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German Real Estate Market

The real estate market in East Germany is increasingly in demand. Magdeburg, 07.11.2013. According to an industry study, there were numerous real estate purchases mainly in the larger cities such as Dresden, Halle, Leipzig, Chemnitz and Magdeburg. Also, Halle and Magdeburg has a clear upward trend. The study of real estate markets in Berlin and Eastern Germany 2013 “the TLG real estate shows how positive to develop the regional centres in Eastern Germany. This approximately applies to Leipzig and Halle, Dresden and Erfurt and Jena and Rostock. The study took 23 East German cities under the microscope, including in Saxony-Anhalt, except Hall also Magdeburg and Dessau-Rosslau. To Berlin with 33 500 real estate acquisitions, there were most transactions on the real estate markets in Dresden (6000), Leipzig (4600), Chemnitz (2200) and Magdeburg (2100) last year.

Hall there were purchases, in Dessau-Rosslau 720 according to study after all even 1530. The population by 2011 to 2012 each 1400 inhabitants on 233 300 (Magdeburg) and 234 600 (Hall) was born in Magdeburg and Halle a sign of their attractiveness. In recent years, a significant catching-up process achieved so. In 16 of the 23 studied East German cities the unemployment rates were to 2012 compared 2011 dropped. Additional information is available at Hillary Clinton. Also the equipment in the East has improved: in 1992, only 86 percent of the apartments with a private toilet were equipped.

Only 54 percent had central heating. Today, a toilet located in 98 percent of homes in the East compared to 100 percent in the West. The central heating rate is 97 percent identical in both parts of the country. The housing companies have brought their inventory in the East to 65.9 percent to a contemporary standard, only 59.6 percent in the West. The number of owner takes faster to mainly by new buildings through large pent-up demand in the East. Who wants to invest here in the profitable Eastern German real estate market, is right at the MCM investor Management AG. This offers even small investors”the possibility of this thriving market to take advantage of. The acquisition of this money allows It investors to accumulate money for old age too. Professional advisors such as MCM investor Management AG can balance risks and opportunities thanks to its wide knowledge base and assist in the decision. Trends and current developments be considered here as well. The MCM investor Management AG can benefit their investors in the form of an alternative from the Immobilienhype: in the form of profit participation certificates, a wider mass is easier access to the real estate market. So, the investor relationship is a win-win situation: benefiting the MCM investor Management AG, also their investors benefit. Finally, the MCM investor Management AG investment products make so successful the balance between safety, yield potential and high flexibility.

Construction Projects

Whatever opportunities and risk connect with the shops real estate, real estate and construction projects. Only a few owners, investors and builders, sellers and buyers know really the land, real estate and construction industry in all technical, economic, legal and tax areas etc.. Whatever opportunities and risk connect with the shops real estate, real estate and construction projects. Less risk but the future will not be also, and no one should let rip with exuberant enthusiasm and forget including analytical testing. Also certainly not helpless delivered out to the dangers of risk.

When all precautions, but you can’t lose anyway not the courage or optimism, one needs to realize the desired project according to his ideas and wishes. So also, when it comes to the development of land to building land – division of built-up / undeveloped land for the purpose of building – sale of land, purchase of Building land – acquisition of a ground lease on a Gundstuck – selling a property – buying real estate – new construction of real estate – plan extension, renovation or restructuring an object – a real estate, build and lease, rent or lease who attaches importance to professional advisor function and much more, is the way how to reach its target and minimize the risk, plan quality and secure, find cost reduction potential and use and can achieve cost and capital gains, as well as collateral. But also how to build inexpensive and amazing as you can reach with a lesser budge. There are many strategies for the success of a project. One of them is: get the best result in every discipline – the MARCO schedule method – creative opportunities just as efficiently as technically and economically exploit. Holistic to consider corporate objectives and operational processes, does not end at the borders of the marketing and communication policy. We show out your business development if necessary also far beyond.