pyramid. Penalty will be charged: a) at least touched (cue, hand, clothing, etc.) of any ball player before, after and during a stroke, and b) when butt stroke or side of the cue, c) at a miss, when "his" ball touches any of the balls, and d) at the touch of ball playing, mistakenly thought the party ended by e) when struck while still continuing the movement of the balls previous stroke; e) the departure board for "his" or "alien" world to which impacted. If in violation of paragraphs "a", "b", "d" and "e" at the same time was put the ball (balls) in the hole, they also put up on the table. Play exposed to penalty balls partner is not resolved at once (except when on the table are only exemplary balls). Draw can be fixed by mutual agreement of partners, provided that both put seven balls. Important in the "American" is a skillfully executed the kick, as in the case pokladki first ball hit with "hands" and other successful songs, experienced player may be a "robbery" or finish the game, or play some c cue balls. When a significant difference in the class play between partners can be established handicap.

Splits Pyramid necessarily a good player. Fora given in two ways: a) a partner, giving a head start, breaks pyramid, and after the shock lifts off the table for the appointed number of billiard balls (which selects in its sole discretion) and gives their partner receives a head start; b) the partners agree, how many balls to play each: for example, which gives the odds – ten balls, and get – six, and so on after-game run in the game of "American" is more complicated than in the "Little Russian pyramid", as even a minor error in setting the balls in the game for the inconvenient situation may lead to their being potted partner. Playing in the "American" is more alive, compared with the "Pyramid", it develops the ability to perform a variety of types of attacks, widely using the lateral vrashenie "his" (Effe). Use a typewriter, mace, and a long cue is not allowed.


One of the most common misconceptions is' bought a camera and my pictures will be better! ". Alas, only increase the possibility of technology, not yours. For example, if we consider a portrait in natural illumination, then using Canon 400D + 50/1.8 can take a picture, similar in quality to that made Canon 1Ds mark III + 85/1.2L. And the first set will be worth 20 times cheaper. Technicians can be defined by the comments, in which many technical concepts.

This 'photo lovers' always lacked sharpness, they often change the photo equipment, spending her serious money. The problem is that they forget about the soul of the pictures that a technical flaw can be art reception, which masterminded the photographer. And the criticism they can not take because they can not understand what was going on when people talk about a boring story. For them, the story – this clearly traced hair, lack of Peresvet and beautiful drawing bokeh. Also, there is another category of photographers. Art people (people of Art) – a sublime creation, whose soul is replete with feelings and emotions. Often it is teenagers who have mastered a couple of techniques in Photoshop to change color photographs.

Popular effects such as cross-prosiding and blur the background. In general, treatment of photos here plays a significant role. Most of the themes – self-portraits post-modern-industrial-art-photos, stories which have greatly missed for his soul. Such artists are often suitable dress – bright colors and a desire to stand out from the crowd going wild gray incomprehensible.