Dinamic Packaging

Since I broke the new era of Internet, the tourism sector has been revolutionized by a new sales channel characterized by immediacy in the purchase (compulsory purchase) and the fact to measure in time real campaigns of marketing through such powerful tools as Google analytics. In the sector of travel agencies, on-line are witnessing the transition from traditional travel agencies agencies where raw the last minute bid. Increasingly customer is more demanding and has his hand xml technological tools that allow you to compare the price offered by different tourist platforms. Another trend highlights is Dinamic Packaging, where user and potential customer is elaborated her package tailored by adding various value-added services. For example, these days we can see deals from hotels for Valentine’s day, where the hotel offers only, and the client can go adding how value-added services bottles of champagne and chocolates in your room, hydrothermal circuit, is cultural visits say that using this technology is the product who conforms to the client and not the customer to the product. This new wide trend and multiplies the tourist offer and power marketing one-to-one, and from our perspective of tourism industry professionals believe it is the future of the sector.