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Samsung TVs

One of the main reasons that make it difficult to get a service of quality SAMSUNG in Mendoza, is the lack of qualified staff for these new technologies. So complex is the architecture of this type of equipment than in many countries, when a component, for example a circuit board, stops functioning, rather than repair it comes to replace it, since not all technicians have the ability to repair platelets that are damaged. However, it is not easy to implement this solution, given that get original spare parts of a television or an electrical appliance is no easy task. Only the authorized service will ensure the quality of repairs to make. Although the Samsung TVs are excellent quality devices, they may need repairs.

The most frequent of these repairs are linked to the existence of areas of the screen where pixels, cells responsible for providing an image, do not work properly, or are simply turned off.These are often designated as pixels dead. It is sometimes feasible to see a line which crosses the screen vertically, forming a line where no shines the light, most evident in images where light colors are prevalent. There are several reasons why the pixels do not function. First of all, we must remember that pixel is similar to a bulb of traditional light, given that requires an electrical current flowing for him to color.When this power is interrupted for some reason, pixel simply will not turn and will seem dead. Another problem that could arise are faults in cables of power or information. Cables are flat manifolds, multiple threads in parallel.

When cutting any of these threads for any reason, the image will not be as it should, usually creating these as obvious vertical stripes. Other causes of this type of damage are failures of the transistors that give the brightness and intensity of color. A plasma TV requires a huge amount of transistors that work to the unison. For this reason it is not unusual that some transistor fails, and should be replaced. Best thing is to go to a technical service SAMSUNG in Mendoza that can guarantee the quality of the repair with original components.