The Technological

Features above listed that seem central and more defined so clearly is that you to start the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial account with a specific capital: your creativity and it has on many occasions with little money or nothing to start, but this not considered it an impediment; the other is that you want to contribute something to the community. What is Web 2.0. First it is worth reviewing some useful background. The important issue in all of this will be to understand what is behind the Web 2.0 concept because aside from its technological implications it is an undeniable cultural fact that is impacting our lives in many ways. My intention here is not an exhaustive technical description of how an application is developed, it is not necessary to be a computer engineer to address this.

What they aspire is to explain in a simple language for common people, of any age, and without technical expertise, what are many of the technological resources that we use on a daily basis, especially those related to the network, with the sole purpose of, to understand them, being able to take advantage of them. In the middle of the computing, information technology, all programs or applications that are designed (in English software) will be eventually subject from its release to certain modifications or corrections in order to improve its functioning. The number that appears in the program therefore is the version in terms of the advancement of the changes that has suffered this. Thus, being the first appearance of a program or application would be version 1.0 in many cases, the minor version fixes are only a partial number of the original version, for example: from the first, i.e. 1.0, the following minor modifications would be 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. But to program a series of major improvements making it is passed, somehow, to speak to another stage and usually be assigned a higher value, for example: 2.0 and later 3.0, 4.0.