Wishes Want

If there is somewhere in the parallel spaces 'dump unrealized desires', it is probably the biggest win all the landfills of the world combined. Just think of right now at least a couple of wishes that either were, or to So far you have, but they still desire. It's even insulting – to landfill things lying around things have served their masters. And in a landfill desires – fresh, still in beautiful wrapping paper, and the desire not disclosed. Why so unfair?? And my question so touched that I tried to answer the question – why want more, but no matter how desirable, it is no more and dovolstvueshsya small. As a result, thinking I had a pretty many reasons for this situation. 1.

In fact, not very much and want. Desire is like, but not too great. Something like 'It would be nice in the summer to learn how to roller skate. " And if it does not come to pass – nothing terrible, nothing lose. This desire to be gathering dust in the corners of the subconscious, and sometimes take out on the surface of consciousness. And the situation could change only if the strength of the desire to increase. How to do it – a topic for another article.

2. I do not want problems that appear when the desire comes true. This is because of the great ambitions and desires. For example, you want your house, a big and beautiful, with many rooms and large garden.