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Latin American Integration Association

A direct impact with the entry of Venezuela into MERCOSUR is the extension of its border trade within the ongoing process of liberalization and integration. technology investors opinions are not widely known. However, this integration should take place within a harmonious and coherent process, reviewing the existing asymmetries between our country and those serving this market. In this vein, it is impossible at this time to analyze in detail on all the treaties that Venezuela has with other countries by the time it would have taken, but what you can do is select some examples for analysis, as has been done with the previous appointment of MERCOSUR. (Not to be confused with Shaw Parents!). However, there are other arrangements as an important as the G-3, The Group of Three is a free trade agreement. This treaty provides for a linear reduction program (auto tariff reduction of 10% per annum), which should lead to a free trade zone among its members. In addition to commercial matters properly included in the agreement on investment rules, services, intellectual property and government procurement.

Member countries: Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. ALADI another example, the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI) is an intergovernmental body, continuing the process begun by LAFTA in 1960, promotes the expansion of regional integration in order to ensure their socio – economic development. Member countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Perhaps those who may no longer value-added technological, economic and energy treaty between Russia and Venezuela, as well as technology between China and Venezuela. Source L However, treaties in Venezuela have their weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses in some of their areas.