The Information

It distinguished genetic inheritance from social inheritance, attributing to that if it knows to make from a natural programming and to this the consequences of the socialization process. Searching some simple resources in the Semiotics, Mostern also offers classificatrios criteria for the signals of wide use, attempt to identify for the instinctive acts and cultural the same a classificatria possibility. Under this optics, descriptive, practical or valorativas information could in such a way be found in the natural life how much in the social one. After arguing in evolucionistas terms, worried about what popularly lost link between the man and the monkey is called, it develops a study concerning homdeos, of the origins and the evolution of the language, a perfect cloth of deep for its first thesis: the theory of memes its relation with the genes. Mostern starts remembering that the memtica theory was introduced in the quarrels on culture in 1976, for 5 DAWKINS, that it called the attention for the similarity between cultural genes and traces, for which created the concept of memes, thanks to what the memtica theory of the culture if would become analogous the mendelian concept of hereditary character. Of this form, searching to demonstrate that the lesser cultural unit, basic the cultural trace, now called memes, would be the base of the social communication, approaches it of the genetic communication excessively. Thus, memes would be units of cultural information in the technical meaning of bits (binary combination), differentiated in the measure where they are not added, for not being quantitative units different additives but. In this way, exhibition of a conception of culture consisting exclusively of the information would be given to it and not of material objects and products, so the taste of 6 KEESING 7 and DURHAM, or, more previously, POPPER, GEERTZ and others. Which is about a social vision of world according to the material culture would be only one effect fentipo of the incorporeal culture, that is, the culture would rest in as to manufacture a device, becoming this only one manifestation of that one, evidencing meme as unit of resident information in the brain, with its fentipos effect receiving the photographic form of words, music, images, style of clothes, gestures etc.