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In this three-dimensional stereo image is not a matter of fact, and creates flat screen illusion of volume. Fully three-dimensional, when you can look 'for object' is a hologram, but these cinemas and films are very expensive and not widely available. Thus, the figure – 2, 3, 4 – to characteristic type of movie does not specify the number of physical coordinates, is more correct to correlate this number with the generation of the evolution of cinema halls. Following the transfer of volume images, the next stage of development has effects on the vestibular apparatus viewer by moving the chair on which the viewer is in viewing. This step is designated as the fourth, and cinemas are equipped with movable seats, referred to as 4D, that is standard. Moreover, in the course of technology development, followed by movie theaters with moving seats, the technology was developed in the course of filing smells movies such as' sea breeze ',' pine forest ', etc.

These cinemas were called 5D. The effects of additional interventions, such as water and air flows to the viewer, tactile effectors, etc. are not considered as an evolutionary step. Modern Cinema 4D is a presentation system that combines a demonstration of a 3D movie with the physical effects that are supported by various devices in the theater and are synchronized according to the stereo image to screen. Under the physical effects of the hall to understand the vibration and movement of chairs, a simulation of rain, splashing liquid, wind, flashes of light. For this simulation, a chair 4D theaters may be equipped with speakers, reinforcing vibration devices, moving from side to side, back and forth, up and down, nozzles, feed water and air, and the hall – strobe, smoke machines, etc. The main goal of manufacturers of equipment for cinema 4D maintain and strengthen the 'sense of presence' of the visitors of the attraction.

Are there age restrictions for visiting the cinema 4D? We do not recommend going to the 4D attraction to children under 6 years old. Psychologists draw parents' attention to the fact that in this age the child still sees what is happening on the screen as part of the surrounding reality. Therefore, volumetric image and sudden movement of chairs, which further immerse the viewer in a small event on screen can be overly excite his nervous system. Can I use the stereo glasses, which give for watching movies in cinema 4D for viewing stereo pictures or movies in stereo on a computer monitor? No, it is impossible, as in our cinema, we use the glasses with polarizing filters, or to view stereo images on the screen you will need anaglyph glasses, which left oculo with red, and right – with the blue glass or glasses with active polarization. What is 5D cinema? 4D Theater, additionally equipped capsules with aromas of forest, ocean, flowers and fruits. What is the duration of the films in cinema 4D? Duration movies 4D cinema attraction is 15 to 25 minutes. This timing is determined not by chance that movies and allows you to enjoy viewing the stereo image with the maximum comfort to the eye.