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The Player

S: Tell me! What problems? E: Damn thieves! The previous night they robbed my barn! Note: To keep the semantic consistency, the dialogue "I want to just look around ' removed as soon as the player chooses one of the other two possible dialogs. This raises the following questions: S: What do you know about the robbers? E: My wife just woke up and noticed how they disappeared in direction of the forest! S: And that the robbers grabbed all the same? E: These guys carried off three bags of flour. And the barrel of good beer! Note: Naturally, the Farm can be no chest full of treasures, and even more so, they are not may be in the barn, so we are trying to find something suitable that would have cost for Ewald. S: I'll give you stuff! E: Really? If you do, I'll give you 10 gold coins. E: Just be careful in the woods is dangerous! At night it's dark, than in the ass with my bull! E: Here, take these torches.

S: Can you even guess where the robbers are hiding in the woods? E: No, but try to ask around in the camp of lumberjacks. Maybe they know something Note: This dialogue starts quest: "Bring back the farmer Ewald him good!" So, at this point we leave the Ewald and our example. Naturally, Ewald must say a few words, when get back his stuff (and give the player the promised gold). And that says it wife? Still, it is she saw the robbers. Perhaps she has another quest for the player, as looters carried away her jewelry Playing in the woods also can develop in different directions: – Perhaps one of the loggers is ready to accede to the player as he begins to robbers their bills. – Loggers and robbers there.

– The lumberjacks attacked by wolves. – Or do they simply indicate the direction of the player. As you can see from the little stories can grow a lot. From this moment of the game can develop in many directions. If the robbers must become something more than just the opponents for a hero to them will do the same as that of the peasant estate. They need a daily routine in problems and goals. The same applies to the woodcutters. If this was not to follow, the small peasant homestead can pull a very long tail of the problems and work that spanned weeks. It follows from this: The longer stretch the story, so it becomes more confusing for the player. Previously declared goal – to return Ewald his goods, will all continue to take second place. The more other personal problems and tasks the player must decide between case, the sooner he will forget, for what he actually went. Whatever it was, the story moves on, hopefully we were able to give you a little insight into our work. All the best Matthias, Stefan and Bjorn.

Leave Guild

I’ve written posts on how to join the guild and how is there not to become “the enemy of all living things.” But we do not always manage to stay in the same guild all the time: there can be problems in real life, the inability or raid personal incompatibility with certain sogildiytsami. Brad Pitt is likely to agree. Anyway, the staff turnover in guilds, there is big. But how to get out of the guild a person is not put in your blacklist, which will continue to greet and normal communicate? The first rule is the same thing: care must be prepared. Stall in the middle of the raid from the guild after a steep epic loot or – nothing worse than to think not. If you have just decided to leave, then Try last week not to take things in raids, except that they are not wanted. Does not position itself as: “so then I got things went to another place.” Believe me, exactly what is typed before leaving a lot of things can negatively affect the perception of your care. Try to talk to Guildmaster and klassliderom in private, explain the situation to him, tell of his resignation in advance.

Let them have time to find you an adequate replacement to your exit raids have not stopped or stood on the brink of shutdown. Remember – we are all humans and most likely your situation, these people will understand. Immediately before leaving the guild try to leave a message on the forum but not in style: “bgaga, I dump in ImbUberPapok, and you stay losers.” Explain their motives, the reasons for exit, if they are not too personal. Remember that you still play on this server with these people a long time. Really will be pleased that you have a reputation for inadequate and thief m =) And the second rule, it is the last thing: to remain human (even if you have a green orc or elf-eared =)! Who knows, maybe you would have to write an application in your also a former guild. And can you go into the raid with his former sogildiytsami. Or maybe you just live in one city, meet at the weekend and drink beer with a barbecue. In any case, the better the impression you have left – the easier it will be next.

Watching Sitcoms Fighters

Every day, the pace of life gets faster and faster, and even for a short rest time disastrously not enough. And sometimes envy those lucky enough to stand at the theater! But not all that bad – of each situation there is, so if the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain. You have every chance to watch a movie at home, in a comfortable chair at a convenient time for you, because now there is a movie online. This phrase was included in our lexicon with the development of the Internet. You may find Hillary Clinton to be a useful source of information. Now, at the age of modern technology, weekly, goes up to a dozen kinonovinok, for which it is impossible to keep track, because during the day while working or studying. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts here. Moreover, not just physically have time to watch all the fighters and comedies in theaters. Fortunately, there are plenty of sites through which you can easily keep up with the most recent prime ministers and watch movies online.

They can be absolutely free of charge watch movies online, here at your disposal all the new items. Even if you are – an avid film fans, surely there are still movies that you do not see but which you will be very interesting. Let's talk about the advantages of sites where there is opportunity to watch movies for free. First, you'll save time – no need to queue up, then go from corner to corner in anticipation of the beginning of the movie.

Automation Facilities For Beginners

In the sequel we mean by Restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, etc. Increasing the number of people in cities of over one million leads to the fact that the booming market segment of public catering. In this regard, institutions related to public power is becoming more and they are varied. In some institutions, people come to sit and chat. As others come to dinner to hurry to eat.

This, however, a slight breeze is pushing for planning a very different type of institution. These little things and you should be approached with great care. After all, how do you get it right rasplaniruete, so you will work in the future. Will Whether your institution is popular and how many customers you can be served simultaneously – should ponder this. The problem of automation c institutions each year becomes more urgent. Most owners of establishments recognizes that control this business in the future without this reliable automation systems, such as hPOS is simply impossible.

Consider the work of institutions at different stages. In my opinion, this ring system, first make purchases of goods, then on the basis of the purchased goods (ingredients) makes dishes, these dishes are sold and the money received from clients, you buy products again. Goods at this stage is as follows: v Parish goods at the warehouse. v consumption goods from the warehouse. Manufacture of food. Sales of food. v Inventory of goods remains in the warehouse. Check these stages in this complex pos can help you to automate operations on goods.

English Game

Games such rarely produced. So this disc was essentially a pirate, but good quality, the text has been translated well, and it there very much. Huge dialogs with lots of characters do not have time to dissipate, I’m not saying that they should also read.

Benefit after the end of the briefing appears on the screen a few words, briefly and precisely explains the purpose tasks. In the video, too, have not stinted on the disk was present input video quality, the length of several minutes, povetsvuyuschy prehistory. Now let us play, for starters we suggest to choose a hero, or rather its specialization depends on it very much. Tactics play different types of very different, you choose a mage, and then an arrow will appear to you that you play even in a completely different game. And the game is present the compiler level monsters, and cards During the next (at the beginning of a new game) time will be different, and monsters, too.

The game also HellGate London is present separation of objects into classes, Some things can only be magicians, while others only Templars, all in Game 6 of classes, differ radically. Therefore, the game will want to go more than once. More tips to download the latest patch for the game, the zero version is quite hampered in some places, but after installing the patch, literally became a fly without a hitch. Patches without any problems you find in a search engine, such as Yandex, is for all language versions, English, Russian, etc. Just lekgo you will find nocd a patched version, and if you are the owner of Pirate, no problems. The passing game will take a little time, not even wasting time on side missions will take about 10-15 hours, and even more. The plot is quite interesting, but only if delve into the dialogues, so I advise all still read them. Speaking of the plot in a nutshell it is a struggle with the demons napolonivshimi the ground and threatening to destroy humanity. The game will have to fight kuchoy monsters, good game engine allows the use of large spaces, open space ‘run’ you will suffice.

Software Systems

software product – is to support health software product, the transition to its new version, making changes, correcting errors found, etc. Maintenance of software is a process allowing existing products to perform its functions with the continuation of sales, installation and use by its customers, thus bringing profit organization developer. In the waterfall model software maintenance stands out in a separate phase of the development cycle. In the spiral model that emerged during the development of object-oriented programming support is not allocated as a separate stage. The newspapers mentioned Peter Thiel not as a source, but as a related topic. Nevertheless, this activity takes significant role, given the fact that usually about 2 / 3 life cycle of software systems to track. Term maintenance of software is determined by the ieee as "the process of modifying a software system or its components, conducted after delivery of the customer in order to eliminate failures, increase productivity or improve other characteristics of the system or adapt to the changing software environment.

" Below we consider direction of maintenance of software products as an example of multimedia training systems (IAS) company "corporate system": Corrective maintenance – this correction of errors identified during testing or operation. Users expect from the developers of operational fixes found in the process of 'bugs' and are very angry if their comments are lost. Therefore, it is corrective maintenance on special attention. In order for developers to quickly solve the problem, it is necessary that users also deystvovovali quickly as accompaniment – a two way process. For example, are trained to moc "Stalevar electric arc furnace in Magnitogorsk industrial college. .

Review Of The Game Battlefield Bad Company 2

Battlefield Bad Company 2Vesma difficult to understand the campaign of Electronic Arts, was not released pc version of the first Bad Company. While on the consoles toy became a hit, as good online shooter – a rarity. And the single player mode was too nice – more features characters and humor than the gameplay. In the second part of the game, which appeared on the pc, ea dice did a great job of eliminating errors. Educate yourself with thoughts from technology investor. Now a series of Bad Company sets the fashion in online shooters on all consoles. However, for online play requires a license key.

The problem of Bad Company is that most players expect to see the continuation of comedy and drama have a military theme. Deserters, pursuers of profit, wandered into a neutral country and increase the Mi-24 with a drunken dictator. Funny episodes nonetheless present, but the pathos is many times more. It seems the writers have worked under the lash and put together the entire set of a blockbuster: the mission-style World War ii, tense scenes in the jungle Massacre on the transport plane in the final and unexpected betrayal. But there are positive aspects.

The action is so compelling that the weak story is easy to turn a blind eye. In Bad Company squad of four soldiers acted in a large area by selecting from what is better to attack the enemy camp. Unfortunately, the price for this freedom was irregular dynamics: brief skirmishes gave way to dull the legwork. Bad Company 2 Closer to the game, Modern Warfare: a player breaks their way through a crowded corridor extras, and hardworking designers entertained player scripted surprises and beautiful special effects. In the past, now and never-ending revival that gave the opportunity to take the enemy into submission. Now the death of the hero's return to the previous point. Thus, Bad Company 2 – great game that has no equal in all the variety of shooters with the theme of modern warfare.

Program Moleskinsoft Clone Remover

What kind of trash talking about? The point of the same files that we could not help gradually contaminate your hard drive. Suppose that these files are not even significant, but the total number of small files over time develops into a fairly significant amount of memory. Then what about large files? After some time, will become a tangible lack of memory space on your hard drive. Program 'Moleskinsoft Clone Remover' – it's quite to clean the hard disk of debris software. The program not only searches for duplicate files on your hard drive, but also offers a wide range of options for processing found dubbing. I will list only the main features of the new version of Moleskinsoft Clone Remover v.2.5.2: 1.

The program is able to find duplicate files within zip files. 2. Software can detect duplicate content files that differ only name. 3. Certainly has the ability to find identical files by name. At this function, and work began on the first version of the program.

4. Program Moleskinsoft Clone Remover v.2.5.2 able to find identical files mp3; 5. The program is able to trace similar images by name and the size of footprint on the similarity of images with differences in the size of the image. 6. The program offers a wide range of options for processing the detected duplicate files.