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Reference should be to attract attention. Perhaps the key here is preferable than a text link. And if choose among the buttons, the button animated than static. To be higher in search engines for interesting request. Perhaps you've seen, if you search some sites are issued with the inscription 'found at the link.

" These are the sites whose link is located on authoritative resources and that most satisfies your search. So, if you want to try to improve your site while searching for the keywords you need to reference as accurately as possible a keyword or phrase. In this case, just need a text link rather than a button. As already mentioned, the chances of success is greater if the site is more authoritative, and the keyword less popular. To increase the citation index. Brad Pitt is full of insight into the issues. This reason is probably the most popular of all. At first a few words about a citation index (CI).

Citation Index – the number of links leading to your site other sites. ICs are usually counted by the search engines to determine the credibility of the resource, its popularity. After all, we can assume that if a site link to many other Web sites, it means that Information on this site useful and interesting. Why do search engines know which site is popular and what is not? Then, that knowledge of this helps the search engines have sites at issue in the search. More popular site with a high ic here will have an advantage over less popular. Therefore, to increase the ic, and exchange links. This creates the appearance that the site is quite popular. But not everything here is so simple. From the Russian search engines who expect citation index, the most famous one is Yandex. But Yandex takes into account not only the number of links to resources, but also qualitative characteristics of options – their weight. A big role in calculating the weight of links is a thematic proximity of the resource and link to it sites. Thus, Yandex counts themed citation index (TCI). When measuring the tci are taken to link only those resources that Yandex has indexed and for which he seeks that is, only the 'Russian' Internet. tic can be measured for all the resources referenced in any of the crawled by Yandex resources at least once. In arriving at the tic site does not take into account links to bulletin boards, forums, network conferences, unmoderated directories and other resources, which anyone can add links without supervision by the resource owner. Also, when calculating the cy do not count links from sites located on free web hosting, if they are not described in Yandex. More information about the citation index of Yandex, please visit / info / ci.html Tips for link exchange to increase IC: Try to exchange links with sites similar subjects. Share links from authoritative sites. And finally, a useful tip. With the help of search engines can determine what sites link to yours. In all the search engines have advanced search and Using it you can get this information. But some can do this by asking a special request in the search. So on Yandex is: (# link = ''), on aport: (link =), in google: (link:), where – the address of your site. But be aware that information will be given to you only those sites that are known search engine.