My dream as a lover of technology is able to have my house connected in all aspects, but without using cables. My dream began to take shape with the existence of the bluetooth and now I can say that I am a little closer to something that can give hope long ago. Thanks to you that the headphones Jabra launched the company, may have the best music in my ears without having to be connected to any audio equipment, as it will be bluetooth. His name is Halo, and this connection also has an innovative design convenient for everyone. One of the incentives to sell the PlayStation 3 is its multimedia capabilities. The PlayStation 3 can play music CDs or DVD movies or play high definition movies stored on Blu-Ray format. The console can also play other disc formats. Apart from optical media playback, the console can connect multimedia devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, and so on. All this thanks to its USB 2.0 ports. The multimedia content stored on the PlayStation 3 can be shared on the PSP portable console. By providing the PlayStation 3 hard drive, you can record videos, television programs, or some store content downloaded from the PlayStation Network.

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