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To Turn Off Advertising In Newsletters Successfully

We will show you how to put your advertising most effectively. Advertise on themed newsletters a significant advantage of advertising in newsletters is the optimal targeting. Only persons who have subscribed to a particular newsletter and are therefore actively interested in information on the subject will be addressed. On the added value it is ideally complement each other information and advertising in the newsletter. Found the appropriate newsletter, refer them to the respective topics. So, you have content starting points for the placement of individual products or services. Text ads can be quickly incorporated into newsletter. As a result, you have the ability to access up-to-date information for advertising in the newsletter and to produce such a direct relationship between information and product or service.

Which format is the right thing?’ the Federal Association of digital economy has drafted proposals for standard sizes for newsletter text ads, which can be considered as guidelines: button: small Advertising formats to click where the advertiser briefly and succinctly presents itself, usually with a logo text display / text link: according to marketers different ways are available to present a text message (if necessary combined with a picture) and a secondary link banners our: here, different formats are offered according to marketers it is important that the text display is in terms of content as well as integrated formally into the newsletter. In a serious Wirtschaftsnewsletter a sober text display is recommended, for example, rather, whereas in a travel or Urlaubsnewsletter bigger formats with picture-text combinations can effectively a marmato – success with direct marketing with over 150 customers and millions of newsletter we are already one of the strongest agencies for E-Mail Marketing in the German-speaking world. We ensure the successful and professional marketing of your services through expertise, hard work and great passion.