Effective Time Management

What is the difference between Bill Gates and us?; responds to that question; is to say, well he is billionaire, owner of a large multinational company, finally a person of success, why he is a person of success while we are still struggling to achieve our basic objectives? Why, being a person like us, with nothing that differentiates us, at an early age was highly successful? There are several answers to these questions, but first let me tell you that there is something that sets us apart, and isn’t physical, nor intelligence, since one need not be super smart to achieve success, one of the things that differentiate it from us and that makes people like him to achieve success more quickly are their habits in terms of the administration of the time. If so, people like him know how to be Proactivas instead of reactive, know prioritize and focus on those tasks that are leading to the achievement of its objectives. While We continually react to things in our around doing that we lose our most important resource, time. Time is the raw material of life, and is up to us to make proper use of it, to (forgive the redundancy) to make sure that our actions are leading us to the achievement of our goals. Why in this series of articles you want to share techniques and strategies for good management of your time. One of the first things we must do if we want to effectively manage our time is to analyze how we are using our time today, that way we will discover what are the enemies of our time and attack them in an accurate manner. Parsed as you use your time currently, taking into account the following:-registers in detail every thing you do, during a week keep a record of everything and how much time dedicate you to every thing.