BlueParrott Bluetooth

VXi Corporation, the manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets will show your BlueParrott brand of Bluetooth headsets at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Designed specifically for very noisy environments, BlueParrott VXi headset Bluetooth combine high performance VXi with Xtreme noise-cancelling microphone noise suppression. It is the technology to block even the more aggressive noise of city traffic, to the rolling noise, with the roar of an 18-Wheeler. They provide over 16 hours of talk time and up to 150 hours of standby on a single charge. VXi Bluetooth headphones have superior quality audio receivers that ensure clear conversations, both inside and outside the cabin. With a reach of up to 66 feet away from your mobile phone, headset Bluetooth VXi BlueParrott offer practically unrestricted freedom of movement.

The design of the headphones Bluetooth VXi BlueParrott ensures stable fit and is very comfortable and durable. A flexible microphone arm allows to the users exactly the position of the microphone for a clear and natural voice quality. B250-XT includes foam and cushions in leather of the ear, AC and DC (automatic) loading options. The elegant and lightweight Bluetooth headphones come with three popular options wearing style: over the head, over the ear and behind the neck. A multifunction button a single keystroke activates power, the answer hanging /, voice dialing and call waiting commands. VXi BlueParrott headset Bluetooth include a hook for the flexible ear, tape for head, neck, and two sizes of leather and foam, CA cushions and boots from CD, and a USB cable to charge through your computer. Backed by a one year warranty, VXi BlueParrott headset Bluetooth are offered at a reasonable price.

Throughout the fair MATS, VXi BlueParrott en distributor / Petro offer specialties in the VXi BlueParrott stand. VXi headsets Bluetooth BlueParrott are also available in most of the main stops of trucks in North America, already through other dealers more than 21 years, VXI Corporation Vxi.Por delivers the best Bluetooth headset solutions in its class for contact centers, offices and mobile professionals. The first microphone with noise-cancelling, the new line of solutions, headsets Bluetooth VXi since they are designed for comfort and durability, in the workplace and on the road. Specifically designed for noisy environments, BlueParrott Vxi, the brand of Bluetooth wireless headsets for mobile phones and computers, offers the latest technology for noise cancellation, comfort and durability.