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Italian Language Teaching Online

Italian language teaching is my profession. My name is Elena. I teach language in Krasnodar. If you want to learn Italian, but there is no certainty that you have enough time to attend classroom courses in your city, then let try to pass such a course remotely. You probably think that distance learning the language would affect the quality of education. However, the course and a technology, I suggest, is different from traditional remote programming simplicity and quality secured only two programs that you will need to install on your computer. These programs are simple and require no significant settings, and even if you're not advanced specialist in computers, it is still easy to install them at home.

Here they are: skype – a program for voice and possibly the image – and your teacher. TeameViewer – a program to transfer the image display teacher on your monitor. This is in order that you should see the computer screen which will be a lesson. Thus you get the full effect of the presence in the classroom, while at home or in any other convenient location. Now for the courses themselves. Rates are calculated for beginners to learn the language, and for those who want to improve it. In my program there are three levels of language learning: Per principianti – for beginners. This basic course, includes 17 grammar topics as well as 25 of lexical classes.

The duration of this course, 34 past twelve. Livello medio – for those who want to improve your baseline. Medio-alto – to already speak the language, but want to expand vocabulary Supplies of special topics, such as professional. What other additional features in my course? You can join me to develop an individual course of learning the language, raschitany only on your current level of ownership. Next, you can draw on the lessons of their friends or relatives – native speakers, to turn out that the language practice of communication. How is it done? Very simple! To do this, your loved one need to have on your computer installed skype. And then you'll be able to communicate with him with the direct assistance of the teacher who will assist you with turns of phrase, grammar, etc. This is a wonderful practice will help you quickly master the language and learn to speak with my boyfriend where he now was not. You can ask questions related to various legal and social aspects of life, study or recreation Italy. I postaryus to answer them and if it is possible to send any such documents or forms to fill. Classes I am, I have a lot of practice in teaching Italian language. Our lesson with you will last no more than 2 hours. Schedule and the lessons we can always choose one that will be for us Makimalno convenient. Tuition fee is 350 rubles. per hour. Issues relating to the duration of the course and form of payment, we will discuss individually, Here everything will depend on the degree of proficiency and your intentions. And one more important message for you, if you into opportunities for yourself to learn a language this way, then you can get the first lesson as a gift from me. Good luck, and look forward to their lessons!