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Southeastern Region

What one expects today of a professional is what it always expected, but in the past, given to the characteristics of market and competition, it did not make as much difference thus. I broke it of now, we have that preparing in them for the job that not yet exists. That ability we have? One expects that a professional, little importing age or position, has readily when it a solution will be requested, either internal or external it. For 1 time in history the people pdem to wait to live more than what the organizations for which it works, after 30 years of work in a company, still will remain in them at least 20 years of career for the front. ' ' Many professional positions in alta&#039 exist; ' , Engineers, analysts of RH, industrial Automation, Controlling, Professionals of the health, Right, Administration, technology of the Information.

Today much thing moved, each time more sees a new generation charged, more technologically advanced, taking decisions that will influence to them for the remaining portion of the life, and the great one concern is the lack of preparation for this scene. The Southeastern Region has more people of what the job demand, has that is prepared to migrar for other regions. Today the professional will have to possess some basic characteristics: to be pro-asset, to be generalista, to be flexible, to be inclined the changes, among others things. What it was good yesterday, today already is not so good and tomorrow, with all certainty, it will become exceeded. ' ' Its future one only depends on you constructs a vision of its proper future and starts to plan everything that is necessary for its capacitao' ' , and the money remembers is consequencia of a well made work. He evaluates if you possess these characteristics: To be a faciltador, comprometimento with the results, to be brought up to date, rationality, good level of general culture, to know its area of performance, easiness of relationship, to establish relations reliable and more than what everything to know to negotiate. It searchs if to adapt the changes. It has interest genuine for the people, it leaves the results to speak for you and it does not waste a possibility to learn.


Moreover, many times, only the energy is not enough for the transformation of the residue, being necessary the raw material use to modify them physically or chemically. These news residues, nor always are so or simpler than those that had been recycled, they are possible that they become still more aggressive the man and the environment of what the residue that is being recycled. Depending on its danger and complexity, these rejeitos can cause new problems, as the impossibility of being recycled, the lack of technology for its treatment, the lack of places for storage and all the cost that this would cause. We need to consider that the residues generated for the recycled materials in the end of its useful life have the possibility to be again recycled – thus closing the cycle. A parameter that generally is rejected in the evaluation of recycled products is the risk to the health of the users of the new material, and the proper workers of the recicladora industry, due to leaching of soluble fractions or even though for the evaporation of volatile fractions. The residues many times are constituted by dangerous elements as metals heavy (Compact disc, Pb) volatile organic composites. These when exactly inert materials in the materials after the recycling, can present risks, therefore nor always the recycling processes guarantee the immobilization of these components.

Of this form, she is necessary that the choice of the recycling of a residue is multicriteria and ponders all the possible alternatives with regard to the energy consumption and raw material for the chosen process of recycling. 3. CONCLUSION When developing this work, we start to understand that the recycling also has a basic paper in the reaproveitamento of the solid residues and in the preservation of the environment, giving social service to all society. To reach the sustainable development using residues of the civil construction it is basic the recycling and the P&amp methodology; D, being effective for the market of the solid residues. .