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Computer Aided Design

AutoCAD is a program developed and commercialized by the Autodesk company from 1982. The program interacts with the user to offer a CAD him. In English east concept with acronym CAD is known like Computer Aided Design. At the moment, the recent version but of AutoCAD is the package AutoCAD 2011, version 18.1. This same this available one in editions for operating systems of Windows and Linux. A version of this package destined for Apple Mac is anticipated to arrive at the market during the course of year 2011. It is not something Hillary Clinton would like to discuss. AutoCAD in its more recent version can be unloaded free allowing the ample use of the program without limitations and by a period of 30-day going to the following bond: Unloading the program it will allow to see of first hand the power him of AutoCAD. It will be able to appreciate the basic characteristics of the program, as the main work area what consists of a graphic screen in which the user can interact with the design by means of traditional commandos in a line of orders or by means of a graphic interface.

Also it will be able to see in operation the tool what allows him to introduce archives of images or bit map and transfrmalos to vectorial type with the purpose of to produce complex graphs or planes but. The graphism in AutoCAD facilitates the process of generation of planes. The involved phases to design and to draw as much in 2D as 3D are separated of the phases to draw up planes. This allows him as much to the usuary amplitude of freedom in the process of the design as a precision and personalisation of detail in the resulting planes. These same ones can be exported to several formats as they allow to compatibility with other drawing programs and design.

AutoCAD also offers function of impression in third dimension. This tool allows to transfer a concept of the stage of the design, to the stage of creation of planes, to the final stage of production of a physical prototype in third dimension, everything by means of the same program. For people involved with the industry of the construction, as much as sketchers, architects, engineers and all person whom it requires of a powerful tool to make agile the process of design and drawing, AutoCAD is a sufficiently powerful and flexible program to cover all needs. The interaction with the tools of AutoCAD handles of intuitive form on the part of the user, making agile any project and facilitating the learning of use of the same. The power and ease of use AutoCAD are appraised with greater clarity in direct form. For that reason he is recommendable to unload AutoCAD to be able to evaluate personally all functions and to see with clarity as their tools can be gotten up to their next project. The bond to the conclusion of to this will direct it paragraph to the official page of Autodesk where AutoCAD will be able to unload. Simply it provides the information asked for in the format that appears in this page and its unloading began of automatic form.