White Roses

In contrast, red roses, White Roses confirm pure love, constant, and a stronger than death. A bouquet of white roses are traditionally portrayed the wedding. Pink roses – a sign of elegance and sophistication. Roses of various shades of pink are often used for complex, eloquent epistles. For example, roses with deep pink or cerise tone signify gratitude and appreciation, while the delicate pink roses symbolize sympathy. Pink is joy, pride and gratitude. Pink roses – gentle reminder of affection, not yet awakened relations.

Roses in a bouquet of yellow means caring. Yellow tone means the freedom and energy. Yellow roses are often presented with a Greeting purposes. Often they are portrayed to celebrate success and express pride in someone else's achievements. Yellow roses are able to reconcile and forget the quarrel. In the language of flowers is: 'Let's leave everything behind and start a new page. " Lily. A symbol of tenderness, fidelity, and a cloudless happiness.

Magical fragrance of these flowers brighten the mood and gives a sense of celebration. Bouquet or arrangement of lilies – the perfect gift for gentle, romantic girl. Lily – One of the undisputed favorite flower in the world. This flower has an unmistakable delicate aroma, which since ancient times identified with the aroma of tenderness and love. Chamomile. It is believed that where the falling star, blooming chamomile. And its name is derived from the Latin word romana, which translates as "Roman." Daisies – nice and simple colors, warm and family. Colours of these colors – yellow-white, yellow-green, these colors represent cheerfulness and happiness.