Computer Tips

Ie even if you choose a processor and memory with the motherboard, even the most expensive, and the video card buy some not too expensive, then a lot of pleasure from the game you're unlikely to get. Or maybe you watch the game instead of a comfortable, solid brakes and more just immediately quit the game. So, if a little is not enough money for a good video card, do not be afraid to save thousands on a different processor or even on something. This can be a hard disk, for example, or monitor. Most importantly never skimp on the graphics card.

Of course if you're going to buy a gaming computer, you need to just take care of the powerful psu. Recommend to buy the power supplies such as stamps and Inwin fsp. Y blocks Supply Inwin real power corresponds to that indicated, for example, on the price list, or that specified, naleplennom sticker on the power supply. At psu fsp real power can be a little more than indicated on the price list or on the same sticker. So the choice is yours.

In any case, you will not lose by buying the power supply to one of these companies. Just on their own observations of the work for amd and Intel, I can give advice. Most people buy computers based on processors amd, as many say that amd processors are well suited for gaming. These people are right of course, these processors are really well behaved in the games, but I would not buy amd, and here's why: 1) These processors are very warm and they tend to put a good cooling system, which is sometimes not so little, but it is not very important.