The Time

Passes all night passes and day returns to his home without finding a confused shadow some truth, see that your dance around like figures who fail to be found, so everything passes, a maze is made. Accumulates as debris any feeling, you’re not, you fill your mind of worries, then destroyed, helpless you do the ridiculous, because nothing outside encourages the contrary it bothers you. Although not want to see you in the chained identifications reaches the time you have to give the value because you exist and multiple masks that you use to live, only covers you a space, time, and a way of thinking. We learn you have to learn the language of emotions, it is complex, it is true, but it must be done, to understand each message not enough shape must see the tone and feel of how it comes. Sometimes has full body and yet the soul is empty, or can happen the reverse. You have to be one same, without artifice, understand the multiple nuances that every human being prepared has or not to tell or say any phrase, No matter time nor circumstances vale just to express and feel the wonderful reality of feel yourself where there is no disguise and suffer much less hurtful irony. .The blows…. The blows are triggered, before the so-called strong, in the weak it disturbs them sometimes until they lost consciousness.

If in this world worth a piece of love though it was sometimes shared, how many blunders and grievances were avoided. But the case that the world moves between so many feelings, the strong become stronger, the weak be more compassionate without ceasing to be stronger as it actually happens all action is simplified in a brief gesture or a look, come to our mind then any phrase that has been read or has been heard. Sometimes we think, in so many things that have gone with the time we are concerned about the present, have hope for the future. Then we want to govern the time to search for what you don’t have, or we have not achieved. Wrapped in words we seek the way and We undress US forces, to climb a rung with the enjoyment of our fellow men. Feeling the anxiety hung sings, to give a brief record of their presence. Does not make noises, but he has personified with dementia, simplifies everything, so it does not pass inadvertent ignorance of wanting to see that do not sit. Conceived and for how an act of conscience that there is a proper way and not manufactured, who walks with the setbacks, the deception with a bit of appearance, of those who claim to be and are not, only figures for winning they are created in a glass, a mirror that’s simply enough them. Original author and source of the article.