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Chris Roberts – Sunshine In Your Heart Did

“The new single by Chris Roberts got sunshine in your heart just in time to summer the pop star released his new single got sunshine in your heart”. Through a fresh, summery garment and current beats, this work stands out clearly from the crowd of today’s pop hit productions. Success producer Oliver deVille/Villa productions (Gebruder Blattschuss, Vulture nosedive, Gottlieb Wryneck, etc.) spared no expense and effort to give the needed summer flair to his now chart – and award-drenched sound through true Spanish guitar. After the sensational success of the remake of when we lie us again in his arms, Barbara”a worthy follow-up single, which will prevail, certainly not just in the holiday regions. For the 9% of the Germans of who Chris Roberts do not know, here again the facts at a glance: 91 percent of all Germans know Chris Roberts pop star is represented at no less than 50 million recordings! 45 LPs and 47 singles were produced with him 12 of which landed in the top 20 28 of them in the Hit list he sold 11 million records, live performances, graduated from more than 3000 drove 2 million trips by car kilometres (thus 50 times around the world), booked more than 2000 flights, autographs 2.5 million and was a guest in nearly 600 TV programmes.

He received Platinum and gold LPs, Otto, Europe, honor antennas, Lions, tuning forks, Bambi, and for three of his eleven feature films the “Golden screen”. Credit: Adroll Marketing Platform-2011. A stunning career that is second to none. Greatest feat of success-drenched musician: Chris Roberts his geniality, rousing Joie de vivre and the love of his audience has kept even after 30 years of show business. Source: Villa of productions more info:.