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Technical Designations

There is a considerable variety of steel pipes and on top, you think, what is unreal is difficult to understand all their guests, and other special kinds of signs, but it is not. Let's try to sort out once and for all in this complex issue. There are a small number of categories of pipes and they are classified according to the method of production. A cast – made in special machines for the casting of steel pipes. Two pipes are manufactured from sheet steel, with further giving them the desired shape and weld on a joint – welded pipes.

3 Seamless – made a variety of drawing and rolling and extrusion of round billet. In turn, welded divided by production, to electric and cold. A cold-rolled seamless pipes are manufactured and hot-way. Further on what kind of steel pipe is shared by the nomenclature. Learn more on the subject from Brad Pitt. The following are steel tubes that are often produced in the workplace.

Tubes for general and special purpose: Tubes for general and special purpose are divided into hot, hot and Welded Tubes profile: Profile pipes distinguish rectangular, flat-oval, square and other species. Pipes for drilling, fastening and operating wells Pipes for drilling, fastening and operating wells is divided into pump and compression, drilling, casing and exploration. Pipes and cast iron or steel pipes and cast iron can be divided into iron and steel. In addition to these there are steel pipes of different alloys of rare and nonferrous metal bearing, boiler. State standard defines the technical requirements and assortment of pipes, such as drill pipe with upset ends and couplings are determined by GOST 631-75. That is state standards (GOST) determines the size, steel and other regulatory value in the production of steel pipe. Approached all the time to consider an example: 102h8 tube station. 15CrMo drill with upset ends and couplings Ghost 631-75 102 is the outer diameter in mm, 8 is the wall thickness in mm, art. 15CrMo this brand of steel used in the manufacture of pipes. At the end of the state standard GOST 631-75, which sets the assortment and technical requirements fabrication of the pipe. Now you know how different steel pipes, which mean all the names in the notation, and you should not show difficulty in reading the technical names.

Industrial Electronics

There are several criteria for quality mixing equipment. Among the most important are: complete automation, including – computer process control, automated control of the operation of machinery and raw material consumption, as well as consideration of products with the help of computer-Ability to auto- correction of the mixture when the indicators, but not all that bad. In Russia there are businesses that upgrade the equipment of domestic plants. The demand for this type of service is, and therefore, there is a supply. In As an example in this article, we venture OOO "Prom". The firm "Prom" is created on the basis of the "Laboratory of Industrial Electronics and Automation", which since November 1992 is upgrading, repairing and maintenance of office automation based on Industrial Electronics. One of the priorities of the firm's "Prom" is the development and implementation of computer control systems (CCS) in construction industry.

The company completes and manufactures automation and control systems for the production of concrete technology, consisting of the components of an electronic dosing, special limit switches, sensors level of materials, strain gauges, computer systems management. The company's specialists are working on a project-level dock equipment. Control systems for ABZ created and operated for many years. The latest project computer control system mixing setup was installed in 2005 on the basis of the "Big Elga", Kazan (see photo 1-2). Raising the intellectual level of systems today is achieved primarily through use in microprocessor-based controllers and PC-saturated complex algorithms of data processing and process control.