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The Management Of The Information And The Knowledge In The Universities

Wealth is for which enjoys it, and not that the guard. Thanks to computers, to the dynamics of the Internet, it has become that knowledge has accessibility to many in favour of increasing their knowledge, be always active, new pass-through, that ideas are generated in all sciences that promote humanity. In the case of the teacher, is very important because it obliges this updated according to the behavior of the scenarios, environment in where it works and of course commitment to their students which should provide knowledge according to the behavior, requirements demanded by current scenarios. Nor cannot be denied in the case of the company is extremely important, because it entails that management this updated about the dynamics of the business scenarios where it operates, the changes that are generated, the behavior of consumers, the actions and interventions of the State, other companies. Definitely in this case, where information management is spoken, by this, we mean the process of Organization, planning, control and production, applied to the resource of information in organizations. There is still scattering in the epistemological basis of this discipline and according to various authors, there might be multiple definitions; worth noting however that means information management, the integrated management of information (internal and external) and of information technologies applied to the strategic areas and the critical factors of competitiveness and relevance of an organization.

They can then be considered as components of information management: information technology: which constitute its backbone and are formed by computers, base software and telecommunications hardware. Information systems: as the set of methodologies and software applications, aimed at the transformation of technology into something of value for a beneficiary or client. Information or knowledge of the Organization. Under such an approach, analyze the systems of higher education, under the impact of this new paradigm, its importance and scope the impact of the information technology systems of higher education, universities is important in the present, an issue that cannot be avoided, that universities must know to successfully cope with.