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Laying Glass Mosaics

From the training base before applying the grout. Substrate preparation for laying tile surface should be smooth and clean without cracks. If the foundation is cracked and it has a loose surface then it should be treated accordingly. Otshpaklevat or primed. Caution If your mosaic is made of clear glass that the base should be white.

Qualitative basis is of great importance for styling, since any lack of it is visible through the transparent glass mosaics. Preparatory work before laying the glass mosaic. Before starting the work necessary to make a layout of the surface on which the material will be glued. Horizontal and vertical line through the level, plumb and line. According to him, you'll determine the accuracy of the location of matrices with respect to horizon. Preparation and application of an adhesive solution.

For fixing glass mosaic use a special glue, the basic requirements of the adhesive: 1 – it should be suitable for bonding glass mosaic 2 – to be white, white glue will show through translucent tesserae mosaic. 3 – must fit the base and the conditions in which the material will be used (street or an inner room in the pool or not, the reason may be cement, plastics, ceramics, wood, metal, all this must be considered when The choice of adhesive) start making glue. Proportions for mixing glue looking at the packaging. Quantity of finished adhesive, it is necessary to calculate from the accounts of his survival (the time after which the ready-made solution begins to solidify) and the area to which you can glue the puzzle during his survivability.

Building Oriented

Oriented particle board (OSB / OSB) are high-tech material used in Wood Frame Construction, in the manufacture of furniture and different packaging. Manufacture of osb / osb panels is done by gluing large size (3-8 cm), thin chips, and upper and lower layers of the grain direction, longitudinal, and in the middle layer – cross the length of the slab. Because of the low value for the same as Oriented particle board gradually replacing plywood in many traditional areas of application. osb / osb plate is tightly pressed three-layer wood board from the large-oriented chips conifers. Appearance Oriented chipboard osb / osb clearly explains its name. Plate can be easily distinguished by an elongated chips. Oriented strand board is made up of three layers. In the outer (upper and lower) layers chips located longitudinally and transversely in the inner layer.

Each layer is glued with waterproof resins and compressed under high pressure and temperature. As a result of this technological features of plate osb / osb acquire water resistance, elasticity and resistance to extension and construction loads. Chipboard aligned structure osb / osb manufactured by hot pressing of wood chips, mixed with a binder material. Plate osb / osb manufactured only from the particle size of 75-150 mm long, 10-25 mm in width and 0,5-0,75 mm in thickness. This ensures the homogeneity of the structure of the slab. Further, the resulting chips are dried and impregnated with a waterproof resins with the addition of a synthetic wax.

The use of wax provides high quality products. Then the chips are placed pipelined manner in two directions, creating a so-called carpet. In the outer layers of the plate chips will be oriented along the length, but in the domestic – across. After that, the carpet is pressed on the multi-tiered media at high temperatures and pressures. In conclusion, the board osb / osb cut into standard formats and grind. Technology of production boards osb / osb is constantly being improved. As binders are widely used phenol, urea-formaldehyde resin E1 class, and esters of isocyanate, which used to improve the stability properties of the slabs and improve environmental safety, the estimated emission of free formaldehyde in the environment. osb (Oriented Strand Board) – Oriented strand board ranked as number the most promising universal building material for millennia because of the whole complex of consumer benefits of this product compared to traditional wood products, provided application of new advanced technology wood modification.