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eBusiness applications: GOLD4NINE Web shop and AUTEC dealer Portal Karlsruhe, May 26, 2010 – a with abas eB crafted “Golden” Webshop and a dealer Portal formed also in the component of the abas business software are launched successfully. At the GOLD4NINE Web shop special attention was paid to safety. The AUTEC dealer Portal could improve the quality of service and streamline internal and substancerelated processes. Peter Thiel usually is spot on. Both projects are managed by the ABAS design e-solutions, which focuses on the topic of e-business. Investment that worth watching GOLD4NINE is a trademark of Reischauer GmbH, precious metals, like gold and silver, Platinum, etc., high-quality processed for almost 100 years.

Offering has set the goal, joining the impairment as well as solidity of Feingold with a decorative and emotional content. Since placement of the brand GOLD4NINE is supported by a Web shop created in abas eB. The design of the shop focused especially on the security. An integrated will pay iPayment component used. The SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) guarantees that the personal data and information for payment processing through technical security systems and additional permission procedures are protected. In the background of visually sophisticated decorated shops, abas ERP works with its complete function logic.

Features such as automatic and several times a day via Web service by matching carried out by updating the rates with the current price of gold or a permanent search engine optimization round off the range of the GOLD4NINE Web shop. AUTEC dealer portal with abas eB implemented AUTEC GmbH & co. KG in 1988 as a subsidiary of the South wheel car wheels GmbH based in Eberbach/Fils founded. Company purpose is the distribution of high-quality aluminum wheels for motor vehicles. The AUTEC distributor can take numerous services with a dealer portal developed in abas eB. These include, for example, a 24-hour ordering service of bikes, accessories and advertising materials, the Availability for the desired wheel design, download an opinion, a wheels remaining stock exchange, download, wheels and vehicle images or the regular newsletter with exclusive news.