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International Advice

Therefore, the related document makes this condition to have an efficient preservation. ‘ ‘ Depending on the material of which if it treats, the appropriate mechanism can be a catalogue, an inventory or some another way to register the form and the content of a collection, since its general characteristics until the different plan of suportes.’ ‘ (Ibid., P. 19) the preventive conservation is an old concept in the world of the museums, but only in last the 10 years that it started if to become recognized and organized. It requires a deep change of mentality.

Where yesterday objects were seen, today collections must be seen. Where if they saw deposits must be seen buildings. Where if it thought about days, now if it must think about years. Where if it saw a person, teams must be seen. Where if it saw an expenditure of short term, an investment of long stated period must be seen. Where if they show daily actions, programs and priorities must be seen. Preventive conservation means to assure the supervened one of the collections. (GUICHEN, 1995, p.2) the investments had passed to be redirected for programs of preventive conservation, enclosing collections in different supports.

Joan van Albada, in 1987, participating of the Annual Meeting of the International Advice of Archives, observed: The preservation requires administration, and not restoration. The good administration of archives points with respect to the organization of the quantities, and this for the preventive conservation, that includes security and adjusted planning of disasters, storage and manuscript, and access, by means of the reproduction. She still fits, to establish priorities, on a cost-benefit evaluation. (ALBADA, 1987, p.7, translation ours) 6Mecanizao? 1799 – invention of the continuous formador, for Louis Nicolas Robert, in France.? 1806 – invention of the acid glue, to the base of breu and aluminum sulphate.? 1844 attainment of the paper from cavacos wooden, in the Alemanha.Papis fragile? 1980: the concern with the bankruptcy of thousand of documents and books resulted in a movement to save the excellent information, that could be lost in short space of time.? Many countries had adopted the microfilming of preservation in cooperative programs of abrangncia nacional.5 ON the HISTORY OF the PAPELO paper are the traditional support of books and documents.

Digital Access

I participated of a course of accessibility, given pelaempresa Digital Access, and there I learned many things that still noconhecia, I go to count a little pra vocs on what I learned for there. In the world of today, with the technological advances, new languages, to todosquerem always to innovate in the development of the systems and or sites in web, but many do not think that it has a compound of users in the Internet, of todosos types, and that much of the times we do not obtain to reach the delespor access cause of the lack of accessibility in the sites. In contrast of what many think accessibility about web, not somente for deficient appearances, mobile devices, auditory deficient deficientesmotores and. The accessibility benefits tambmpessoas aged, people who are having its first experience comweb and finally, as the teacher Leda Spelta of the Digital Access said, obilionrio blind person, that is the Google and its robot of content searches. We will have using current also more satisfied, and the maintenance of the seusite will be very better. We need to guarantee Fazer expensive an accessible site mais? Demand more time? and I listened to the following reply: Fazerum accessible site is more expensive, as well as having quality in a site. Sens we develop one> In the accessibility for web, does not exist standards, exists solutions

ACT Controller

The electronic controller of the current (ECT) produces a signal upon the occurrence of one of the following events: – short circuit – electrical idle (during the dry) – electrical current exceeds the rated – exceeds electrical current above the maximum allowed – failure of one or two phases – phase imbalance of current – low insulation resistance (500kOm 10% for the modification of M2, M4, M5, M8). Optional: interface with PCs, digital input, contact pre-start or alarm. Model Range POS-5 from 0,2 to 50 A, POS-10 from 0,8 to 100A POS-25 from 1,6 to 250 A POS-60 from 3 to 600 A POS-125 6 to 1250 A pos 250 from 10 to 2500 A POS-625 from 30 to 6250 and the controller works in conjunction with a control panel CP-05, which provides data read and adjust settings of the controller. Controllers POS-5-M and ACT-10-MX may use current transformers with rated currents of the secondary winding 5A. ooo SibElektroZaschita " developed and started production of products ektm which food is carried out as a variable voltage (50 420 V frequency 45 Hz 5 ) and permanent (50 600 V) voltage without the need for additional resistors (As in scr-3 and EKRM-3) and without additional switching supply leads.

Digital Environment

With a click in the word ' ' eleies' ' in the initial text cibernauta will have the possibility to sail for the digital environment through: . This news article suggests that the scientist politician is a professional who tries to explain the different forms of government in places and distinct times, as well as demonstrates the way as a society if structure to lead the life of its members. Clicando in ' ' When to grow goes to be scientist poltico' ' educating will have access ' ' To the Urnas' ' text that explains the function of the elect representatives of the population for the vote in: If to clicar in ' ' Urnas' ' &#039 meets; ' Desvendados&#039 mysteries; ' that it speaks on opinion research, as they are made and as it is possible to foresee the result of an election in:. Breaking of the word ' ' eleies' ' &#039 can be arrived; ' Much Beyond the Urnas' ' that it explains what means the word democracy as it appeared and as its concept evolved in: The material online searched concerning the subject: ' ' It is time of Eleies' ' it standes out that if it understands the importance of the vote in a democratic society, as well as the question of the ethics in the electoral process in regards to the behavior of candidates and voters, defining as and because happens this process, also standing out that to vote is a choice that demands reflections and implies in beneficial or maleficent consequences for the population. When voting if of to somebody the power to decide on important aspects of the life of a city, state and country. Some conservatives proclaim that this subject ' ' eleies' ' he does not have to be treated in classroom, this is one archaic vision, therefore of the pedagogical point of view all and any subject can and must be boarded in classroom, since that of impartial, multicriteria, responsible, conscientious and planned form, that is, being overcome it the had precautions how much the language, the clarity of the information, the didactic material to be used.