Yandex Idea

For example, financial management and the fundamentals of management. Construction and marketing analytics. And as for the layman, quite correctly grasped. On output has turned fully developed document. The only pity is that its very subject has nothing to do with the laws of elementary physics, and the place of such pseudo-scientific innovations in the cabinet of curiosities delirium.

Certainly, in the business plan was a lot of inaccuracies, omissions and errors. But in general, they would not be critical if, in fact, not the idea of the project. Why was this example? And the fact that far more often absolutely the opposite. Business idea, may be, and smart, but the authors who promote the idea, the degree of preparation for the practical implementation, in most cases tends to zero. The Internet is full of information about how to, wear the "bare idea." Of course, the lack of "water", written by students or copywriters goofy, slightly altering other people's work for their sites. But because the lack of information and sensible. How can it not used? It seems guggl or Yandex use is all. Only very lazy or stupid person is not able to get an idea of what he needs information, and are the primary data to be collected in order to rate their idea to market viability and to get an idea about the formation of the costs of its implementation. But that's why many authors of business ideas to do it as a lack of time. Some believe that it is possible to pay the consultant, who peep into their head and read it all the unspoken thoughts and desires.