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Computational method of selection of thickness and stiffness strain Dekel not difficult, if printer has a passport dekelnye materials with a full set of indicators of deformation properties, and takes much less time, because can be made in advance and outside the car. The blame for lack of demand for indicators of deformation properties of materials during the selection Dekel lies mainly in enough high tech culture specialist print shops, although a considerable contribution to this make and incorrect translations of technical documentation for printing machines from foreign languages that run extremely illiterate and are not edited by experts. For the third group of indicators properties of offset rubber plates are indicators that characterize the behavior of their rubber kraskoperedayuschego layer. The thickness of this layer varies from 0,3 to 0,5 mm in the printing process. These properties significantly affect the quality of the print run length and the plates are determined by indicators such as – the degree of swelling in the components of paint and flushing solution – in terms of Shore hardness or Thira – the degree of roughness or surface microgeometry (today mostly sanded) kraskoperedayuschego layer. Abnormal swelling exponent printing layer often leads to difficulties in print process, causing excessive accumulation on the surface of the components of paper and ink and, as a consequence, the frequent stoppages to wash the surface Dekel. To ensure proper printing process must be know the limits of record and reject wafers already in the procurement, but not in the printing process. Hardness index print layer is often extended to the entire thickness of the plate, which is wrong because it does not reflect its deformation properties and determines the amount of compression deformation in general.

The concepts of hardness and rigidity of the plates are constantly confused in the translation of foreign technical documentation for the printing machines. Need to know that the rate of hardness relates only to the upper layer kraskoperedayuschemu plate and characterized only by its degree of hardness in units. It should be considered when printing on different smoothness and hardness substrates. With the smoothness of the surface of substrates is also due to the roughness index (microgeometry) printing layer plates, which should have been shown to correspond microgeometry these materials, that provides the most complete propechatku on the sheet. Indicators of the properties of the print surface when selecting Dekel also used incomplete, due to insufficient information, since production of polished wafers in our country has recently been established. However, these indicators should be considered when printing on different hardness and surface roughness of materials, as they directly determine Dekel interaction with paper and paint and significantly affect the quality of printed impressions (see Table 2.). Thus, proper selection Dekel should take into account the above methods and indicators that will allow create a substantial reserve in the area of product quality and durability of the equipment.