Every day, we employ the term mobbing, to refer to the harassment that takes place in the workplace, in the labor field, by which a person is harassed by a superior, by one or more subordinates or by the own companions. Situation that can result in physical and psychological disorders of different consideration and gravity. Broadly speaking, be assured that the harasser, or person that exerts over another mobbing, intends to with his behavior, override the beset, in the majority of cases, looking for the target person of their siege, leaves the company, and in doing so is going to use everything in its power. The techniques usually employed are relating to communication, and thus most likely to stop speaking to him, or directly ignore. You can prevent or hinder that their peers to also communicate with him.

Provide a new location, isolated, in the workplace; prevent you from using forms of communication as the phone or computer, disregarding the outcome of their work, using derogatory nicknames, shout or insult to the harassed, there are other techniques that usually employs the harasser. The stalker starts this machinery, usually by jealousy and envy on the personal qualities of the harassed, such as sense of Justice, intellectual brilliance, the impeccable results of their work, or their personal achievements. The most common mobbing is the so-called descending, i.e. be exercised of superiors to subordinates, and very often due to the superior threatened his tenure, or even his brilliance, long-term in the company, and thus decides to delete everything that involves or may involve some competition. They envy his victim’s capacity, and it terrifies them leave exposed, and very visible from the rest, its shortcomings. Of exposed so far, is not inferred that the harassed person has a weak personality structure, or be cautious and scary. On the contrary: often suffer this harassment by face to your aggressor, and among its features are often highlight the intelligence, ability to work, being often charismatic and highly efficient.