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Agricultural Extension

The services of Assistance Technique and Agricultural Extension To abide, had been initiated, in the country, the end of the decade of forty, in the context of the desenvolvimentista politics of the postwar period, with the objective to promote the improvement of the conditions of life of the agricultural population and to support the process of modernization of agriculture, inserting themselves in the strategies directed to the industrialization politics of the country. Since then, although the difficulties faced throughout the years, the services To abide come being developed in the country with the intention of improvement of quality of life of the agricultural population. These services come being given for technician that generally introduce new techniques, or ready formulas to be worked for the agriculturists, with intention to decide practical problems of the country property, the agriculturists become passive agents during the assistance process technique. For more information see this site: Gwyneth Paltrow. In this in case that, according to Pine (2000, p.29) the reducionista vision prevails of agricultural development, the agriculturist, interested actor more in this process, in general, does not participate, finishes receiving orientaes inadequate techniques its reality. With intention to minimize the impacts of the reducionismo in agriculture, the vision of systems emerged, initially worked in the perspective hard-systems, that according to Pine (1998, in PINE, 2000 p.31) the vision prevails of control, that visualizes development as fruit of a planned intervention. The technician looks for to analyze of is the system, controlling its entrances and exits. The interaction between technician and agriculturists occurs of limited form, these last ones exerts the paper of only observing, while the technology transfer occurs. Ahead the challenge to promote the harmony between the human beings and the nature appears the necessity to implement strategies of farming production that are compatible with the ideals of the sustainable development, for this, the assistance actors technique will have that to transform its practical conventional and to introduce other changes institucional, so that they can take care of to the new requirements of the society (PNATER, 2004).

PVC Products

Existence of intermediate, what it considerably raises the price of the plastic to be recycled. Absence of directed lines of financing to the recicladoras. Absence of the code of identification of resins in many plastic products in accordance with norm ABNT NBR 13.230. This item makes it difficult the separation of the different types of plastics, appealing itself, of this form, to the differences of the physical characteristics and of thermal degradation, such as: density, behavior to the heat and/or test of the flame. Technology for separation of plastics exists, however, with cost very raised. It is important to point out that the PET and the PVC do not accept mixtures. Therefore, those that they desire if to dedicate to the revalorizao of these resins must have units for specific use of the same ones. So important and decisive how much to the selective collection to become viable the recycling of significant amounts of plastics they are: the creation of consuming market for the recycled products, and the IPI – Tax on Products Industrialized? that it finishes ' ' bi – tributando' ' the recycled ones, being currently of 12%, superior value to the one of the proper virgin resin that paid 10% of IPI, practically resulting in one I discourage to the recycling.

Although the people are premade use to be consuming conscientious and to collaborate with the environment, the same ones reject of general form recycled products, associating them it me the quality. The products manufactured with recycled plastics are few whose marketing if bases on this characteristic. Although all the difficulties previously displayed, exist innumerable cases of recicladores of plastics after consumption that had started today of shy form and operate with good edges of profit. Beyond the persistence, therefore the start, obviously, is difficult for all. Another determinative factor for the success of some of them, was the creativity to act of differentiated form, as much in the system of attainment of the raw material, how much in the improvement of the suppliers, or in the type of innovative application for its products.