Arias Solis

THE child begging when a poor I ask bread don’t tell: uste forgive: because if you forgive the poor, will be your double guilt. Augusto Ferran. A rising phenomenon in begging is product and consequence, among other factors, economic marginalization. Even being an unproductive and parasitic activity is embedded in the sector of the economy as the residual and precarious. In the situation of high and prolonged unemployment suffered by our country, begging has been reproduced rapidly generating levels of activity between four and six times greater than the existing ones at the end of the 1990s, although it is necessary to note that the mendicant groups are nomadic, willing to move anywhere, with a sense of the very strong provisionality.

Almsgiving is a player begging phenomenon, in that it enables a continuous effect. People who donate charity meet the momentary need of the beggar, and, at the same time, favor their personal conscience. In many cases, the alms It is not more than a remedy against the embarrassment. Gives alms and frees the remorse of conscience. We believe that very commonly, at the mercy of the almoner there is no little hypocrisy and a conception of the world, according to a such predetermined order, which, as poor that must never be to stop being so, must always help you. Parents are professionals in the art of begging children, serving minors a function of seduction on the attitude of the citizens. The presence of the woman with child is more eloquent, more sensitive to the social claims of Almsgiving, therefore, the representation of women in the mendicant exercise is greater than that of men. This disproportion that is already important in the case of the bumpkins is more acute even in the case of Gypsies, in which the male population barely participates in begging.

Children, the latest victims of the familiar handling, are the group that sustains organized begging. More than 60 percent of the beggars Spaniards are under 16 years of age. The component children in family begging is preponderant, is the basic element that activates the attraction of Almsgiving, therefore, is exploited, especially to the children aged between two and five years, and even to age children/infant because they facilitate more still pitiful attitude. The marginalization and underdevelopment child become a marginalization and previous underdevelopment, located in the family. The problems of the minor is therefore a problem of family root and is in the household group where to focus preventive measures. For this reason, becomes necessary overcome ideas of the 19th century, which gave rise to patronize complaints; so simple and sterile, like those of the copla we hear singing in childhood: poor woman me das pena / when I ask alms, / having a child in their arms /, while you ask, cries. / While your ask he cries, / telling you of continuous, / that before asking for you, / before ask by your son. Francisco Arias Solis peace requests an opportunity.