New York

Fracture split professionals according to the company that provided their services. Fortunately, the climax of the conflict I took during a fruitful stay in New York, so I didn’t have to get me angry with anyone with whom he had been drinking cups until the eve. But, in general, it was not so. In those days of football and mergers and dysfunctions wars, there were journalists who commissioned books to discredit instead and then, for the sake of those agreements by the heights which always catch with the step changed to journalists from a foot, their authors were unauthorized when not simply proscribed. It has not improved, precisely the situation since then to here. Now we live times of new markets, business mergers and laws antitrust affecting some more than a others and they get nervous to almost everyone.

Therefore, troops media of some groups must be in permanent magazine status, since its military contribution may be required at any time. And there you get distracted or simply consider the possibility of declaring conscientious objector in this war! Many press offices, publishing and television producers are full today of this journalistic conscription escapee. The situation has come to complicate it the advertising crisis of the second half of 2001. It is that the advertising pie, according to the slang of the sector, does not grow indefinitely. The increase of media between those who distribute it led to the disappearance of magazines, first, the crisis in the sector on-line, then the nerves between the audiovisual local media, later, and the reduction of staff in some newspapers, finally. Paradoxically, moreover, budget cuts do not affect the managerial staff of the newspaper companies.

Reach high office entails reciprocal recognition to the loyalty and services rendered without asking many questions about the emptiness of these. Thus, large companies overflowing of executives more than 30 have come to count on any of them while they fired without flinching to these fellows, employees without payroll or writers with trash contracts which, on occasion, do not reach the 400 euros per month. Therefore, I do not understand the commitment of the young generations in direct their steps towards journalism continued. Before this profession was put fashionable with the Lou Grant TV series, the Watergate, the advent of democracy, the succulent stories in the best time of interview and the discovery of all kinds of shenanigans, perhaps had reason Jose Antonio Martinez Soler when he wrote that: Please don’t tell my mother that I’m a journalist. Tell him that I work of pianist in a brothel!. Now, instead, the work of surviving journalists to the transmutation of this profession so instrumentalizado runs the risk of transforming into something else. There is, therefore, reasons for appeal to the sympathy of readers, listeners or viewers. Not you worry by us, by our profession or how it we exercise. It’s not worth it. Do to what worry us if many, although we do not know, long ago we’re dead?