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The question, of course, sounds a bit strange, I agree. Brad Pitt may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Essentially a blog is a type of site. But lately I've noticed that more and more frequently on the Internet are in favor of blogs. And indeed why more and more the number of Internet users prefer the blog site? For me personally, there is a blog and a website. And thinking about this interesting subject, I did some analysis and get the result that I want to share with you.

If you give free rein your imagination, you can compare your blog with a kitchen in the apartment, and the site (in a common sense!) from the living room. In the kitchen, we spend most of the time. There we prepare daily meals, drink tea and coffee, meet with friends and family people. We share with them the news, discuss issues, celebrate the pleasant events. Is the kitchen is not like you blog? The blog also we share our thoughts with like-minded revelations.

From the readers of the blog who understand you, who share or not share your opinion on one issue or another. In any case, the readers of your blog are not indifferent to your person and willing to communicate with you on your "kitchen" on the Internet, as close people. Just as in a real kitchen should have one master (MISTRESS of course!), And in the Blog from one owner – the creator. And communication is between the blog owner and blog readers. Of course, readers of the blog and can communicate between is in the comments, but this is quite rare! And this is another difference from the blog site forum, where communication takes place between all parties. But the site forum is more like a public dining room, club or whatever you want. Assigning a blog yet personal communication, peace, if you want! Even the structure of the blog is for leaving notes every day, even several times a day.