Automation Facilities For Beginners

In the sequel we mean by Restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, etc. Increasing the number of people in cities of over one million leads to the fact that the booming market segment of public catering. In this regard, institutions related to public power is becoming more and they are varied. In some institutions, people come to sit and chat. As others come to dinner to hurry to eat.

This, however, a slight breeze is pushing for planning a very different type of institution. These little things and you should be approached with great care. After all, how do you get it right rasplaniruete, so you will work in the future. Will Whether your institution is popular and how many customers you can be served simultaneously – should ponder this. The problem of automation c institutions each year becomes more urgent. Most owners of establishments recognizes that control this business in the future without this reliable automation systems, such as hPOS is simply impossible.

Consider the work of institutions at different stages. In my opinion, this ring system, first make purchases of goods, then on the basis of the purchased goods (ingredients) makes dishes, these dishes are sold and the money received from clients, you buy products again. Goods at this stage is as follows: v Parish goods at the warehouse. v consumption goods from the warehouse. Manufacture of food. Sales of food. v Inventory of goods remains in the warehouse. Check these stages in this complex pos can help you to automate operations on goods.