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Stress and Illnesses

To understand the social representations imposed the aged individual, it is necessary to trace a conceptual picture to multidiscipline it treats that it in ample dimensions biological, psychological and social antropolgica, contained in the universe of the individual that arrives at the third age, some healthful ones, and others, unhappyly, very weak and adoecidos. We know that the aging is a natural physiological process; but we find differences in the rhythm and form of performance of the time in each individual. But medical science in general makes use of a technology that advances the wide steps, leaning over itself in research to improve and to reformulate new vaccines and drugs, creating half of increase of the life expectancy, that a priori, the individuals will have to arrive at the 100 years if it will not have no important intercorrncia in the course of the life, having shortened its existence. , But stress, degenerative illnesses, urban violence, aggressive transit and the pollution among others questions, appear as negative factors for the increase of the years of life. Therefore, it would be a cartesian normality to live until the 100 years, but this fact became an exclusiveness for few, since that they pass ahead with tranquillity of the described negative factors. The modern man rejects the aging and everything more folloies than it: loss of muscular physical mobility, tnus, chronic hearing, vision and too much illnesses, therefore is worried about the preservation of the individual freedom and physical and cognitiva independence and the maintenance of the moral and social autonomy. That is, all want to age with autonomy and dignity, denying to be carrying of debilitating illnesses, denying I assist of the continuous medication use for diverse types of diseases whom continuity requires, therefore this position generates dependence; dependence, is everything that the aged one does not want. One gave credit that to have a good oldness without dependences a series of attributes related to the luck, to the divine favour, of the exchange, the sophism or another supernatural explanation was necessary. (A valuable related resource: Clinton Family).