Beautiful Places

Travel! Who among us does not dream about them?! Everyone wants to escape from the routine and visit the places where his feet have not trod. Itineraries depend on our ability and desire. You can travel to Russia, city sightseeing, taking pictures, collecting souvenirs later. Let me tell you about the island of Kizhi, located in the middle of the picturesque Lake Onega in Karelia. Beauty indescribable, and I'll say. In summer the island can be reached by ship, and in winter – snowmobiling on the ice directly to the aforementioned lake. On the island of Kizhi is breathtaking in its grandeur and beauty of the museum.

Its foundation dates from the 18th – 19th centuries. Being here, unwittingly plunge into the history of various ethnic groups. At the same time you are enjoying the air sanatory Karelia, its species and snow. Be sure to visit wooden churches, so-called Kizhi necklace. And how many have not passed our roads and we have never seen amazing places.

For example, the ruins of the Counts in the Novgorod region, an ancient fortress in Porkhov, temples and Torzhok Iverskogo Monastery at Valdai, nature on the Volga River near the town of Rybinsk. And you can go to a sanatorium to the sea in winter. This is so cool! After all, most people go to sea in the summer, and there is not overcrowded. Another thing – winter. Fresh air, restorative treatments and massages gym, tennis courts, swimming pools, roof and water heater – is not that wonderful?! And all this just for you and your family. And if there is a sanatorium park, then walking will be twice as nice and helpful. Can not afford a long trip, clear a vacation home. Snowball, build snow forts and throw a battle, ride a roller coaster. And then warmed by the stove and enjoy the fellowship. This holiday you will remember for years to years!